Trying to squeeze in some game time around work and family is tough


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I think MW2 was good but, COD 4 was perfection. The maps were amazing and I loved the simplicity. You had a UAV, air strike and a chopper and that was it. I think they went with more is better, but I think it was worse for it. The new one looks rediculous, way to over the top and over complicated.

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But the series is a joke now, three studios making essentially the same game is beyond stupid in my opinion. But people continue to buy it, so they will continue to make it.

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on which console I want, there's so many great games on both. I'm leaning towards Xbox one for forza 6, if Sony had shown gt7 it may have been a different story.

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Sony edged it, just. Microsoft had a great E3 but sony had those special announcements.

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i think Sony just edged it right at the end when uncharted blew everything else away. But I'm disappointed gran turismo 7 didn't get announced.

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I have a high end PC and play GTAV on very high settings and while its a beautiful game, Uncharted is on another level. But there are reasons for that, I doubt uncharted wil run at 60fps and its not an open world game like GTA. regardless Uncharted 4 looks spectacular.

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with the uncharted reveal last e3, but this blew me away and it's the first time I've had that wow moment with these next gen consoles.

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Asset to corsa in 2016

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I'd say it's a gt86

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they know something big is coming so they want to get in early, A new Duke Nukem game confirmed.

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I think they are trying to add to the atmosphere, rather than go for realistic effects.

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Gameworks ahs always ran quite well in Batman games, doesn't seem as much a system hog

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to see how far this can go on Xbox one, the system requirements for this thing are beefy.

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and I agree with him, gaming can definitely scale new heights and I'm hopeful I'll be around to see the next massive step taken in the gaming industry

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Bought a ps1 for gran truismo, bought a ps2 for gran truismo 3, bought a ps3 for granturismo 5 and I'm pretty sure I'll be buying a PS4 for granturismo 7

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the champions league is a journey through a full season, firstly actually getting into the champions league by finishing high enough in your respective league and then playing in the competition itself. A stand alone game wouldn't work.

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play a onimusha 1 2 and 3 remaster

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can't wait

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I just don't have that kind of spare time any more, I wish I could get into the witcher series or any rpg for that matter. To those who are currently single and childless, enjoy it while you can my friends.

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