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Onlive as I have heard is very laggy. The only countries ready for this are Japan, South Korea, and Europe. You need a very high speed internet to get great results. Plus not only are they charging 5 bucks a month in service fees. They are also charging 50 bucks a game. The have no exclusives, i don't see onlive going very far, i'm sorry. With pc gaming taking hits because of pirating. I see console as the future for quite some time yet. Untill every country like south korea has a 100...

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good luck bud, hope everything works out.

edit/who ever disagrees with that is a sick mother fcker!!! I hope you one day have such a disease you heartless retarded pig!!!

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what did prologue sell like 4 million, gt5 will be the best selling ps3 exclusive ever.

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drum role please............rogue warrior yay i knew it fcking fck dam fcking win

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so sad... the kid caught a virus. It was to much for him. RIP Milo

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well it's awesome some 2d games are coming back, like this and sonic. But this whole episodic nickel and dime us bs sucks. Just release the fcking game. Developers always trying to find a why to get the most cash out of us. I think breaking the game up will hurt the experience.

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ps3 my lord, i know i am not worthy of your attention, but please bring bushido blade to ps1 classics. lol

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Hmm someone pissed me off. What could i do.......hmmmm. Oh i know i throw a cocktail like in gta. Yeah that always worked, and i had enough time to get rid of my stars, and run from the cops. Then if i only run over 2 pedestrians i only get one star. One star is easy to get away from.

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Alan Wake looked amazing. What happened 360 fans why didn't it sell. I really hope they make a ps3 port of it.

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Is this the exact same game as the first, but only in HD?

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i think a lot of ign's reviews are based on sponsor money. That's why they were deleted form my bookmarks a year ago. I find user reviews are the best way to go.

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You are a pse developer. Please explain why then the ps3 can't have a good frame rate. Would it be the ps3 higher floating point. hmmm or maybe the ps3 having more ram. Or maybe it's the ps3's non compressed blue ray discs. Or maybe it's superior processing power. No the truth is pc/360 code doesn't run well on ps3. No mutliplate normally utilizes the ps3. The ps3 demands a custom engine. Yes for a muliplate engine this can be true But this is just pr bs talk like it or no...

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Things people are interested in? You mean like games, something the Microsoft conference had so much of. The truth is kinect, and the move haven't showed much for hardcore gamers. I just wish Sony and Microsoft would stop trying to be the wii. Here is some more truth. Microsoft will get supported by 3rd parties for kinect. But how many will support it for a new install base. Companies have no incentive to make kinect games. It will be a couple of years before you can make a large profit. ...

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Omega we don't play sales, we play games. 3rd place or not Sony has, and will continue to have the best exclusives this gen. I don't care if they were 40 million behind the 360. We still have the great quality games that Sony has always pumped out. If you are that kind of gamer maybe you should switch to the wii. Since it destroys the ps3 and 360 in sales. 2nd place is just the first loser.

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yeah man, i didn't enjoy eden either it got boring. Shooters is ok, but monsters is one of the best on psn!!!

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Just make a new monsters PLEASE im begging make it happen.

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Even if he does hack the ps3. How much bs is the average joe going to have to go threw to hack their own. I mean you will have to refuse mandatory firmware updates. It will be a bitch to use psn, I'm sure they will have some kind of security check. To download any first party games it will take for ever 25 to 50 gigs of info. Thats the ps3 real appeal is first party games. I don't hack nor do I know much about it. But just to hack the psp seems kinda like a pain in the censored word. ...

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But honestly people how do you keep buying Microsoft products. How many times have they supposedly fixed the over heating problem. I mean we have so many choices, ps3,pc,wii,psp,ds. Why do we keep supporting this crap. This is the biggest reason I don't support Microsoft. I have had all the platforms before. Nintendo, Sega, Atari,but this is just insane!!!!

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but killzone is about war!?!? I don't think any war game is very christian like. I agree that killzone's cursing was pretty tasteless. But I think they did that, because they wanted it to feel like a war game. But you should probably stick with wii games. Or something like lbp. I just don't see how playing any war game is very christian.

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Just because it's running on a pc, doesn't mean it's not a 360 engine. The buttons are even programed to the 360 controller. Remember it's not the just the hardware that makes a game, but also the engine. Even it doesn't look good enough to be the pc version. Unless the pc is getting really neglected.

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