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I'd just be happy with a toaster that actually fits a full slice of bread in #5.2
This data is only taking into account info gathered from Modern Warfare Quite impressive :D #2
I don't fully agree with that.

If you put a thief in a room with $100,000 cash and an obvious method to escape, aren't you partly to blame when he walks out with the cash?

Accessory to crime is quite often served with as much punishment as the crime itself. Although the retail outlets are obviously not putting the knives in the hands of these individuals, they are contributing to the cause by releasing titles at midnight. #3.1
Lol. I really think retail outlets need to take some responsibility for this kinda stuff.

People have been mugged, stabbed, beaten, all for a new game/console at release. Surprised the police don't dispatch a unit or two just to deter it tbh. #6.1
I'm a massive fan of The Elder Scrolls franchise and Skyrim was easily the best so far and in many respects, one of the best sandbox RPG's of our time.

However, worthy of a 10? No, I agree. A game with game-breaking bugs and glitches waiting around every corner should not be given such a high score regardless of the enjoyment factor.

Yet Batman, which is far more polished (for the most part) is worthy of a 3...Well done Jim, well done. #8.3
Never been a fan of Jim Sterling. Without his excellent control of the English language he would simply be another troll thrashing a game for hits.

3.5? Lol. I don't like the game but even being severely unfair, I'd give it a 6-7/10. #21
To be honest, I don't think just Microsoft are to blame here. What's stopping the free-to-play developers from removing micro-transactions/item malls and making their profit from a cut of Gold membership? Obviously the logistics involved would be a nightmare but I think there's problems on both sides of the fence.

I'm a PlayStation guy btw so I'm not just blindly supporting MS here lol #1.1 Article should be renamed "10 GTA V Meme's I just made up right now" #3
This news is like almost 2 weeks #1
I know right...Surprising Bigpoint were surprised by the fact nobody played it... #1.1
Couldn't have said it better :D #2.1.1
Love it or hate it, DOTA player or SMITE fan, nobody can argue the success of LoL and what it has done for the competitive community.

Bring that on over to the TCG genre and we've got a winner :D #1
This is generally why websites review online games after the launch problems have been sorted...

Otherwise every MMO-esque game released in the last 10 years would never be rated over a 5. #2
The people that publicize the glitches should be banned. They can't expect the majority to ignore an easy route to everything they want. #28
Umm yeah, we do lol

There are hardly any MMOTCG/MMOCCG games out there that work. The vast majority are ruined by micro transactions and poor item malls.

Riots experience at successfully creating a free-to-play / micro transaction balance makes them more qualified than most to deliver something the genre deserves. #1.1
Considering the bang you get for your buck with GTA V no, GTA Online should not impact the review scores.

Rockstar should be judged on their ability to create an online game, not GTA V. #15
Hey Shamm,

Could you provide a little more information please? What OS are you using? What are the problems?

The site usually works pretty well with mobile so we'd like to sort the issue out asap :D #3.1
To say it excels in nothing but graphics is a bit unfair tbh.

The class system is great
The choice in leveling is good (assuming more balance is coming)
The freedom to switch classes/crafts is good
Tons of group content
Plenty of nostalgia moments for FF fans

FF is far from just "another MMO". I fully agree that many people would struggle to justify the subscription cost but that's just gaming today. #1.2
"When it works"..

Note the word "works" lol Just because it's functional for some people, doesn't mean it works :D

PlayStation is still having a total nightmare #4.1.2
This has nothing to do with the consumer/

You think Rockstar have a list of people they must allow in to avoid bad publicity? lol #1.1.1
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