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I wish they would have waited until there was a bit more polish to be honest. I realize it's early days and a lot of the game will be much further along, I just felt a little underwhelmed :D

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Although Lifeless does follow the typical setting that you've described, if the developers deliver on their current features list it's really going to stand out in the current market. It's worth a look :)

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Update: Sorry, slight confusion with timezones. Article originally stated as starting now, adjusted to correct time.

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This is worthy of 1000 degrees on the front page of N4G? Hardly even a paragraph of information..How does this even qualify as news?

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Holy crap. An N4G user that disagrees with an opinion AFTER reading the article? Kudos to you :D

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Interested to know what's going on but not rewarding a site for click-bait title lol

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It's free-to-play and will not be pay-to-win. Almost exactly what John Smedley said during the video inside the post, so you can rest easy there :D

Don't get me started on social likes :D If a friend done you a favor in real life, wouldn't you help them out if they asked? It's no different online. We write guides that thousands find helpful, a little "Like" goes a long way :D It pops up for each user once every 60 days and can be closed.

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If people actually cared, they'd take their business elsewhere. I don't believe anything I read on the bigger websites as they're rarely just the thoughts and workings of an individual.

Certain games must be covered, certain rumors fueled etc etc. I don't think many people understand the huge amounts of money the big name game sites make, and they make that by attracting visitors.

Why believe an honest, well written news story from a fresh s...

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I know some of the wonderful community members of N4G rather read the title and take to the comments than the article so let me quickly add something from the page:

I have been covering Sony Online Entertainment’s MMO games for many years. From EverQuest to PlanetSide 2 and EverQuest Next, and if there’s one thing I’ve learned in that time it’s this. They rise to the challenge each and every time. The reinvented the MMOFPS genre with the PlanetSide franchise and EverQuest Nex...

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So you feel that opinion articles are a waste of time yet you click to read one anyway? It's not like the fact it's an opinion is hidden. Nobody forces you to read anything and by reading an article type that you openly admit to disliking and then commenting on that fact, you detract from actual related conversation :D

N4G is much more than a news site. By your definition guides, rumors, let's plays etc etc, should all get removed. That's half the fun of the s...

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Thanks for taking the time to explain the problems. Sadly when we say we're a website for gamers by gamers, we mean it. None of us have the slightest when it comes to web development, we just learn as we go :D lol

I'll take a deeper look and try to make it a little more accessible for the mobile platforms. Thanks for the feedback! :D

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Anything in particular stand out as a problem on mobile? We're currently using the default browser version for mobile as our version built for mobile has a borked menu but if there's something we can tweak in the mean time I'll try and get it done :D

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You realize not agreeing with an opinion article is half of the point right? It's an opinion article.

N4G don't need to remove them, they need to remove the idiots that assume the author is attacking something because the opinion isn't always 100% positive.

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Couldn't agree more. It's not often I associate the term "polish" with changing something to look worse. Still got high hopes for the game but it's understandable that many are starting to lose faith.

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I think Treasure Maps, Vanity Pets, Mount etc all perfectly fine. After all, they need incentive for a more expensive version.

However, unlocking a race and the ability to choose an alliance? I think that was a ridiculous choice and this is coming from someone that paid for it :D

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Hey Viking,

Sorry you're having problems accessing the site. If you would be kind enough to PM me with some information (browser etc) I can hopefully get the right people to take a look :)

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Hasn't this game been out in US for ages? :D

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People don't realize that eSports is a massively profitable area of the industry and with many teams, it operates similar to a dodgy pyramid scheme. The guys running the show rake in millions while the players are left fighting for scraps.

Big kudos to the team for standing up and staying true to their values, even when it meant the possibility of becoming homeless.

Wishing Promise a full and speedy recovery and hoping they catch the douchebag responsible...

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People are far too quick to bash Dean about this. I wrote an article discussing my disappointment with the state of DayZ after all the delays and promises so I'm not oblivious to the negatives.

Personally I'm quite happy that Dean is leaving. I LOVE the concept behind DayZ but I think it's severely hindered by the ARMA engine. It works fantastic for ARMA but it puts so many restrictions on DayZ that wouldn't necessarily be present in a custom/different engine....

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Never really understood the fascination with the Legacy of Kain IP myself. Didn't really enjoy it all that much. To each their own though eh? :D

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