Trying to squeeze in some game time around work and family is tough


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I hope gaming doesn't go mobile, I fear that consoles will go that way and PC will be the only true gaming platform left. Mobile gaming is where the money is and companies will follow the cash. Its sad to think, But I honestly believe we will only have a maximum of one more genuine home console generation if that.

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My 780 will do just fine

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there recommended settings on Geforce experience are always to much for my system to handle, they really need to work on it.

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it would be a major coup for Microsoft

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This was supposed to be a PC only game, console gamers showed an interestate so slightly mad studios decided to do a console version. This a small Dev team with limited resources for licensing, hens why there is no ferrari etc. What you do get is a physics engine that rivals the best PC sims, incredible graphics, dynamic weather, a tire model that is beyond anything on consoles at this moment in time and all this from a game with a tiny budget and a small Dev team. If this was a first party g...

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Quality over quantity my friend, all cars ahave a full damage model. All modelled with same level of detail. No standard cars or 45 skylines in project cars.

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So that determines wether u buy a game.......really, your missing out my friend.

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Gta V is all over torrent sites and its still sold a good amount.

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Although it wasn't the game I thought it would be, I still enjoyed it. So I'm hoping they can learn from there mistakes and make watchdogs 2 incredible

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I can't wait to get on this later on

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The best headset for PS4 is the turtle beach elite 800.

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since the very first one on PC and I thought it was getting back on track with advanced warfare and then I see this trailer. What the hell are they thinking.

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Everything modest except for the ram requirements, maybe my 8gb won't be enough for the graphical power house that is cod :D

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These are the minimum specs, recommended specs have not been revealed as of yet but I reckon it will be bloated like advanced warfare. They need a lesson off rockstar on how to optimise a game.

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I had an idea what was happening, but there were enough surprises to keep me hooked.

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Really enjoyed the evil within, it gets better the further you get into the game. Most games feel a little bit stale as you get the later levels. Like they were running out of ideas but with the evil within its like there ideas got better and better.

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I already no the PC version will look better, just like PS4 owners no there version will look better than the Xbox one's. This video is just here to get hits from a flame war. DON'T WATCH IT

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They were clearly playing with a control pad, so yes it's bound to look twitchy. I played this game in the early stages and even then the physics were better than what forza and GT were doing. Wether or not Gt7 and forza 6 are better is something we will have to wait and see. But trust me come May this will be the best sim on consoles by a long shot.

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I made an observation, the screens do show bad aliasing. Seeing as consoles struggle with anti aliasing, logic would suggest that the screens are from one of the console versions. I'm not a fan of jaggies so I will go with the PC version. Its not as if I was trolling, very sensitive bunch here.

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[email protected]
Gtx 780 3gb
8gb ram @ 1600mhz
Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit

The big killer is msa, even 2 times has a big hit on fps, tessalation set to normal and shadows set on high helps as well.

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