Trying to squeeze in some game time around work and family is tough


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go back to London

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The gtx 780 is still a great card, and has ran everything pretty much maxed with ease. Watchdogs is a poor example, it is shockingly optimized.

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Running great maxed out on my rig

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I hit disagree by accident sorry, I agree with what you say, I don't think I can go from a GTX 780 powered PC to a console that will have to sacrifice AA to run at 1080p 60fps

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that's exactly my thoughts, unless the spawn changed because your whole team had stormed their spawn. There were far less spawn killing in COD 4

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we should be aiming for a game that contains liberty city, vice city and san andreas in one game.

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company's seem to think its ok to release half finished games with the now all to common day one patch that more often than not makes the game even worse.

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It has never reached the heights COD 4 reached, I played that game daily. It was incredibly addictive, it seems like they have gone with the opinion that more is better. But I was more than happy with a UAV, air strike and CHOPPPPAAAA. It never needed all the other gimmicky stuff. Also I don't think the maps have been as good since COD 4 either, they were all well balanced for all game types. I can't think of a note worthy map from any other COD that compares to say "pipeline&quo...

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The only reason I moved to Pc gaming is for racing Sims, forza and GT were not doing it for me anymore. But I've discovered just how deep pc gaming is and I will never go back to console gaming now, I'm playing games that are 5 years old and look better than Xbox one or ps4 games do.

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This is the one thing that's annoying when it comes to pc gaming, I've just dropped 400 quid on a 780 and no doubt the 980 will be much better and I will just have to buy it :(

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runs fine for me and i have far from the best PC in the world

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I can't play the beta or any other game on my uplay account,I keep getting the same error message "can't start game, check that the game installed properly. Nightmare

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My GTX 780 says different

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Then fair play to them, they must have optimized the engine a lot more because on my old rig with a gtx670 I couldn't run ultra and I no that card beats what's in the ps4

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Gran tourismo on the ps, forza on the Xbox and god only knows how many Sims on the Pc. Good luck to them is all I can say.

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I wonder what the reaction would have been if it was the other way round........

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and I would say if gran turismo 5 wouldn't have been coming out i wouldn't have bothered. Thats not to say I didn't enjoy the other games like uncharted and killzone etc its just that GT was the game I was buying the system for. If he buys an xbox one for quantum break I am sure he will buy other games to.

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with so many people, with so many different opinions. Metal Gear solid 2 is my all time favourite game.

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to play this on my PC

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What I want to no is how are you going to control the game with no triggers on either the wii u pad or the pro pad. Please tell me they are not going to go down the motion control route with a sim as good as this.

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