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Well presented video but I'd love to know who/what you're playing against in that video?

Play FUT in any division and you're not attacking against a single defender the entire time...

FIFA made defending automatic so people just bombard you with 2-3 AI defenders at a time. I'd love to see people playing 1-2's and passes off a single ST in this formation :D

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Website appears to have deleted the article.

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I love how this article even gets approved...Especially considering "satire" was not in the title for ages..Oh N4G..I love your illogical approach to logic.

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Both of these games try to accomplish completely different things...

Forget the actual quality and individuality of each title. Let's just compare the shit out of them as both are open world and based in a city.

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I hate him. Why? Because he's a 4 million times more successful than myself despite busting my balls for 60-70 hours a week for 4 years. I suck, he does not. Therefore he must be a complete asshat and it's a complete fluke that he's as successful as he is.

In reality he created a personality that resonates well with a very large number of YouTubers. Say what you want but the guy has put in the work and deserves to reap the rewards.

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Yeah...Most of those were released in May...Oh well. It's DS after all.

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Didn't Square Enix announce that biking mini-game from FF7 on mobile platforms?!?

I kid, I totally agree with you lol

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Following the intros the fight will be set to a default difficulty of NORMAL with the bout playing out over three rounds."

Not really sure why they even felt the need to mention the difficulty tbh but that's what it states.

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Funny you should say that, all I did was mash buttons and I beat the AI opponent on normal inside of 60 seconds.

0 experience in the franchise
skipped tutorial after step 2
Wins 5 matches in a row randomly mashing buttons

Not attempting to boast personal ability, quite the opposite. It was just far too easy. In a game that's meant to boast strategy and tactical depth in its combat system, on the average and traditionally most popular diffi...

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Not being pedantic, the difficulty is not set on easy, it's set on normal.

Not meaning to sound a bitch lol, just wanted to clear it up in case anyone else thought the same.

Despite not being a huge UFC fan, the idea of the game is appealing but personally I expect more from a 2014 title.

Looks fantastic but the physics are way off at times, kills immersion completely.

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Played the demo for about 3-4 minutes...Didn't like it at all.

In fairness I'm not a fan of the franchise but the reactions to being hit are poor as hell. Doesn't feel like it connects, just feels shoddy.

I was also expecting more tactical/ground play? I've had 6 matches, won 5, all of which finished within 90-100 seconds. Seems a little shallow for my tastes.

Again though, I'm not a fan and have 0 experience of the franc...

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Funny really. 99% of the time someone mentions DLC I'll go on a rant about value, ethics, blah blah.

The thought of tracks, characters, modes DLC for MK8, take my money.

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Wait, what? I can't check the video on my mobile but is it an Eastern only thing? :( That's a bit disappointing.

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I tend to avoid fast travel in most open world games as you never know what you're missing. However, with so much criticism aimed at driving so far, this may be one game that breaks that pattern.

I do hope it's not :D

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I think there are maybe 2 people that I've met my entire life that ever know what I'm talking about when I mention Night Trap.

I must've put 50+ hours into it but I don't think I ever got past the shower seen. Which is about 3 minutes in if I remember rightly lol Was terrifying at that age :D

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I want to see the WWE games return to GAMES and not what they have been in recent years. I played the early Smackdown VS Raw for thousands of hours and totally loved it.

The next one I played was 2K14 and half the stuff was missing, character creation was practically unchanged and everything revolved around WWE itself. I felt past games allowed players to create their own experience, as opposed to just enjoying famous moments.

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I sorta disappeared from the WWE scene for a few years but I have the say, the games now are totally awful in comparison to the older titles.

I played Smackdown VS Raw as hardcore as hell for 2-3 years and loved every minute of it. I played the latest WWE title on PlayStation 3 and it feels practically identical, except with less features and a minimized UI.

Even the abilities have the exact same animation/counter timing. Very disappointing.

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I wish they would have waited until there was a bit more polish to be honest. I realize it's early days and a lot of the game will be much further along, I just felt a little underwhelmed :D

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Although Lifeless does follow the typical setting that you've described, if the developers deliver on their current features list it's really going to stand out in the current market. It's worth a look :)

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Update: Sorry, slight confusion with timezones. Article originally stated as starting now, adjusted to correct time.

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