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I can't help but admire Yoshida's organization. The guy knows how to maintain a constant level of dialogue with the public and he's getting the game back on track. Nomura may have creative talent, but Yoshida's got the production and leadership skills that Square Enix needs to emulate across the board.

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So a PS3 port isn't entirely off the table? Great to hear. Hope Sony's stance on F2P games proves favorable to the team. Or maybe console gamers can get access to the game via Gaikai since Sony owns the service and Hawken has already announced a partnership with it.

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Fantastic games, but I was a little franchise-fatigued after the third since they put out an entry every year.

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The textures look muggy but the art design makes it easy on the eyes.

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The caravan system sounds really neat.

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Yellow Spacemarine?

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I won!? I've never won anything like this before! Thank you so much!

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No. It didn't chart anywhere near those numbers.

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Wrong sub?

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I can see them condensing the main story beats down to movie length fairly easily actually. Whether or not that will allow enough time for the characters to be endeared to new viewers is probably the more difficult part.

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Naruto video game trailer on Independence Day. It's what George Washington would have wanted.

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It's weird to think that I could play and listen to the Somnus stage on Theatrhythm to the extent that it might feel nostalgic when I finally hear it in Versus.

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Here's hoping Klonoa joins the roster.

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Thanks for the heads-up! I just checked my inbox and received a code as well!

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Oh I certainly wouldn't give a Jewish person a free pass to discredit Hitler's poetry because of his person on the now-popular Hitler's person has no bearing on the merit of his poetry.

Much like I think Phil Fish is a tactless and unprofessional public figure, but I will not discredit the merit of his work on Fez after having experienced it.

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If Hitler was a beautiful poet then I would expect comments in his submissions on to be something along the lines of: "Hitler was a horrible human being, but this haiku of his is quite beautiful."

And likewise, I'd think it appropriate to see something here that reads: "Kotaku is a horrible site, but this article has merit."

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Of course he should have to read the article if he wants to make a claim about the site. The determining factor of a media outlet's quality is its media.

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Did you? His post is obviously a play on the article's title intended to mock Kotaku for irrelevancy, and I contest that someone who actually read the piece wouldn't have the wherewithal to make such a statement in this particular instance.

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Because they bother to read the article rather than scoff at the title and find out that it's a recommendation piece that could potentially help introduce gamers to new JRPG titles.

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The game's been up for, what, less than 24 hours? And we've already got a review being published? Amuro am cry.

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