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hmmm there are a lot of good games on it so far, more then people think,

Gravity Rush
Metal gear solid hd,
ninja gaiden,
mutant blog,
escape plan,
hustle kings,
mod nation racers,
motor storm rc, it was free on the ps store might still be,
rayman origins,
marvel vs, capcom,
blaz blue,

so many good games so far, just no amazing games yet, like ps3 ...

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God you people and your fanboy war!! Look Sony and Microsoft have basically tied overall, and few million is nothing in overall sales.

Here is something else to think about too, Sony and Microsoft split the hardcore game sales, Nintendo owned the causal like a pro this gen.

But if you add Microsoft and Sony sales together, the hardcore systems would have sold more. It's the first time that Sony has had any real competition in the console space, and the ma...

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@godzilla72, thanks for that video, honestly that combat looks amazingly fun. I'm really going to check this game out now. How did this game get so under hyped?

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I know exactly what you are talking about. I actually almost quit online competitive gaming. I was so sick of being shot by campers and glitchers, or being shot by a super powered gun, when I still have 100 hours to unlock the gun. It seems more advanced shooters are getting, the more it leaves itself open to cheaters. I recently had a huge rant with my best friend about Battlefield 3. They need an option for snipers. Like 3 a team and once someone dies you can apply to that. It's not fun...

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I'm sorry to say this to you all. But unless we feel that the game is lacking in content, then we can't complain about on disc dlc. These companies have to make money to keep making games. If the content is on the disc locked or already made it doesn't matter. (it's extra) that you can choose to pay for or not. Like I said if the game has like a 5 hour campaign and locked dlc then it's bs. But we can't get mad for companies are making extra for us to buy. I don't k...

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For rts,and mmo games, and some others yes, the keyboard and mouse are better. But for fps its a toss up. The mouse have wayyy better aim, but the wasd keys sucks for movement. You are far more agile and fast moving with a controller. Other than that any 2d platformer, fighting game, or many popular sport games are far better with a controller, ahhh you silly little sheepish fanboys.

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The amount of stupid and racist comments here are amazing, about a different culture than any of you understand. I have taught people about south korea before, i guess i will have to again. Number one Koreans in the south are not "cult like" thats are huge cruel and racist thing to say. They are just normal like you and me but probably like rice more than you do. But in South Korea gaming is a real sport! You can actually get very rich playing games in South Korea, and just like you...

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Wow that video is too funny!!!!!

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yeah true, but they have less stds too! and often less fat!lol

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yeah i got one of those rude and immature private messages too :/

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yeah but it was a stupid name choice, even what would you have done when the next x box came out? still 360?

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Sorry but that was one boring review! And why does a xbox 360 site review ps3 and pc games?

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It's not just that, i have lived in South Korea for 4 years now. Gaming is different here. The competition is harsh. Koreans don't play many games. They play a few and get crazy good at them. Examples- Tekken, Starcraft, Counter Strike. On top of that South Korea is one of the only places you can get famous, and rich playing games on a pro level. Its just Korean society in general. Not that its a bad thing, just that's their culture and nature. But beside this being labelled South...

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they need this guys help

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@kikizoo if you read the review you would understand what he is saying. Maybe you should read the review instead of the review score. Anyways there are 3 reviews there, not just one. Also IGN gave this game a 6.5 on ps3. Other review sites as well have given some low score too. I have played the game, it doesn't work that well with the move. Also people are allowed to have opinions. But guessing by your one bubble you are just looking for a place to troll, to say a person is broken is chi...

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Eden is short and boring! Beside the visuals i think it sucks too!!!! and the controls can be very frustrating

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Yeah and arguments will never stop. But you have to admit it's exciting to see who will sell the most this year. MW3 or BF3 I mean the quality of Battlefield 3 is amazing. And we have 2 of the biggest game companies competing with each other. It will be interesting if the quality of Battlefield 3 can take away from the insane following of MW3!

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Yeah I agree, and most of it can be childish and stupid. But thats true the amount of passion gamers have. And it's fun to see how the companies compete. But me I love all good games, I don't care where they come from.

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This is a really awesome game!!!

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Wow i have to say I loved infamous 2 so much!!!!!!! Im so interested to see what happens to Cole in the next one!!!!!!!!

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