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you hate your bubbles don't you! lol

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Its all about the render. How much the computer can show at one time. It cost more power to render at a higher resolution. Each polygon is more detailed. So at a lower resolution, you can have more game objects and detail. It just won't be as sharp and vibrant of course. So for this gen of consoles, its a choice of a more detailed environment filled with more game objects, or a more sharp and vibrant one. But hd isn't everything. It does make some games look astounding. But no games l...

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yeah but you shouldn't have to think like that. You should know what you see is what you get. I hate when a 3rd party game comes out like this. I see previews(normally always the 360 version). I get excited with a like RDR. Just to find out that I'm getting the retarded ps3 version(on more powerful hardware) With less polygons, less hd, often frame rate problems and screen tearing. It just sucks! Now when I see a great 3rd party title, I have to think oh what I have to see what kind ...

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You are awesome, you make a millions off of gta4. Then you can't even take the time to make a real ps3 engine. I swear some of these developers are con artists. I don't care how difficult the ps3 is to develop for. Or that is cost a little more. I care that you are suppose to be professional. If you sell a product on ps3 you should actually make it quality. I am sick of this generation. Basically ps3 gamers are just running emulators of 360 games. This game is not a real ps3 game. I k...

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My only hope is maybe we will see some info on Haze 2, or Iron man 3

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The ps3 is catching the 360 so if they released at the same time ps3 would win. But not by that much. It still would be close. I prefer ps3 over 360 but I do think if Microsoft had quality product things would be different. They would probably be able to hold their lead over Sony. Plus they would be more equal in the graphics department, and really shine in the 3rd party because of the 360 ease of programing. But I don't know how much different it would be. Things have really hurt 360'...

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for just a little site. Also it seems MS is going full force with this natal thing. They really seem to be believing it will sell well. Don't you think a announcement of their new console. Would kinda destroy natal's progress. Also the dvd drive thing had to be incorrect. With blue ray it can read dvds. Kinda sounds like some bs to me. But then again we are getting close to e3. So some info could be starting to leak out.

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Man I was so excited for this game. But it does look kinda choppy. Just like it's being rushed. I didn't even see much parts that involve much speed. Plus is it just me or does the gameplay seem kinda stiff. It looks like it not as agile as old sonic games. Just that Sonic's movements need lots of polish. We I hope they put some more effort into this one, I would love a new true sonic game.

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or is it just the first one. They should put it on pc so dedicated halo 2 fans could still play with dedicated servers. That a shame that a game so active got disconnected like that.

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all that folding at home is evening it out lol. Next chairs, and windows are causing cancer.

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is a good game, it has a large learning curve. But once you get past that it's good. But I would really love some more weapons. Like assault class we only have 3 major guns. It can get boring with only that much. Plus they need to give more incentive for people being the leaders. At least half the time the leaders don't even participate in leading us. One last thing is, they need to show who is starting the voting off of a squad member. So many times people just do it to be jerks. Or ...

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We need to stop pointing the finger at a certain type of entertainment. The blame for poor education is on the parents and children. People could be distracted by many things. Baseball, movies, cars, girls anything. Technology provides great types of entertainment. It will only give more and better in the future. The only blame is on our own lack of self discipline. In the way we study and in the way we raise our children.

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The main thing I want is the ability to make deeper levels. Lbp 1 was innovative and awesome. But I found to try to much outside of a basic level was very difficult. Me and a friend spent like 2 weeks making a level. It was awesome one of the best I had seen. But to do things like add a sea creature was almost impossible. It took us like 25 hours to get it to function correctly. But from the news I have seen so far It looks like they are going to be doing that. So all I want now is the abilit...

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so post a video not a comment internet soldier

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He has his own style it's part of his culture. If you don't like it, you don't have to pay attention to his stuff. You tards act like he is the only one with fanboy headlines. N4G is 90 percent fanboys and trolls. So chances are if your writing in the comment section you are one. So the only thing i am seeing you having a problem with is racism. If he was white he would get little or zero the amount of hate you give. You people just use this stuff as a way to vent your hate. Grow up to hate o...

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I am somewhat of a old school gamer myself. I'm 27 so I started out back on the atari 2600. Things have changed a lot now. It's all about the visuals. We granted it's a lot about the visuals. But without great gameplay the visuals mean nothing. You know everyone complains about small differences in console multiplats. Or how an exclusive is at a lower resolution. But does that truly ruin a game. NO It just has to look good and play great with a great story. These same people that complain i'm...

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i got two of these and opened them. But I didn't go to the website. Efffing bastard hackers.

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Your preference to a certain console is fine and understandable. But I don't understand as gamers how we can hate a games just because it's on another platform. If a game is awesome then it's awesome in my book. Ps3 or not man I'm actually really glad red steel didn't sell on the wii. I would love to see a ps3 version with the move. (starts drooling and runs and grabs a broom to play pretend cowboy samurai)

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He doesn't code you idiot. He is a the game director. Plus maybe you should get you 360 fangirl a$$ off N4G and get a life. Sorry but your troll comments get on my nerves after a while!

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Heavenly sword was awesome. Sucks it didn't sell well I would love to play a sequal. The ending was epic. But it was rather short. Plus that game actually used the the motion control well. I loved shooting the arrows it was fun. You guys should pick it up if you haven't played it. You could get it used for really cheap. I would love to play it again. I wish Sony would add trophy support to some of these older games. Heavenly Sword and MGS4 god that would be sweet. But as far as the heavenly s...

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