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You realize not agreeing with an opinion article is half of the point right? It's an opinion article.

N4G don't need to remove them, they need to remove the idiots that assume the author is attacking something because the opinion isn't always 100% positive. #1.3.1
Couldn't agree more. It's not often I associate the term "polish" with changing something to look worse. Still got high hopes for the game but it's understandable that many are starting to lose faith. #2.1
I think Treasure Maps, Vanity Pets, Mount etc all perfectly fine. After all, they need incentive for a more expensive version.

However, unlocking a race and the ability to choose an alliance? I think that was a ridiculous choice and this is coming from someone that paid for it :D #1.1
Hey Viking,

Sorry you're having problems accessing the site. If you would be kind enough to PM me with some information (browser etc) I can hopefully get the right people to take a look :) #6.2
Hasn't this game been out in US for ages? :D #1
People don't realize that eSports is a massively profitable area of the industry and with many teams, it operates similar to a dodgy pyramid scheme. The guys running the show rake in millions while the players are left fighting for scraps.

Big kudos to the team for standing up and staying true to their values, even when it meant the possibility of becoming homeless.

Wishing Promise a full and speedy recovery and hoping they catch the douchebag responsible. #4
People are far too quick to bash Dean about this. I wrote an article discussing my disappointment with the state of DayZ after all the delays and promises so I'm not oblivious to the negatives.

Personally I'm quite happy that Dean is leaving. I LOVE the concept behind DayZ but I think it's severely hindered by the ARMA engine. It works fantastic for ARMA but it puts so many restrictions on DayZ that wouldn't necessarily be present in a custom/different engine.... #1
Never really understood the fascination with the Legacy of Kain IP myself. Didn't really enjoy it all that much. To each their own though eh? :D #1.1
It's no surprise it didn't get funded. Nobody has any money left after Star Citizen ;) #1
Guess it's a bonus for people that make more than 1 character? Otherwise I just see people skipping it to get to PvP quicker :D #1
I'm not blind to the games problems, it has many but I also cannot deny its stronger points despite the fact I think it will totally fail in the pay-to-play space :D #1.1
A lot of people that I've discussed this with are still on the fence as most haven't had chance to sample the AvA (PvP). Most of them have said that if the AvA is great they'll be happy to pay but that leaves me with other concerns.

The typical Elder Scrolls fan isn't necessarily a PvP fan. Sure for MMO players it's a vital ingredient but if the PvE is that lacking, I'm worried ESO will lose The Elder Scrolls fanbase sooner rather than later. #1.1
Twitch didn't make it? lol #3
Sorry, I may have failed to explain it properly in the article. The actual Explorer's Pack gives access to all 9 races across all 3 Alliances, which comes with EVERY pre-order of the game :D #1.1
1. Every Game in Microsoft’s 2013 Line-Up - Flame bait.

And Deadpool? Deadpool was exactly what it needed to be. Sure it wasn't game changing in terms of mechanics and features but it was hilarious and some of the funniest scripts I've experienced in gaming.

Not every title is hoping to push every boundary in the industry. Some just attempt to deliver on something, and Deadpool did. #13
3 proofreads for every article I write. I'm amazed how much I still miss. Thanks for pointing it out :D #1.1
Good luck to those that participate :D #5
I wrote the article myself and I don't claim to be a journalist but I'm very experienced in the MMO space.

Runescape is one of the older MMO titles of today and even that game can only support 2000 players on a single server. Many of today's titles that you would claim do not fill the typical definition can actually house more than that on a single server, even if the players aren't always in proximity.

Take a look at any popular MMO source t... #1.1.2
I just hope the early access to the cash doesn't result in the developers just happily trodding along. #1
Glad to see someone else is willing to take the hit to competitive chances for the sake of the first-person experience :D #1.1
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