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Kamiya's having a field-day on Twitter.

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That's because it's an anime/ manga series from the Shōjo genre that's marketed towards girls.

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Why/how did a review for an anime (with a typo in its name, mind you) make it through the submission and approval process?

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I'd love for another game to explore TWEWY's fiction. That would also mean another awesome OST!

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And thank YOU for the great Q&A!

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Darn. Was looking forward to this. Ah well, at least they announced Gilgamesh.

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So so hyped for this!

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I think it's great that these two franchises can be judged on their own merits.

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It talks about how the game takes place two years after the first one. There's a mystery behind why the map has a land mass that's frozen-over. 300 pokemon in the pokedex. New protagonist characters who are described as athletic and mature.

Blue haired character is your rival and is from Hiougi City, the starter town. A new mysterious researcher named Akuroma. The character with the guitar is a gym leader and is proficient in poison-type pokemon. She'll be in the...

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That was for Europe. This announcement pushes the North America date back the same as Europe's, making for a simultaneous release.

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Edit: Whoa there, Broseidon, when you edit your post entirely like that, you make my reply look completely whack, yo.

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They do fly around and you can blow them up! The 2-part video interview on GameTrailers has an early build of it.

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I don't understand this sort of mindset. If there's a game that I dislike or have no interest in I simply choose not to experience it. It just seems so malicious to want to end something just because you don't enjoy or anticipate what other people do.

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How did I miss this announcement!? So hyped!

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You can actually catch a glimpse of one in this trailer!

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It's not nationalism, it's Bluray.

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Gotta hand it to Funi for managing to get Troy Baker and Sam Riegel to reprise their roles as Yuri and Flynn. But even if it was just a pipe dream, I was so so so hoping that they'd get Michelle Ruff and Danielle Judovits for their respective characters Rita and Estelle, the former being my absolute favorite voice-to-character matchup from the game. Still, Luci Christian and Cherami Leigh are both excellent substitutes. I'm now extremely torn at the prospect of finally giving this sho...

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I'm not going to report you for trolling, but I will report you for being immature. That sort of attitude only contributes and perpetuates to the negativity you so detest.

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You're putting too much significance on your connotation of the word "material." You want them? Go listen to them. They've been available to the public for almost four years now. You can even read translations on the final fantasy wikia for the lyrics in Latin.

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