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As it explains in the article, hit level 9 cooking :D

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Where's that one? I've only found the double. Dammit, what a waste :D

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I must admit, I do miss the ability to just cast the other spells typically featured in Final Fantasy games but I enjoy the magic system in FFXV. Most of the older stuff is there in some form or another.

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That's correct. The cooking bonus applies to all experience points received while the bonus is active. The bonus you receive when resting at an inn only applies to your current pool of experience.

You don't have to actually do it on a day by day basis in-game time. Just stick to the routine of

Camp - Eat recipe in the post
Quest/Kill Monsters etc (Check the post for information on the huge xp bonuses from coins)
Rest at inn once ...

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People can comment without actually reading the article, it works both ways ;) Take a read through the article. It's more about what has happened in the build up to the launch with the huge thrust put into the game.

When was the last time a game launched with a mobile game, 2D side-scroller, feature length movie, animated series, features from huge names in music, PR events encompassing practically every demographic, there is so much surrounding this launch its incredib...

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I get the feeling you don't agree? ;)

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I'm sure I recall them saying it was a 40-50 hour main story. Was hoping for an 80 hour marathon with all the side content :(

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Is it even possible to deliver after people have been waiting a decade? :D

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I remember reading an article titled the exact same thing in like June/July of last

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He looks pretty badass. Most of the Pokemon I saw pre-release looked awful. Nice to see some of the newer ones aren't just walking sandcastles :D

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So disappointed. Find 10 of these lil shits scattered throughout the game world and all you get is a really crap outfit :( lol

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Was really expecting a lot more hidden skins but there's hardly any :(

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You got to be level 40 to take them down so it's not something you can do early :(

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X-COM 2 is one of the greatest games I've ever played. Sure, it's not perfect, has some issues but god damn, I've not had so much fun playing a video game since I was a kid :D

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Was my initial choice.... Sadly it felt very much like the newer generation of Pokemon starters. The final forms may be noteworthy but by god, the initial forms are not :D

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It's a good challenge for the higher light level ones but the rewards are meh so far

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Just a heads up. The one at the top of Felspire Peak is a total pain in the ass. Make sure you stack some agility :D

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Just beat the game and the last we did was SM12 so can't imagine much more than that.

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I agree. I don't know what's wrong with the traditional "!" or "?" on the map. It's far more intuitive. The lack of reward upon completion also left me a little salty. Something a bit more worthwhile than what's currently on offer wouldn't have gone a miss :D

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"Sony’s DualShock 4 controllers are extremely good quality products"

Really? Really? This generations PlayStation pads are easily the worst quality of all of them/

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