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Don't be a fanboy, yeah its true you could spend 3,000 dollars on the (most) high powered pc you can buy now, and get roughly 10% more power then will be in the ps4.

On top of that, pc is always held back by console focused development, so this will be an upgrade for pc gamers as well.

Futher more, d bag dude pc elitist idiot man, in the world right now, and when the ps4 releases, maybe 4% of all pc gamers will have a rig that strong.


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stupidity and ignorance is not a video game

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Because who else would it cause pain? who cares it was a war a very long time ago between British and the British. It's not like it reflecting the genocide of the British or American race now is it? Anyways grow up people. It's not like when I play bf3 that i care that i shooting American soldiers or any other similar game. Its so sad this is turning into some racist flamebait new articles, maybe just enjoy the real life history setting. And yes I'm sure to a modern native america...

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the only ones that should ever even feel a little upset about this game would be the native Americans.

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awesome thanks for the info dude

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can...... team ninja actually make and effort for a modern ninja gaiden, you know updated art style, graphics and gameplay mechanics, instead of trying to be super J pop style? Japan has love their love for good games, I'm sorry but its true! They used to make some of the best games around, super innovative and fun.

But now its perverted J pop style with man ladies in everything. Sad but true!!

The old Japanese games might of had some of the crazy hair, a...

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OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't F ing wait!! Borderlands 2 got me so excited, that I started to play the first one again lol But its just not the same, lol I want the new one!!!! Diablo item hunter and fps greatness and with some amazing weapons. LOVE THIS GAME!!!! Some innovation, not the same cookie cutter crap!!!

I just hope the net code is better, I don't know about you guys but it was always super laggy for me online,

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Of course they matter, graphics gameplay story, it all matters, if you have the best of all those then that makes an amazing game

Though graphics are emphasized over gameplay often which sucks.

But if nintendo doesn't at least make the wii U run 1080p 30 fps, at the least, its going to look like a dinosaur whent the nextbox and ps4 hits.

I think they could still compete if at the very least if could pull of 1080p I wouldn't mind it s...

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I don't know why this author thinks that we care what games he feels is overrated. I mean maybe if so many people felt that way. Like killzone 3 or halo,

It seems a lame attempt at getting hits for his site, or just a very ugly kind of article to write, where he thinks we actually care if doesn't like those 2 games.

Man use your time to write something positive

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With EA already admitting their new engine was built around getting ready for ps4 and xbox720.
This sounds like its going to be a next gen title!

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But your a ginger, we know the anger lies deep in you, and you have no soul!! lol

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Right what ignorance!!!! I guess the massive amount of types of disgusting porn online are okay,
and movies with far worse, gory, and realistic killing is good.

Where a hero kills masses in his uber ultimate killing for justice is fine.

Hunting is great too, shooting innocent animals in the name of sport. Oh wow you just shot that deer's brains out, it was 12 point buck!!!

Anyways all media, games, movies, books are a representati...

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Dude that looks awesome!! thanks for that!

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I so agree with you, I'm personally sick of the 70% story telling and 30% gameplay most these games have nowadays.

Also that's true about the online has little to nothing to do with skill anymore. I'ts all about perks, better weapons and upgrades over noobs, and sniping and camping,

God how I wish they would take sniping out of fps, it's unbalanced and broken, and promotes people to camp when they can't get kills!

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I have to say skyrim, I have tried to play it twice now, I'm about 40 hours in and its just still too boring, the world and characters feel bland and dead

then, all the call of duties after 4, mw2 was okay but so hacked and broken

Battlefield 3, its and action less boring military drill that fails to be as epic as bad company 2 with amazing graphics

assassin's creed 2 I just don't like enzio as the lead, he just was too corney and...

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Wow!! Now that looks amazing, a proper sequel this time around. Really they have added so much to tekken tag 2, I just hope the online works well in this one. If so a day one buy for me I can't wait!! Hworang, and King butt kicking!!

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I love indie games and can't wait to see more on the vita. If your looking for an amazing free indie game to play, download I want to be the guy. It's kind of an easy and relaxing game, but so much fun. :)

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Wow talk about a attention grabbing headline. Wow these sites are making money, by giving misleading headlines on all their articles, and by getting gamers angry at each other with so stupid fanboy articles. Why do we allow them to make money like that?

N4G should stop all the fanboy bs articles, and give this site some class, it would be amazing how much quality content we could have here if they would actual try to control the stupid writers of these sites!

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2123d ago

I have to agree on that. I was amazed sony kept that same broken browser. To me the vita is the best portable gaming device ever. But man does that browser suck!! It's hard to just check your email on it!

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