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Fighting Titan in an arena you can get knocked off of!? I'll stick with fighting the evil mushroom men who don't dwarf my character in height.

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Devil's Third is supposedly in the final stage of development, but Itagaki is still shopping around for a publisher.

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Going by what Hideo Baba has said, a next-gen Tales isn't happening anytime soon. Instead, they are focusing on the PS3, so this will likely turn out to be a new PS3 mothership title.

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That article pertained to disc-based games while they're installing to the system's hard drive, and I believe this article sought further clarification regarding games downloaded from Xbox Live.

Edit to your edit: That article makes no mention of games downloaded from Xbox Live, so it's not the "same thing."

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"I'm not sure why would replacing Mattrick would solve the problem. Would it make anyone who isn't already going to buy the console do so just because a new guy will replace Mattrick and end up saying the same things Mattrick has said?"

You're right in thinking that this sort of change won't bring about some profound and immediate effect. It's not something that would happen over night, but I think the idea is that brand perception is important t...

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I'm crying.

I can't deal with this right now.

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Altering a submission like that to bypass someone else's submission is not permitted. I've already taken a screenshot of your submission page and have no problem with filing a report if you choose to do that.

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You posted the trailer. This submission contains additional information, as well as a new batch screenshots, making this a standalone submission. ;)

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Not to mention there are other situations gamers might find themselves in which makes region-locking an issue. Traveling abroad with your gaming device means it might not be able to play games in the region you're visiting. This issue is compounded, depending on the length of your stay. This is why men and women of the armed forces expressed their concerns over the Xbox One's proposed region-locking, as many of them take their gaming devices across international borders, making it one...

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Interesting that they brought Eir Aoi in for the theme song. Here's hoping that Emi Evans will be returning for the OST!

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Xbox One Eighty

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Disney doesn't own the property rights to Castle in the Sky (or any Ghibli property for that matter). They just own the distribution rights for certain territories.

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The teleportation mechanic seems to be tied to the blades Noctis carries. He throws them at an enemy, allowing him to teleport right next to his opponent and follow up with an attack.

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I'd at least give the Osaka team a fair vote of confidence. They were the guys behind Birth by Sleep, which is one of the better titles in the series. The team is no stranger to Kingdom Hearts, so I'd like to think they are hard at work on the game mechanics, while Nomura is still largely responsible for the writing and direction.

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Keeping up with the QA right now. It's kind of weird that they are putting KH 3 on the Xbox One, but they're saying they "don't have any plans" to port the other titles in the series for those looking to catch up with the series.

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Fantastic News! Now I can import all my Gundams!

Edit: But the paid service seems likely to restrict online unless you buy PS+ for each region though.

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Other studios could take a page from these guys when it comes to having actors feign game chatter in trailers.

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Really? Wow, it doesn't feel like that much time has gone by.

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Sounds like par for the course Toriyama.

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