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GTA Online launched with bugs that totally destroyed the economy and online progression. Big review scores from certain outlets.

Bethesda release broken games on a regular basis (I'm a huge fan btw :D). Again, big review scores.

Batman: Arkham Origins had corrupted save bugs for ages, totally destroying all progression. Big review scores

DriveClub broken at launch to the point thousands couldn't play. Above average review scores.

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I'm amazed at the flurry of negative reviews for ACUnity. Don't get me wrong, it's not very solid in a technical sense, but I didn't suffer anywhere near the level of a ballpark 4/10 review score.

From start to finish on PlayStation 4 I fell through the floor 6-7 times and noticed FPS drops on a few occasions. Was it up to par with other AAA games? Nope. Did I expect more from Ubisoft? Yup. Would I mark an otherwise solid game at 4/10? Oh please.

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Firstly, I'm glad you've not had any problems figuring out how to start the Initiates although I can't report the same for everyone else.

A LOT of people reported that they were unable to do anything when attempting to access Initiates from the main menu. I speculate that this was due to initial server load at release, but this left many players confused as to what to do next. They had already tried the main menu option but as it didn't work, they didn't t...

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Everyone can get into the PC and Xbox One beta now so if any of you PS4 guys have either platform -

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Twitch is so full of shit it hurts. They actively promote streamers that are partnered and on the front page with titles like "Blind playthrough #NoShirtDay" etc. They need to actually stick to their terms of use and stop applying it randomly.

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You like violence, death, blood and all that stuff? Fantastic. They made a game, some like it, some don't and you do :D Imagine that eh?

Does this mean you're some kind of twisted psycho that will soon murder 200 people at a street carnival? :D

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Don't get me started on that #gamergate shite lol

Never before has a "movement" of the "masses" tripped and slurred on such a convoluted message. #gamergate is nothing but a drama that snowballed thanks to social media.

While they're all bitching, hating, accusing, demanding, the real gamers are making are doing the right thing.

Just playing the damn games! :D

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Blurgh! It's Sunday man... Would you rather a top 10? :D

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Why are games and developers held at a totally different standard to those in film and music?

I have seen 10x more disturbing shit at the movies than I have in games. Oh, and also it's worth noting that big name websites trashing the crap out of Hatred also gave GTA V a 9-10 out of 10. Prostitution, ridiculous levels of violence seeing the deaths of hundreds of innocents, and torture. Pot, kettle, black comes to mind.

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I can't say for all territories but over here it's a bit of a shady area.

There's a line between business and pleasure. If I purchased a vehicle to get too and from work, that could go down as an expense but using that vehicle to travel, go on holiday, or perform other non-work related activities means it becomes a personal expense.

Same with games. I know people that charge the entire game as an expense, others charge half and some change it dep...

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Thanks for the positive comments guys. Will be discussing more on similar topics over the next few weeks :)

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3 games....200 words....Catchy title. N4G at its finest...My launch day bundle was bigger than this

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I bet it's nice for Australia to be working great and the rest of the world suffering for a change? :D

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I don't believe anything that comes out of his mouth. Was at EuroGamer when he said the game would absolutely launch before Christmas, they had no choice - it didnt.

At the same EuroGamer he also went into great detail on a bunch of features he said would arrive shortly after launch, none of them have.

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If you enjoy the thrill of exploration, then don't read the guides. How difficult is that? lol

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Lol. He's crying out for attention. Before all this #GamersGate shit I would bet my bottom dollar he was offered and participate in identical branding deals.

Just yet another YouTuber who wants to give the impression he's angelic and balanced.

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That's the Daily Star for you. If you're not familiar with it, it's basically a poor attempt at soft porn. Clickbait titles ftw :D

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That's not flying! It's falling with style...

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The mechanics remain almost identical. The ball physics adjusted slightly to give the illusion of something new.

But screw all that. The ball can now hit the corner flags!!

10/10 would play again.

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That's what they said about Last of Us when they announced the remastered version.. How's that doing?

There's still plenty of people yet to purchase the game.

Over here it's quite common for people to get their paycheck at the end of each month, it's also when the clubs and bars do their biggest events :D

So just there alone is a few people that have yet to pick it up :D

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