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Great reviews, cannot argue with that. And in regards to content and game play, fully deserved.

However, those not able to play the actual game aren't even able to submit a negative review if they wanted too :D #1.1
And therein lies the problem. Why is it on par for an MMO game to have terrible launches? Contrary to popular belief, there are some that launch with minor issues.

Yet the AAA games with much bigger budgets can't manage to pull it off?

I thoroughly enjoyed the PS3 beta and I'll be grabbing the game myself after the issues have been resolved.

But I can't stop laughing at the droves of people defending a game that originally launc... #3.1
Are you fucking serious?...That is all. #1
When do the prizes get handed out? I was listed as a winner but never heard contact after the original message? :D #15
It's not so much the reaction, but the potential for profit. Everyone knows how expensive MMO games are to create nowadays, especially those as big as WildStar, ESO and Final Fantasy XIV.

I honestly think we'll keep seeing it while they're so expensive to develop. Best way for developers to cover costs of development so soon after launch #1.1
You offer a valid point and an argument I've tried to explain to others on many occasions, also the exact same reason why I speculated about the future at the end of the article.

However, with this business choice, which I fully expect Zenimax to be taking, they too often screw over initial supporters. You pay $60 for a game, then $150 before it goes free-to-play only to be rewarded with a cruddy mount or title. Maybe that's enough for some people, I don't know. B... #1.2.1
Yeah. It was announced like the day after. I've got an article up on it if you're interested:

They did say it would just be "Fun" stuff, which I assume is cosmetics and the likes. But still, charging a subscription fee and still restricting content...That's a bold move lol #5.1.1
I'm sure the Anthology can keep the hardcore crowd entertained until ESO is free-to-play. Cannot wait to pick that up! :D Roll on Blood Moon. #3.1
Would you feel the same way if The Elder Scrolls Online offered 400 hours of just as much enjoyment? For $15 a month? Not bitching at your comment or anything, I'm actually curious to read your response :D #2.1
I can understand the need to use a pay-to-play model near launch. I don't think anyone expects ESO to be popular enough to avoid free-to-play after 12-18 months but an item mall?

Seriously...PC players are going to struggle to swallow that yet console players, the biggest part of The Elder Scrolls franchise, will never accept paying more than their usual $60 for a game. So you decide to throw in even more costs?

It's either genius or suicide. I gues... #1
That's not even the stupid part. They also decided to put in an item mall? Way to show your lack of experience in the MMO industry Zenimax.

ESO will be free-to-play within 18 months of launch and change to a new item mall with exp boosts, mounts, etc. Rinse and repeat. #5
The article has been updated. #16.1
You're most welcome. We found the source thanks to posts on these comments. N4G community isn't all bad :D #3.1.1
Thanks M-M! Article updated #1.1.4
We received the image via an email from a community member. I've just replied to see if they can give us the handle of the original poster. #5
Cameraman was a Microsoft employee :D #24
I think its main cause is the bullshit that emanates and pollutes the atmosphere from useless comments on internet topics and forums ;)

OT - Great video. Still a bit concerned about the length of time taking to fix this network bubble. He said at EuroGamer last year that it had to be out for last Christmas... lol #2.1
I just don't think it's possible to keep the Elder Scrolls charm in an MMO setting. Can't be done.

Hoping to hell that I'm wrong :D #1.1
EverQuest Next has to be the big dog for MMO fans. I'm personally more interested in SMITE/Infinite Crisis, but the response to EQN was massive. #1.1
"The game is flawlessly designed"
"PAYDAY 2 is mechanically polished"

An FPS game that has the hit detection of a 90s indie title. Not flawless at all. I love the game, even gave it an 8/10 myself, but I cannot help but think this reviewer played 10 minutes and left it at that :D

However, I do have to say that pun-filled final paragraph was a giggle :D #4
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