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The rating system isn't flawed. It's peoples perception of the rating

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Top article of the day... 15 words and an image. Go N4G

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Any site that gives a verdict on a game with this much content on launch day is selling out. Any credit this site had should now be firmly in the crapper.

Bungie even confirmed that the biggest outlets would not have early access as the game is a social experience - one that would likely be terribly boring if you were the only player. Or one among a few journalists.

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Sony. If you could please be quick and make the PS4 able to do all the things the PS2 could do, that'd be fabulous.

Media streaming pl0x!

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PS4 Sold 10 Million Thanks to great marketing.

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Couldn't have put it better myself :D

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Really looking forward to this but I have to say, I'm a little disappointed at the number of animations that still look identical to Smackdown Vs Raw :D

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I won't argue that it has a large fan base and although the game, for early access, has some qualities - that's not my problem with it.

My problem is the constant flood of liquidated excrement that has been drowning fans with the myriad of false promises, ridiculously slow development cycle for even the most vital foundation mechanics, and the fact the creator is prepared to bail before the project is even fully realized.

Many thousands of people enjo...

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Vega went HAM! Well said mate :D

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Personally, I would love to see similar to what Sky does (or one of the TV companies anyway). You can buy a DVD for $XX. The digital version is available immediately and the boxed version is shipped out asap.

The biggest problem with digital purchases right now? Pricing.

Why are games often $15-25 more expensive on digital? Why do old games go for $10 at a trade-in store yet still sell for $30-35 on Xbox Live / PSN?

It's stoopid! :D

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So... I've spent about 3 hours writing up my first quest. I have to say, in just this short amount of time I've suddenly found a new level of respect for the quest heavy MMO's that actually try to deliver an exciting story.

This ain't easy :D

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I've always wanted to gauge whether my creative writing would be of a high enough quality to feature in a game. Now's my chance.

Won't be missing this opportunity! :D

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Why does a negative opinion of a game cause you to assume the author wants it to fail.

I did not enjoy the beta anywhere near as much as I expected. I found the mechanics to be repetitive and the game to be rather dull in most places.

However, I would be delighted if Destiny was a huge success and enjoyed by thousands, because that's a good/nice thing.

Nobody ever really wants a game to fail or people to waste their money. I guess sometim...

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I'm not dogging on people that like the game mate. To each their own. I don't care if I consider the game to be the worse release in a decade, if thousands (and potentially millions) enjoy the game and get their moneys worth, fantastic.

At the end of the day, it's about an individuals taste and preference. We do not pressure our writers in any way shape or form, they are free to write any articles they wish. Our one and only policy/restri...

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Oh look. Another individual that assumes a website is fishing for clicks purely because it disagrees with the majority.

News flash mate, we don't all have to bow to the latest big title purely because that's what we're told to do.

FYI, GH has been around 4 years and attracted 20 million people. Granted IGN gets more than that in a few days but bargain basement? Care to share something you've done that 100,000 people have enjoyed? :D

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I'm not the author of this article but I am one of the co-founders of GH.

I'm actually surprised at how many people have given Destiny such a positive response. Although it was only the beta, they haven't introduced a single element that has not already been done many times before.

I think the game will be a success purely because a large number of console gamers have yet to be introduced to the MMO-esque style but for those a bit longer in the MM...

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I searched every corner of my creative mind to come up with something to justify their actions.

I failed.

They suck.

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Arggh!! This pisses me off!

Google’s $1B purchase of Twitch confirmed

How can it be confirmed if it's a rumor?!?! :D

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Not a huge Sims fan so don't really care about Maxis....

But I am sick to death of all these Minecraft cloning attempts..

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Final Fantasy VII Remake Confirmed! - Posted as a rumor.

GG internet.

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