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I really don't understand the change in formula for Evolve. Left 4 Dead was great because the entire experience was multiplayer, team-based, by the end of a campaign you could list countless memorable moments with your team.

Then Evolve removed that element completely with the 4v1 style, not really my thing. If they can stick closer to the elements that made Left 4 Dead such a big hit, I'd be excited for this one :D

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Huge fan of the original Left 4 Dead. Evolve, not so much. Hopefully these guys can pull something special out of the bag :D

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From what I've done myself after completing the main story there's a monster arena, a secret labyrinth dungeon, 8 dungeons hidden behind the seals doors inside each dungeon, 5 legendary weapons quest (top one is a level 120 enemy), giant adamantoise fight, a number of hunts are end-game only, limit break magic. There's a lot to do :D

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Just because it's a minority opinion, doesn't guarantee it's clickbait, although it's sometimes the case. I loved Shadow of the Colossus but not big on ICO. I played The Last Guardian for about 5 hours and "irritating waste of time" is the perfect way to summarize my experience.

It's not for everyone :D

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I was okay until end game. The healing items get pricey and I pop them a lot. Bit crap at the combat so most of my fights are battles of attrition. More healing items, more win :D

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Just a quick heads up for anyone doing the arena. Some players are reporting that the game freezes when attempting to save following a lengthy arena run. It has happened to me a few times but just let it sit and it sorts itself out everytime, can take 3-4 minutes though.

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It's addicting right? I sat down for a quick 30 minute play session... Was still in the arena 2 hours later. I've heard you can see Cactuar's and such too, but I've yet to see one.

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They scale up pretty quickly. Starts off in the 70s, last one in the chain is level 99... That thing whooped my ass for ages :D

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He didn't appear until I had completed chapter 15 so I expect it's an end-game only thing.

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SA-MP has been around for years and to the best of my knowledge, they avoided any huge legal battles. Things are a bit more anal today but if there's no money changing hands, maybe they'll let it slide?

This could just be me being hopeful :D

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The article is about the GTA Network which is for GTAV?

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Never once dulled for me and I'm on 80 hours at the moment. Enjoy the journey :D

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They will have their own anticheat, not sure how good it will be though :/

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You'll have to excuse #4 but it really is bloody difficult to land that thing :D

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As it explains in the article, hit level 9 cooking :D

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Where's that one? I've only found the double. Dammit, what a waste :D

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I must admit, I do miss the ability to just cast the other spells typically featured in Final Fantasy games but I enjoy the magic system in FFXV. Most of the older stuff is there in some form or another.

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That's correct. The cooking bonus applies to all experience points received while the bonus is active. The bonus you receive when resting at an inn only applies to your current pool of experience.

You don't have to actually do it on a day by day basis in-game time. Just stick to the routine of

Camp - Eat recipe in the post
Quest/Kill Monsters etc (Check the post for information on the huge xp bonuses from coins)
Rest at inn once ...

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People can comment without actually reading the article, it works both ways ;) Take a read through the article. It's more about what has happened in the build up to the launch with the huge thrust put into the game.

When was the last time a game launched with a mobile game, 2D side-scroller, feature length movie, animated series, features from huge names in music, PR events encompassing practically every demographic, there is so much surrounding this launch its incredib...

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I get the feeling you don't agree? ;)

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