Trying to squeeze in some game time around work and family is tough


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Amazing sim

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Yeah I'm sure they were thinking of MW2 when they committed this atrocity, what a load of crap this is.

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You can't use PC as a performance benchmark in terms of 4K, consoles have less over head and are generally better optimised. But I do think 4K 60 is ambitious, 4K 30 will likely be the aim

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I've got the 780 and I was close to buying the 980ti so I am glad I waited, Now I'm wondering if I should wait a little longer and see what the 1180/1170 will be like.

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with the 1080 being 600 plus I dread to think how much the next ti and titan will be

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I think its time for an upgrade, I have a 780. Its just weather I can justify a 1080 because the 1070 is a very powerful card.........................

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Assetto Corsa is light years ahead of GT

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This doesn't surprise me, GT has been on a steady downward spiral since GT4. GT3 was its peak in my opinion, I put a serious amount of hours into that game. For me Assetto Corsa is the one to look out for, it will be worth trhe wait for you console players.

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This is amazing, COD4 is still the best COD in my humble opinion. I hope to be as addicted now as I was then.

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How could you forget Pipeline, you should be ashamed of yourself...........Best search and destroy map in COD

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Onimusha 2's water was incredible for the time, I was blown away and that was on a PS2 :D

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If Devs can develop for millions of different spec PC's, then thay can also develop for a 2 versions for the PS4/4K

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But like Assetto corsa I hope its continually updated and made better, the new 1.5 update on Assetto has completely changed the sim and its the new standard. Console guys are in for a treat when it releases

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But are we really debating a Daily Mail UK gaming story.........really.

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Phil Spencer wasn't in charge of Xbox One from the start.......

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but where are the nachos

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75-90 on a Titan X at 1080p, I smell a shocking port.

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AngelicIceDiamond-If you have a capable PC and consoles, unless its exclusive you will be playing on PC the majority of the time. Bad PC ports are blown way out of proportion by people with incapable or badly set up and maintained PC's. Sadly there are many of these so called PC gamers who really have no clue what they are doing.

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Have to disagree, I love my PC and the great games on it. Not to mention 1080p plus resolution and 60fps minimum.

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never been interested in handheld gaming, but at least they are designed for gaming. I would rather stick pins in my eyes than game on a damn phone

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