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"loving MW3, Forza 4 and Uncharted 3"


4690k and a gtx 780 I should be able to pretty much max this game. #18
I don't think Microsoft wanted to take the risk of trying to introduce a rival to uncharted and tomb raider so they did the next best thing. #9
I'm playing the PC version
and yes while the port is a joke, I'm still enjoying the game. #2
My favourite youtuber by far is boogie2988, don't care for pewdiepie at all. #20
and tomorrow is definitely not thursday #2
I suppose superman would be the expected game but they should do something different in my opinion #6
:D #2.1.2
In other news
The sun will probably rise at some point where you live. #2
Rain effects effects will take some beating, but hats off to Turn 10. They have done an amazing job considering the Xbox one isn't the most powerful of machines. #3
I think MW2 was good but, COD 4 was perfection. The maps were amazing and I loved the simplicity. You had a UAV, air strike and a chopper and that was it. I think they went with more is better, but I think it was worse for it. The new one looks rediculous, way to over the top and over complicated. #8.1.1
I adored COD 4
But the series is a joke now, three studios making essentially the same game is beyond stupid in my opinion. But people continue to buy it, so they will continue to make it. #8
Still can't decide
on which console I want, there's so many great games on both. I'm leaning towards Xbox one for forza 6, if Sony had shown gt7 it may have been a different story. #8
In my opinion
Sony edged it, just. Microsoft had a great E3 but sony had those special announcements. #4
I enjoyed both
i think Sony just edged it right at the end when uncharted blew everything else away. But I'm disappointed gran turismo 7 didn't get announced. #3
I have a high end PC and play GTAV on very high settings and while its a beautiful game, Uncharted is on another level. But there are reasons for that, I doubt uncharted wil run at 60fps and its not an open world game like GTA. regardless Uncharted 4 looks spectacular. #10.4
I honestly wasn't impressed
with the uncharted reveal last e3, but this blew me away and it's the first time I've had that wow moment with these next gen consoles. #7
Asset to corsa in 2016 #2.1.2
I'd say it's a gt86 #1.1.1
they know something big is coming so they want to get in early, A new Duke Nukem game confirmed. #2
I think they are trying to add to the atmosphere, rather than go for realistic effects. #3.1
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