Trying to squeeze in some game time around work and family is tough


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already bought it and loving it :)

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People get offended far to easily these days, those peas are too green, these chips contain far to much potato. I feel a new manhunt would just bring an unnecessary spotlight onto the gaming industry.

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You can look through my history, i've been a bit of a Forza fanboy for many years now.................But GT sport has won me back, what a sim. The rally physics are incredible, the force feed back is brilliant and the sound is the best on console and not that far behind the best on PC. I still play Forza 7, but in terms of driving it feels like a step back every time I play it. GT sport is the best GT since number 3 in my opinion and if they keep adding content like they are doing it cou...

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Really.......take my credit card details please!!!!

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Ofcourse they are, PC has and always will be the best gaming platform on the planet and is continuing to grow...........on a side note ive been playing uncharted 4 on my sons PS4 and I've been genuinley blown away by what I've seen.

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Go suck on a massive bull penis

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Amazing work

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Pirating is frowned upon in the PC community, the only time I will pirate a if there is no demo because you can never guarantee it will run properly with shoddy ports being rife on pc

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For it to justify a premium price tag, not only does the hardware need to be premium but it needs to be launching with some premium mind blowing games or it won't entice console gamers

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It's not a sim either, iRacing is a sim. GT is in the middle

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And your the kind of fan that is holding the series back, won't critisize it no matter how bad it is. GT needs some fresh ideas and as some one who's put hundreds of hours into the GT series I'm hardly a troll. it's called an opinion

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It's looking very dated now Gran Turismo, it's main problem is it has not got the genre to it self any more. You have Forza, Assetto, Project Cars and countless other sims on PC. I honestly think it needs some fresh input from a new leader.

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if its powerd by nvidia it could be using the new GDDR5X ram maybe, I doubt it though

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This is probably the reason for the PC not being included but as it's Sony that's OK on N4G

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Who takes more of a cut microsoft/Sony or steam, console games may sell for more but I am sure it's bease microsoft/Sony take a big slice of the sale

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Do one Bhatti, your screwing PC gamer's once again

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I make 6462 goat hearding at the weekend, so no thanks.

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Benchmarks are not reliable interms of real life performance, I'm sure with a few tweaks you could achieve 4k 60fps

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Fifa it is then

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Have I travelled back in time...........

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