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It's also available on the Japanese Xbox Marketplace but you need a Gold subscription. I've been hearing nothing but positive impressions from people playing the demo so I'm really excited! Downloading the PSN demo right now. To anyone curious, the demo has the option to change the text and voice track to English.

Edit: A user on Neogaf uploaded the 360 demo files for those interested (not going to link the thread since I dunno if that's against N4G guideline...

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Oh wow! Good on ya, Dragon's Dogma. Didn't expect it to chart that many units in Japan, especially in such a short amount of time.

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Their big focus this year is on their western Eidos titles.

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Tom Morello should autograph these like he did with the leaked Reach ones.

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Such a shame, especially when the launch trailer they just put out has been greeted with a great reception (if you haven't watched it yet, do it!). I'm really excited to play the demo and if Sega cuts this, I'll be really tempted to import it since it'll be region free and include the localization. But here's hoping it doesn't come to that. I really want to support Platinum with my monies.

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Jokes on them, cookies and doritos are delicious! I enjoy eating them after kicking some bootay in Yakuza.

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Save your c-c-combo breaker!!!

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Those aren't graphics, those are artworks, which aren't indicative of a game's platform.

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Is the dog included in the special edition? I've been lobbying for this for years!

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Destroy a tree!
^¥^ ノ(°_°ノ)
Plant a new one in its place.

Mechwarrior Online

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A setting that's "modern and inorganic" really helps to put the artwork into focus. Cityscapes, technology in lieu of magic, and a protagonist with perhaps an anti-heroic streak that could make even Vesperia's Yuri blush? Color me interested!

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One ring to build them all?

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How sackrilegious.

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You know this is a 2D fighter, right?

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It was pretty crazy watching that Kickstarter page in its final moments. It was pulling like 1k every ten minutes. They managed to fund the goal with, like, fifteen minutes to spare, but when people realized they had made it, they started lowering their pledges, so everyone started to freak out. I mean, we're talkin' "stay on target" Star Wars references type of freaking out. Then someone pledged 5K and everyone thought the person was gonna troll and pull out in the last sec...

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He looks pretty young for his age.

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Well I do get to sit at the adult's table at dinner parties now.

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Challenge accepted?

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Arrows to the knee, arrows to the knee everywhere.

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I know Gametrailers is going to stream the press conferences on their site, but how many (if any) will Spike broadcast on tv?

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