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It's a good challenge for the higher light level ones but the rewards are meh so far

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Just a heads up. The one at the top of Felspire Peak is a total pain in the ass. Make sure you stack some agility :D

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Just beat the game and the last we did was SM12 so can't imagine much more than that.

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I agree. I don't know what's wrong with the traditional "!" or "?" on the map. It's far more intuitive. The lack of reward upon completion also left me a little salty. Something a bit more worthwhile than what's currently on offer wouldn't have gone a miss :D

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"Sony’s DualShock 4 controllers are extremely good quality products"

Really? Really? This generations PlayStation pads are easily the worst quality of all of them/

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It is having a lot of problems for me (UK) but I can't really bitch about it when the games not even out here yet. Hopefully the soft release in NZ/AUS will provide ample time for them to set up the servers n such properly.

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Thanks! This will be great for a listen during my workout later.

Part of the above statement may not be true

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You can see it as a "very basic attempt at SEO" or as actually delivering content people are looking for and want to know. Just because it's not filled with 1000 words of fluff, doesn't take away it's value to those looking for it.

I won't deny those practices are commonplace but still, don't tar everyone with the same brush.

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Am I the only moron that didn't pick up the Season Pass during the cheap period? >.<

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Wth is ShadowMewtwo? :D

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The game states on many different occasions that the Filter Level is dependent on the mask the user is wearing. However, without the perks mentioned in the post, my Filter Level never once changed when changing masks :/

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I think a lot of people simply get the message that they must locate the Rewards Vendor and instead of progressing for a bit, they just search for it instantly

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I must have walked past him 4 times :D

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I'm glad they're giving a free copy to anyone that picked up the original. Something I'd expect personally but all too often it's not the case :D

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It's not. You can upgrade a hut 2 times for each of the 8 people but it's pretty much just farm X ingredient, upgrade hut, repeat. There's 0 customization or placement options. And the Population just replaced all the old reward mechanics from Far Cry

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Shame the developers don't always show the same level of dedication :D

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I'm so pumped for Digimon :D Cannot wait

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Wouldn't that be incredibly hard to balance? I'd imagine taking on Ruby Weapon would be far more difficult in a real-time combat setting :D

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Yeah. Could you imagine today's typical younger gamer responding to 2D style turn-based combat? :D

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To be honest, I feel as though that would be the perfect compromise.

Retain the tactical elements of the turn-based combat with the original but embrace more active movement to entertain the more active-combat fans.

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