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Wow if the next x box had windows support, that would be amazing. But i do think that would make the pirating so bad on that.

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really we are giving away prizes, actually i will report all of you now!! what trolls you are when we are giving away free stuff!

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Dont go to this site! I have played kz3 with these guys more than a few times. They told me they are from dualshocknexus. GamerGurl and others this site are the worst kz3 glitchers and hackers i have ever seen. I'm serious about how bad they cheat and glitch on kz3.

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what is it with these stupid hackers. They are only attacking sony because Sony sued one of them. They say some bs like sony is corrupt and not letting them use the hardware they bought, the way they want to. That was the whole holy mission.

If you really want to fight evil. Why not attack the north korean internet. Or i don't know stop hacking and making viruses that mess up people expensive pc's. Or how about trying to steal credit card info from poor psn users. Hac...

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pwned lol

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sweet, some justice being served, maybe this will stop all of the hacking. And we won't have to worry about psn being hacked any more.

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south korean psn has yet to come back once still, and its based on japanese servers. I have no idea why it would still be down. Oh well might buy a 360 im sick of sony and this crap.

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Dr. Phil how could you?

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thats the power of god you have witnessed! Heads explode!!!!!

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god i want minions, who here will sign up to be my minion? sign up below the reply button. But once you press that i own you.

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has anyone seen god before? here he is

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whats a wang?

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Oh my God yes, Now I can finally play some Haze online again. Oh yeah!!!!

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A lot of people with friends care :) and we play often online when you have friends. Thanks for your stupid tasteless comment though :)

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Well you know for me it's not that sony got hacked. Everyone acts like that their fault. I know the security was utter crap. But the hackers are the bad guys here. But with that said, It's the fact that the people that run Sony are utter tards. I mean they could at least update their people. I mean look Sony we know you were hacked. We know you are having problems fixing it. But when you are silent or arrogant that takes from your service was hacked, to wtf you people don't know h...

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Of course they are getting close. Game technologies are moving so fast as always. Even we are not seeing huge jump in graphics anymore. Like we did with killzone 2 or uncharted 2. With the amount of memory the ps3/360 has, there is only so much more they can do. Not to mention the ps3/360 gpu is just weak now. You guys act like they just lie for fun. The frostbite engine takes a huge amount to render I'm sure. With the scale of the battlefields, and the destruction. They can always invent...

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I agree dude, I mean come on people. There's not a big enough difference to even care. Its this whole, 360 is more powerful, no ps3 is more powerful. Jesus there is not a big enough power difference in both to really care that much. Ps2 was weaker than xbox, but no one cared. It wasn't enough of a difference to care. Its about the games. Look at game on ps3 or 360, and ask yourself does this look good to me on MY system. If so and it looks fun play the game. Don't compare it to th...

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i think boobies look better!

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They are both great. 3d in a handheld i mean holy crap. Also sony's super powerful ngp. The 3ds will give us a new experience with great first party games. Ngp will give us a amazing experience but with more games. Even if one is better than the other they are both great.

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I'm sorry but that kid didn't look bad. I have seen many worse autistic people than him. Even so he has to know cheating is wrong. The media is such a joke, it blows things always out of proportion.

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