Trying to squeeze in some game time around work and family is tough


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on purely a game play experience the PES wins hands down, but its hard to argue against the fact that Fifa is the better all round package

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99 percent of games on pc run fine

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I never asked for the drastic changes they have made, they added far to much. they went for quantity over quality.

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with the MCC to start with

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Do they not understand that the fans want a game like COD4 with great Maps, balanced weapons and great game play. Cod is just a giant gimmick now in my opinion.

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Dirt rally.........

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will flock

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I'm sorry, but there is no excuse for the port they have released on PC. The most powerful platform should be at least on par with the next gen versions. I am a huge PES fan but I won't be buying a half assed port. I'll buy Fifa, because at least EA give us parity

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But if you want console gaming to continue then you will have to put up with it. Developers are seeing the millions of pounds casual gamer's are spending on stupid little games every day and they want a piece of the pie. As long as it is not forced on to us then I don't see an issue. There is no way developers are going to continue pumping millions into developing console games when they can make the same profit on mobile with a quarter of the effort.

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just pc at the mo, but who knows what my happen in the future.

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Is there a PC demo this time?

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So where are all the trolls with "the power of the cloud comments" now??????

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4690k and a gtx 780 I should be able to pretty much max this game.

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I don't think Microsoft wanted to take the risk of trying to introduce a rival to uncharted and tomb raider so they did the next best thing.

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and yes while the port is a joke, I'm still enjoying the game.

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My favourite youtuber by far is boogie2988, don't care for pewdiepie at all.

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and tomorrow is definitely not thursday

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I suppose superman would be the expected game but they should do something different in my opinion

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