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Ubisoft could have been to ambitious for the power of these consoles.

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So he is a driving game specialist, the way he talks tells me different. I'll race him on iRacing any day and we will test your driving game specialist skills.

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The problem is PC needs to change if we are ever going to see a dramatic increase in visuals, for one the amount of different components is staggering, How is a company meant to optimize a game for a system with 1000 possible graphics cards available. Memory is another issue, PC's may have a lot of it but its split into video and system which is a bottle neck which ever way you look at it. Shadow of mordor requires 6gb of video ram to run ultra textures, you need a titan to get that kind ...

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I am aware of that, but even at 1080p which is the max gaming resolution for the next gen consoles your seeing aliasing issues because of a lack of precessing power. dropping the res may have freed up some much needed power from both consoles.

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a narrow minded way of looking at a game, resolution and FPS are important. But what's the point of having 1080p 60 FPS if the texture and shadow resolutions are really low. Or you have a serious lack of AA, There is so much more to a games visuals than pixels and frames per second.

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I was about to post the same thing, it all comes down to which of racer you prefer.

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that Horizon one and two have turned out to be great games, if you consider the amount of talent in that DEV team. You have the Bizzare Creations ex staff, some of the original colin mcrea rally devs to name but a few. These guys could really steal the lime light from turn 10. But turn 10 should be congratulated on creating a brilliant but accessable physics engine.

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3gb should be plenty

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Like you I've been playing the vanishing of Ethan carter and it does look incredible. I think it's about time developers spent more time optimising for Pc, not everyone owns a Uber rig. I have a mid range rig, AMD fx8120 clocked at 4 ghz, a gtx 780, windows 8.1 pro and I run most games 1080p 60fps but it's worrying me with the amount of games that are requiring stupid amounts of vram, I've only just got my 780 which cost me just under 400 English pounds and I don't plan on...

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Make a halo school girl edition and Xbox one will sell out in a matter of hours

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But this gen it hasn't done it for me, but neither has fifa. I haven't enjoyed a football game since PES 2005, they seem to be concentrating on getting the players hair styles right rather than on the core game mechanics that made PES untouchable. I will give the new one a go, but I am not expecting much I'm sad to say

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go back to London

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The gtx 780 is still a great card, and has ran everything pretty much maxed with ease. Watchdogs is a poor example, it is shockingly optimized.

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Running great maxed out on my rig

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I hit disagree by accident sorry, I agree with what you say, I don't think I can go from a GTX 780 powered PC to a console that will have to sacrifice AA to run at 1080p 60fps

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that's exactly my thoughts, unless the spawn changed because your whole team had stormed their spawn. There were far less spawn killing in COD 4

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we should be aiming for a game that contains liberty city, vice city and san andreas in one game.

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company's seem to think its ok to release half finished games with the now all to common day one patch that more often than not makes the game even worse.

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It has never reached the heights COD 4 reached, I played that game daily. It was incredibly addictive, it seems like they have gone with the opinion that more is better. But I was more than happy with a UAV, air strike and CHOPPPPAAAA. It never needed all the other gimmicky stuff. Also I don't think the maps have been as good since COD 4 either, they were all well balanced for all game types. I can't think of a note worthy map from any other COD that compares to say "pipeline&quo...

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The only reason I moved to Pc gaming is for racing Sims, forza and GT were not doing it for me anymore. But I've discovered just how deep pc gaming is and I will never go back to console gaming now, I'm playing games that are 5 years old and look better than Xbox one or ps4 games do.

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