Trying to squeeze in some game time around work and family is tough


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is an incredible sim, console gamers are in for a treat. I would highly recommend a wheel for this though as it is a hardcore simulation.

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but I always lose interest, maybe I'm not giving them enough time. Advice anyone

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Time travel confirmed

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I feel both Sony and Microsoft will go for it this year, gamers are in for a treat.

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but the only thing I feel when I put my hand in my pocket is my leg :(

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where is the originality, anyone remember Odd world strangers wrath guns. Now they were different ha

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but I really doubt this will happen, maybe halo mcc but I won't expect to see forza or halo 5 on PC

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my internet was down for five days last week due to a construction company damaging some cables, so I wouldn't have been able to play this game. You should need an online connection for online play and nothing else

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and my gaming time is far lower than it used to be, but that's expected. But I do find I appreciate games a little more now, they are more of an escape than they used to be.

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What's the point of tech like this when most of us can't use it because it destroys performance, my PC is classed as high end on 3d mark and I get about 35 fops with it turned on.

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a pair of those glasses but man are they expensive

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obviously being early access it has its flaws, but the foundation is strong and if they keep improving it there is no doubt we will finally have a rally sim to take the reigns from Richard burns rally

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you need a 970 or above to achieve 60fps, so my GTX 780 is only good for 30fps apparently. What a load of crap

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if this is the most important thing this gen I'm glad I haven't bothered buying one of these so called next gen consoles. I have none of these worries on PC.

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I did not see one wheel set up in that office, that tells me this won't be a sim so I'm not interested.

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I'll stick with dirt rally

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desperate need of dx12 weather my fellow PC gamers like to admit or not, dx11 is so resource hungry it's rediculous.

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Watching that all I could think of was gears of war

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I hope gaming doesn't go mobile, I fear that consoles will go that way and PC will be the only true gaming platform left. Mobile gaming is where the money is and companies will follow the cash. Its sad to think, But I honestly believe we will only have a maximum of one more genuine home console generation if that.

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My 780 will do just fine

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