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"loving MW3, Forza 4 and Uncharted 3"


so whats your point, VR can be used in multi player as well!!! #2.1
I absolutely loved
Cod4 and played it for more hours than I should have, but this series has gone way down hill since then and to top it all off I can't run ghosts even remotely smooth with a GTX 780 which is a complete joke. I will not be fooled again!!. #7
I don't think there will be any more hardware updates,I think the only difference will be cosmetic. Any new software the consumer product has can updated. #1.3
My 780 is waiting #15
on consoles........never, even high end PC's struggle with 4k. With an R290x your looking at 30 fps on ultra when playing battlefield 4 and that won't be stable. Even a 780ti will struggle. You need titans in sli to even think about 4k or the new AMd card which costs 1500 dollars and then you need a monitor its absolutely ut of the average
mans reach at the moment. #7
Only time will tell, it could end up being a good thing or they could ruin it. Hopefully they will inject a shed load of cash into the project and make it amazing. #1
how is that in any way comparable game play, one is at night and the other is during the day. Even if the graphics have taken a hit, it still looks like a great game that I can't wait to play. #12
that card is for super rich people, to get the most out of it you would need a 4k screen which cost a bomb. I have just bought a GTX 780 and that card is perfectly fine for gaming at 1080p 60fps #4.2
The film trailers are brilliant, get watching you have a lot of catching up to do ha #3.1.1
I love
honest trailers #3
For me a racing game is all about the physics and while project cars isn't bad it's far from the best, assetto corsa and iracing are leagues ahead in the only department that matters to sim racers #5
Is there a conspiracy against this game or something, I'm loving it, it's what a thief game should be like. What the hell was they expecting call of duty thief edition #6
I hope not, some of my best gaming experiences have been on Xbox from halo and PGR on the original to forza and gears on the 360. I'm yet to purchase a one for obvious reasons but I will if they can sort there mess out starting with axing kinect. #4
This particular engine will be maxing the ps4 but as developers learn more about the hardware they will be able to squeeze more and more out of the ps4. #13
the xbox one seems to have higher rez textures #6
I don't no what that guys problem is because I'd rather be able to put a face to the voice, keep up the good work I am an avid viewer. #3.1.2
I'll be playing on PC anyways #8
This is good for Xbox fans
Last gen microsoft had a lead until quite late in the generation and then started to back off with less exclusives etc, with Sony taking the early lead in sales, hopefully microsoft will have to continue to invest in new excusives and more importantly new ip's to keep the gap as small as possible. #4
There's nothing that's making me want buy either at the moment, I'm sure that will change. I usually end up with a couple of consoles but I now have a gaming PC so I may just go with one but which one I have no idea yet. #2
i have tried it
Its clearly running on cry engine 3, the bird is just so damn real. #2
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