Trying to squeeze in some game time around work and family is tough


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It's great that devs will support games and Improve them with updates. But games should be reviewed based on what the consumers are getting day one not 3 or 5 months down the line. Your going to have a scenario where games will release in in even worse states than they are these days with 6 month embargoes on them so they can finish the game.

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I had an AMD FX8120 paired with a 7850 2gb card and it struggled with every game I had at the time. In the end I payed a bit more money and went with intel and nvidia and the difference is night and day. I don't have anything bad to say about AMD because they granted me access to PC gaming when I had a tight budget, but if you really want to experience the best. Intel and nvidia are the way to go.

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To be honest the way he ended the statement without this time said it all really, you could tell there was a delay coming

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but if it it means the game will come out with very few bugs then its a good thing, One thing rockstar are not is money grabbing #### like EA they will only release a game when its ready

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[insert funny system specs joke here]

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i5 4690k
8 gb 1600 mhz ram
MSI GTX 780 windforce X2 3gb

I should be ok for 1080p high settings 60fps

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still no system requirements and still no price on steam, its not looking good.

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of the windscreen animations and the reaction of the water to the wipers drive club wins hands down, but the actual weather is beyond any thing driveclub could dreamof and its dynamic. Another thing to remember is that drive club is a finished game, project cars is still being developed and the rate at which those guys improve features is incredible.

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Had a go of oculus V2 at a friends house and I couldn't believe the sensations you feel, I had a go of the swing demo and I nearly fell over ha. When I saw videos of people falling all over the place I thought they were putting it on but it really is a mad experience.

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that animation needs some work lol, but yeah I would buy it for sure

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I think I will just stick with VLC media player on my PC thanks.......FREE OF CHARGE

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It was always going to happen, as much of an improvement advanced warfare is it's still pretty much the same formula with added verticality. They need to build something new from scratch, a game changer like the original modern warfare.

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I think i will wait for digital foundry's verdict

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Got this game in the steam sales and I'm enjoying it, Its a very challenging game.

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Until it simulates real time ear wax, I'm not interested

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It will be like every other GT, unbelievably good looking cars with average graphics for tracks and scenery it's always been the same.

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I Have an FX8120 clocked at 4.0GHZ and a GTX 780 3gb, 8gb 1600 ddr3 windows 8.1, but i reckon the FX chip is bottle knecking my 780

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I'm only getting about 40 fps with that setting, hopefully my new i5 will improve that when it arrives.

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Attacked by wild dogs and it always happens when I am scoping an outpost the little shhhhhh......

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these video game journalists develop a stable net code running 5 different game engines, From what I here the problems are getting fixed and people are finding it a lot easier to get into multi player games.

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