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this sucks, geshhh Sony WTF!!! Can't release it, but they put out new gameplay videos everyday. God its torture waiting lol I'm not even paying attention to GT5 anymore. When I see on store shelves when ps4 is out. I might think about buying it. Man they should have a bigger development team. Instead of making it for a decade. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH But what really pisses me off is Sony waits until less than a month to release to tell us this. Hey 2 weeks until GT5 oh shit wait FU Son...

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end statement!

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if it does not get hacked. It has won and beat modern warfare 2 already lol

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thanks for the advice, im loving naruto so much i don't want to spoil any of it. So im going to wait :)

I don't watch a lot of anime but the best of what i have seen is
Samurai 7, love that show i want to buy it on dvd to watch it again.
My avatar is actually from samurai 7

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i just got into the naruto series. I absolutely love it!!!! I am watching tons of episodes on itunes. But i am worried the game might spoil some of the cartoon for me. What do you guys think?

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please don't feed the trolls, and meh is that about the game or your bubble count fanboy.

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I.I..It's so beautiful lol! Wow can't wait for this! Sony has so many sweet exclusives coming out soon!!!!!! First up GT5 only one more month to wait :)

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you have to have the app on your playstation, play tv uk, torne japan, qook tv korea. It records in sd, and I don't see any functions to record your games.

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Would you be able to record gameplay videos on this. Or will just record tv shows? If so could you export the files?

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it could but just with far less physics, enemies on screen, and at a lower resolution. Especially since so much compress would be used for dvd. But that being built for the cell, would probably be one jacked up port to the 360. Look ps3 is more powerful. It just is, and has been since the day it released. But it not like its a generation ahead of xbox. It doesn't make your games look like the wii. You know whats funny the most powerful console never comes in first. Think about it. 3do, N...

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what is this strange word "friends" ?

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are just starting crap to get attention before their next game comes out. It worked for them with the no russian crap. But really kotick is an asshole. His face screams to be punched. It's practically written on there. Some one go punch his face lol. the world will thank you. You will be a hero just think about it.

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someone punch kotick already please

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But call of duty will be hacked in a week lol. Black ops does look pretty good. But i am waiting to see if it gets hacked. Plus I just don't know if i want to feed the evil corporation that is activision. At above, ps3 can reneder in 1080p. god of war 3 gt5, and some other games. But it makes textures less sharp. But with a brighter look to them. But I doubt that a multiplat pushes ps3 to 1080p. Plus I agree about the fram rate. If MOH is going for modern warfare gameplay. It just won'...

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you need to serve society. Learn all you can and do your part. So we can like....uhh build more weapons and stuff to kill each other lol.

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When you think about delaying surgery because lbp2 and gt5 releases.

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The controls will take some time getting use to. But when you do the physics are awesome. Plus the local multiplayer is so much fun. I really don't understand this game getting a 5 that's a bit harsh. I think the person that wrote this review is a noob lol.

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wow so sad, at least he died like a real man. I takes a strong person to save thier family like that.

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who hated fallout 3? I loved the beginning in the vault. But after that the game was just so boring. I really tried to like that game. But I just couldn't get into it. But back on topic this list is a disgrace to ps3 exclusives. The top 7 at least should be all ps3 exclusives.
1.Uncharted 2
2.God of war 3
3.Little big planet
4.Killzone 2
5.Metal gear solid 4
7.heavy rain

the only multiplats close in my op...

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but why do people do so many stupid things. In this video, I don't want to see the driver face. I actually wanted to watch him drive! Keep the camcorder on the video game footage re re.

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