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"Yes EA sent me a review copy and therefore my head says I should try and do justice to EA Sports and try and stay in their good books"

Personally my head would say I need to be honest with my #11
I've seen huge websites push out complete drivel. I've seen tiny websites publish amazing content.

The real problem with game journalism today is the influence the big names have. Why would you visit Random Joe's page when IGN etc all have games 2 weeks before release, get the PR news before anyone else, and have a bigger budget?

I would guess that a new website would need 5-10 years of constant content before they're able to get anywhere. Unl... #1.1.1
Quite enjoyed the video but don't really get his point...

The GTA V cast are not your typically unjustifiable villains. Michael is a family man and there's plenty of missions that demonstrate his passion for his family.

Franklin, on many occasions, is seen helping out his friends, risking his life for others etc.

Trevor...Well despite the fact he's a lunatic, even he saves Michael's life on occasion and he also shows some tru... #1
This is from the same population that completed surveys suggesting 27% of parents would let their kids play GTA? lol #5
Reservoir Dogs was 10x worse and released years ago...Moving on. #12
You've got a point :D However, most households have a sofa and a decent sized TV. Not everyone has the perfect PC gaming setup :D #2.1
He may as well just put Guild Wars 2 at the number 1 spot and admit to trolling. Like you, I can think of a huge list that are way worse than what he has featured.

By absolute mess you mean people can't login due to capacity problems. The game is fine, the mechanics are fine, the experience is great. That's not a total mess. In terms of MMO history, this is a tiny spec of a hiccup. #4.1.2
Lol, do you play MMO games? Today's pay-to-play titles are not trying to keep subscribers for years and years. The era of WoW type profits is gone.

The subscription model, along with original purchase cost, is there purely to offset the cost of development before the inevitable switch to F2P. FFXIV has more chance of remaining P2P than ESO but I expect (and many others with common sense) to see a F2P transition in the first 12-18 months. #4.1.1
LOL. Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn the 2nd worst MMO launch in history? That entry is only there to include the image and ride the FFXIV train.. #4
People that hoped ESO would be free-to-play were worried that a mainly console-based RPG could not be successful with a pay-to-play model

FFXIV has proven that's not the case. #4
Did you bother to read any of the article or just the highlighted content on N4G? :D Also, can you throw me a source for the 230k so I can adjust the article? Would be greatly appreciated :D #2
Well said. Let's wait until Nintendo release their biggest IP's before converting to a naysayer army :D #2.1
He's not making this up lol The starting armor in FFXI looked almost identical. #3.1.1
Great reviews, cannot argue with that. And in regards to content and game play, fully deserved.

However, those not able to play the actual game aren't even able to submit a negative review if they wanted too :D #1.1
And therein lies the problem. Why is it on par for an MMO game to have terrible launches? Contrary to popular belief, there are some that launch with minor issues.

Yet the AAA games with much bigger budgets can't manage to pull it off?

I thoroughly enjoyed the PS3 beta and I'll be grabbing the game myself after the issues have been resolved.

But I can't stop laughing at the droves of people defending a game that originally launc... #3.1
Are you fucking serious?...That is all. #1
When do the prizes get handed out? I was listed as a winner but never heard contact after the original message? :D #15
It's not so much the reaction, but the potential for profit. Everyone knows how expensive MMO games are to create nowadays, especially those as big as WildStar, ESO and Final Fantasy XIV.

I honestly think we'll keep seeing it while they're so expensive to develop. Best way for developers to cover costs of development so soon after launch #1.1
You offer a valid point and an argument I've tried to explain to others on many occasions, also the exact same reason why I speculated about the future at the end of the article.

However, with this business choice, which I fully expect Zenimax to be taking, they too often screw over initial supporters. You pay $60 for a game, then $150 before it goes free-to-play only to be rewarded with a cruddy mount or title. Maybe that's enough for some people, I don't know. B... #1.2.1
Yeah. It was announced like the day after. I've got an article up on it if you're interested:

They did say it would just be "Fun" stuff, which I assume is cosmetics and the likes. But still, charging a subscription fee and still restricting content...That's a bold move lol #5.1.1
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