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Same thing happened to the Versus XIII trademark last year, but no one caught it. SE renewed it not long after.

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Neither one the original picture, actually. They are both plays on this one:

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A CyberConnect2 game without quick-time events? That's pretty interesting news, considering they've contested this game mechanic as a means of preserving the stylish and cinematic action found in the properties they adapt. With JoJo being all about stylish action, I'm really curious to find out how they plan on handling it.

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I wanna say it looks legit, just because the art looks great and matches the Monster Hunter aesthetics. But the off-screen Vita shot looks like the text would be too hard for us to read.

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I encourage you to play it before passing judgement. It's not a graphical marvel, sure, but it plays like a dream.

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It's not 'Edward' it's 'Erren.' She's not a dude.

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Thanks! I usually spend way more time than I should picking out thumb images, but I'm glad you like it!

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I prefer to be assertive and shout 'GUNDAMUUUU!'

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Thanks! I spent a lot of time going through pics trying to find a good one of Vergil and I ended up with this one. Glad you like it!

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So are their Hit Monkey project and their Deadpool project one and the same? Pretty curious to find out what High Moon's up to.

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Liam O'Brien!? Yes!

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Must resist urge to watch.

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Because CyberConnect2 is doing it, I guess.

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What dafoe?

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Wait, there's screenshots in the article. Blows my pic out of the water.

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This shot is the only thing we have to go by for the time being. Some official media will likely be released soon, but until then:


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Localization can't take place unless Namco Japan involve themselves with the project, that's just how they handle production. 8-4 could probably jump in at anytime, but they can't do diddly without consent and collaboration, regardless of the existing content that's been localized.

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It'd be a shame if that was the case. Having the Vesperia team move onto other projects is certainly the most plausible reason for the refusal to localize. I think people tend to forget that most localizations require the original team's help in creating the localization and without them its a no go. Hence why that Grand Knights History localization got cancelled.

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Project Iwata seemed to have had other plans for the team, hinting at putting them on the Smash Bros project.

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"We made Okami at Clover. It was such a breathtaking game, yet it didn't sell. If that's the case, westerners obviously don't like that sort of game."

No! We want more games like Okami!

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