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I can certainly understand the fans' disappointment with Hayter being gone, but I'm sure Keifer Sutherland will give a good performance in his own right. #1
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I like the sound of that. Using Amazon would make it a lot easier for me to maintain a subscription. Do we know if these card vouchers are sent electronically after purchase? Or do they get shipped via a packaged delivery service? I'm guessing the latter but I'm wondering if both options will be available a some point down the road. #1
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Just you wait. Johnny Young Bosch is gonna snag this role as he kicks off a new era. #2.2
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It's Super Sonic Galaxy!

Edit: I missed the ending. Looks like a 3DS version is happening. Must have missed that during the initial announcement. #2
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If I were the author of this piece, I'd have written the title as something like: "10 reasons why 'A Realm Reborn' is the second chance Final Fantasy (and You!) deserve".

Aside from the Guild Wars series, I'm not much of an MMO gamer, but for some reason this game has been really exciting me. I've got nothing but the utmost respect for Yoshida. I can't help but admire his sense of organization. The guy knows how to maintain a constant level o... #1.1
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If I had to take a stab at this subject, I guess the reason people are looking for clarification is because of the Xbox One's new policy with used game fees, as well as their new plans for the trading/reselling of unwanted titles being so ambiguous right now. Such new practices certainly could have made one wonder if Microsoft was seeking to establish their own pricing standards in the market, or, at the very least, attain a greater deal of influence on it. #2.1.2
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Is it too romanticized for me to picture something akin to Halo 2's 'Starry Night' trailer only fleshed out TV show form? #7
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It's not like the narrative in the franchise is conveyed through the gameplay. Like a lot of fighting games, BlazBlue's story is primarily told through text in dialogue scenes akin to visual novels. And since visual novels are a major go-to for anime source material, I don't see the disconnect. For BlazBlue, the problem isn't that it's an anime adaption of a game, but rather the sheer amount of inane animu writing that's got to be translated into a 1/2-cour series. But... #4.2
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Well color me excited! That looks great! I might not even touch the single player now! #2
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The submission you are referring to covers the keynote speech, while this article covers the post-presentation Q&A. #6.2
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I have no idea what you're talking about. Now if you'll excuse my I have to go check out some new articles on IGN Papua New Guinea. #2.1
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They managed to get Yoko Taro on board!? Take all of my hype! #2
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I don't believe so. It's a cover of an existing song. #5.1
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If family issues were a factor in his departure, I hope everything turns out fine for him. #2
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I kinda wish I didn't learn about the original concept. I want that game now. #3
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Yeah there's a film that chronicles Yuri's service as a Knight, as well as his resignation. Funimation picked up the license and managed to get Troy Baker and Sam Riegel to reprise their roles as Yuri and Flynn respectively. My Google-Fu skills tell me that the film clocks in a little under two hours. #3.1.1
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I absolutely adore Vesperia! I can't get over how likeable the cast is. I'm still kicking myself for not having gotten to the prequel film yet. #3
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The game released in Europe today and EDGE is a UK gaming media outlet ;) #6.1
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I'd like to give it a shot :D #3.2
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Early indications point to a decent but not spectacular third entry into the series. I'd like to spend some more time with the game because the bow is a blast! #4
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