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You didn't notice the lack of difference in the exp you were earning? #1.1
Picking ACIV as the top list got the site my respect lol Nice to see people valuing something other than the typical FPS battle. #2
Ah sorry, was not my intention at all. In my defense though, you were more than hopeful to think that was the case ;) lol #1.1
What use is writing something not aimed at interesting readers? If someone has been decent enough to choose my outlet to read something rather than the millions of other choices, least I can do is give them the right to exercise free speech. #11
Anyone that calls this a WoW clone has not been following development. Not going to waste my time explaining is as they're a lost cause but an hour on Google will show the huge difference in features as well as the famous Elder Scrolls elements that will be featured. #4
DayZ was fun for a short while. Then it just becomes rinse and repeat.

Survive - Find useful stuff - get shot from nowhere - repeat. #4
It means nothing for their games as gay developers are just like any other developers. Individual people with individual ideas but bottom line, they're all doing the same job.

Whatever company they enjoy having is irrelevant. #12
800,000 people have streamed, 0 people have watched because the quality is utter shite :D

That's coming from a PS4 streamer :D #2
Lol...So my local GAME store has been taking pre-orders for a game that's a year from release?

They said February was expected beta date. How long do they need a beta to be? #4
Even my very best stickman wouldn't stand a chance! :D

Best of luck to all #14
I don't like how people call a review "bad" purely because it's not the same opinion they have.

I also disagree with many of his comments but it's a well written and well structured review :D #1.2
I met with him during the event. I'm the guy on the right holding the console :D

He's actually quite decent. Was expecting him to be a little more rash tbh but was polite and genuinely easy to chat with. #27
A sealed XBOX One launch day edition could quite easily be worth a small fortune in 5-10 years. #1.3
It's very dated now and time hasn't been kind to UWO. Pay-to-win is an understatement. I'd avoid it :) #1.1
If I'm honest, nobody knows how to make an unboxing entertaining..

They're just opening a box... #6.1
I think the DAoC community is still large enough to make Camelot Unchained a financial success.

I've got a lot of faith in CSE and Mark Jacob's, cannot wait for this to release :D #2.1
I've added the bit at the top just so people don't click through randomly expecting official info. #1
If I'm going to buy a custom controller I'll wait until they let me customize it :D #9
Considering it's a count down from 50 and this is one entry, I was expecting 20 words and a video. I was wrong :D

Great read. Easily still one of the best Bond games :D #6
Wasn't the Xbox One resolution verified yesterday? #2
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