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I can't say Square Enix have released much that has interested me in the last 10 years... :/

I'll pass :D #4
Looks likes some good couch co-op fun. It's actually a little sad that I get excited about co-op modes that don't require online anymore...sigh...

What happened to dragging a multitap and 3 control pads round a friends to mash out some gaming hours? :D #2
With their recent comments I'm leaning more towards a complete FF7 experience. The core game with other story related titles from other games joining as additional content.

If they deliver the main game with the complete story in a single swoop, I'd be happy to buy into additional stuff like that. #1.1.7
My internet is pretty decent and I'm currently at 3% after 4 hours. If you're looking to jump in on launch day, get that download going :D #4.1
It will probably take 10 days to download and just as long to learn to navigate the character creation screen but hell, I can't wait :D #1
Been a while since we've had a decent game with a Western theme. May have to give this one a shot :D #3
I see what you did there! :D lol #2.1
I picked this up ages ago, yet another Early Access title that I picked up on the potential.

I actually played it about a week ago, for about 40 minutes. God damn, it's awful. Poorly optimized, the controls are way off, the combat... Well, I spent 30 minutes in a fist fight with a friend and we never even lost more than 10% health.

Ugh #3
Sometimes I'm ashamed to be English... Very few of the tabloids and newspapers here ever seem to have a grip on the industry. I personally didn't enjoy the game much but that's just my personal taste, I wouldn't rate it anywhere near a 4 #46
Lol, I'd pay £7 a month never to have to use such a poor portal again. Was such a pain in the ass, even trying to extend a subscription #4.1
It does seem a bit shady if I'm honest. I mean, it's obvious to them if an account has been active for an extended period of time but I guess a few dollars is worth more to them than common decency? #1.1
I like the PR they've done here. Giving players a heads up on a price change while encouraging them to pick up the Season Pass for a cheaper price if they haven't already. Playing it smart :D #1.1.1
Is it sad that I've been glued to the skies hoping to see Santa, and his sack full of goodies, come crashing down to appease my looting addiction? >.< #1
This is too true lol #3.1
Turns out it wasn't quite as exciting as I'd hoped. Think I jumped the gun a bit. There's quite a few other areas laying outside the map area so this may not be significant at all. Although a DLC entrance is definitely a good possibility. #1.2.1
It's infinite, just not that quick? Even still, 10-15 minutes and you've got more than you need to build up a settlement :D #2.1.1
I'm probably missing something painfully obvious in the area... :D #1.1
I've seen other information about this here but this is an entirely different method and seemingly much quicker #1
Thankfully I found this before fighting a horde of enemies with the Gamma Gun :D #1
Not all that different to what you describe to be honest. Literally just had to spend 5 minutes in a chase in a Honda Civic for an objective, I had to stay under 40mph just so I didn't lose the police :/ #2.1
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