Trying to squeeze in some game time around work and family is tough


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Have I travelled back in time...........

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Got to be my Sega MasterSystem, for a time I only had one game which was Alex the kid that was built in. couldn't save the game so I had to start again every time. But without a doubt the most fun I've had with a console.

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The Scorpio will be expensive, having a cheaper and better looking xbox one is a good thing.

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So why did it run like crap on decent PC's as well then.....................

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Played it on PC, stunning game and those mermaid things are freaky

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Amazing sim

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Yeah I'm sure they were thinking of MW2 when they committed this atrocity, what a load of crap this is.

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You can't use PC as a performance benchmark in terms of 4K, consoles have less over head and are generally better optimised. But I do think 4K 60 is ambitious, 4K 30 will likely be the aim

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I've got the 780 and I was close to buying the 980ti so I am glad I waited, Now I'm wondering if I should wait a little longer and see what the 1180/1170 will be like.

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with the 1080 being 600 plus I dread to think how much the next ti and titan will be

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I think its time for an upgrade, I have a 780. Its just weather I can justify a 1080 because the 1070 is a very powerful card.........................

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Assetto Corsa is light years ahead of GT

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This doesn't surprise me, GT has been on a steady downward spiral since GT4. GT3 was its peak in my opinion, I put a serious amount of hours into that game. For me Assetto Corsa is the one to look out for, it will be worth trhe wait for you console players.

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This is amazing, COD4 is still the best COD in my humble opinion. I hope to be as addicted now as I was then.

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How could you forget Pipeline, you should be ashamed of yourself...........Best search and destroy map in COD

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Onimusha 2's water was incredible for the time, I was blown away and that was on a PS2 :D

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If Devs can develop for millions of different spec PC's, then thay can also develop for a 2 versions for the PS4/4K

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But like Assetto corsa I hope its continually updated and made better, the new 1.5 update on Assetto has completely changed the sim and its the new standard. Console guys are in for a treat when it releases

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But are we really debating a Daily Mail UK gaming story.........really.

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Phil Spencer wasn't in charge of Xbox One from the start.......

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