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This argument is insane. Why are we comparing the cpu, of ps3 and most pcs? It's the whole hardware that matters. Yes the ps3 still has a very very powerful cpu. Which is rare for a console. So the ps3 does deserve some credit.Even for as old as the ps3 is, the it still is very powerful. But the gpu is weak compared to most gaming pc's. Also the amount of ram can not even come close to pc. But patcher is a complete idiot anyways. Why do you compare the ps3 to all pc's. Compare it ...

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i can see why your mad dude, but really mass effect 2 is one awesome game. If your into rpgs, action shooters you should still consider it. But man lbp2 is awesome also, wow so many great games, so little time LOL

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I thought mass effect would do better too. But I wonder how many downloaded it. That could be some big numbers for downloads too. Just started playing mass effect 2, wow that game is awesome. first day already 6 hours into it LOL

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well i think its great fans can show love to their favorite games in lbp2. But man i find it sad that people don't take these great tools and create more original content. Instead they just remake games.

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just bored acting stupid :) :0

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Hmmm Ermmmm????? Uhhhh

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Well i tell ya, back in my day, we didn't have all this fancy face video game stuff. We had move the dots games...... but those classics were all about the gameplay. Not these fancy graphics jumping all over the place. And I used to have to walk 5 miles to the nearest arcade.... you youngsters don't know what its like. With your fancy home arcade face games.... need nap.....zzzzzzzzz

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your mom is overrated

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I have lived in south korea for 3 years now. I doubt this was gaming related. South Korean society is harsh. And they have one of the highest rates of middle aged men dying due to exhaustion in the world. Really look it up that has happened a lot in south korea. Not just when they are gaming but in general. In fact for years they were in the genius world record books for the country that worked the most hours in the world. One day i was walking threw a home plus, that's like a walmart her...

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mulitplayer tech, that pile of hacked crap lol, i wouldn't want credit. LOL i would be like oh no we never touched that game LOL

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parental FAIL!!!!!!!!!

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i knew this would happen. Stupid lazy developers, and greedy activision. Will we ever see another unhacked COD. Well there goes this game. I guess ill wait for KZ3 at least BBC2 vietname is coming out. Wow one of the biggest franchises this gen, and they can't even stop a hack. And so soon at that. What has gaming become? biggest selling games are hacked and broken to hell. FU activison. -1 sale for you here greedy bastards.

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I thought to wait to see if this game gets hacked. It's already hacked before release. Wow activion you really suck. Well i won't be tricked into buying this broken crap again.

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Ps3 and 360 are so close that no one really is winning. 3 to 5 million over another console is nothing. The real only winner is the wii this gen as far a sales goes.

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we are ready lol!!!!

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Banned for cheaters on single player is a little much. But please sue the idiots that hack the multiplayer. I am tired of them breaking most every game!!!!!!!

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Uh yeah we are not ready. But uhh the games is out in 2 weeks. Yeah but we don't want to release it. The credits needs polished. And the tires on the 1990 celica are not dark enough. Man I wonder how long it takes yamauchi to get ready in the morning. Hmm maybe black suit, no, white suit, no, t shirt no. Hmm now what car to drive. lol

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by the end of the month? there goes it being released for November. Wow will people even know when it coming out. Oh might be a week or two, or months, Years, decades.

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What im not crying lol something is in my eyes.

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