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Sometimes I'm ashamed to be English... Very few of the tabloids and newspapers here ever seem to have a grip on the industry. I personally didn't enjoy the game much but that's just my personal taste, I wouldn't rate it anywhere near a 4

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Lol, I'd pay £7 a month never to have to use such a poor portal again. Was such a pain in the ass, even trying to extend a subscription

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It does seem a bit shady if I'm honest. I mean, it's obvious to them if an account has been active for an extended period of time but I guess a few dollars is worth more to them than common decency?

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I like the PR they've done here. Giving players a heads up on a price change while encouraging them to pick up the Season Pass for a cheaper price if they haven't already. Playing it smart :D

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Is it sad that I've been glued to the skies hoping to see Santa, and his sack full of goodies, come crashing down to appease my looting addiction? >.<

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This is too true lol

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Turns out it wasn't quite as exciting as I'd hoped. Think I jumped the gun a bit. There's quite a few other areas laying outside the map area so this may not be significant at all. Although a DLC entrance is definitely a good possibility.

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It's infinite, just not that quick? Even still, 10-15 minutes and you've got more than you need to build up a settlement :D

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I'm probably missing something painfully obvious in the area... :D

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I've seen other information about this here but this is an entirely different method and seemingly much quicker

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Thankfully I found this before fighting a horde of enemies with the Gamma Gun :D

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Not all that different to what you describe to be honest. Literally just had to spend 5 minutes in a chase in a Honda Civic for an objective, I had to stay under 40mph just so I didn't lose the police :/

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Hopefully it's useful to some :D I got one of the Outlaw missions and literally drove around for 20 minutes without coming across a single cop >.<

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Since when do guides need a spoiler tag?

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Sadly I have the memory retention of a wet sponge so I'm not 100% but from what I've seen so far, it's new places to explore on the same map. The Northern area appears bigger than it was originally.

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The only morality choices in Mad Max is whether to give water to wandering strangers or run them down, and the latter is far more rewarding.

The story is great? You spend 90% of the game without a real antagonist, chasing nothing more than a V8 engine and the ending? Completely erased after a 20 second cut-scene. Poor.

The difference between my review and your comment? I completed the game before sharing my opinion, you didn't even bother to read the revi...

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It tells you where to find the quest to unlock the Master Armorer and what to do to complete it. What else would you like to see added?

Admittedly I've not added the coin or location of all other levels yet as I found them naturally through progression and haven't been back.

Also, what ads did you find intrusive? :D

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I don't bother with satire articles but the title alone was hilarious. Good read :D

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I'm always fast to criticize N4G for a lot of things but this is one area that I cannot complain about.

It is not possible for them to monitor the quality, credibility and safety of every site featured on N4G and a single problem with just 1 domain can spread and cause problems throughout.

Considering the thousands of articles, hundreds of sites and seemingly small-ish team, they do a fantastic job in this area.

The malware had nothing to...

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We've known about the 2015 release for ages....

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