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Hopefully they were at least given some sorta financial compensation. Seems harsh to drop the news 7 days before Christmas

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I agree. Shocking how much they pay for re-released versions of their old stuff, especially mobile games.

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I thought that was a Wii U pad at first glance :/

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Looking to pick this up in the after Christmas sales. It's been too long dear Lara :D

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I really enjoy the game as a whole. I've never played a Xenoblade title before either but loving this.

The multiplayer is a little disappointing. I would love to see an update that provided constant squad missions for the 4 player co-op but not heard anything about it.

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Clunky combat, questionable voice & audio, yet I can't get enough :D

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I picked this up cheap in a sale somewhere, still haven't got into it. May have to push it up my priority list :D

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Kudos to the creativity or lack of? I'm not sure :D

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Not gonna lie, weirds me out a bit lol

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Trails in the Sky was good fun. Looking forward to this one. Will have to wrestle the PS3 off the girlfriend though, no Netflix for her for a week :D

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Glad to see they've applied more focus to the end-game content. 50 felt like such a slog. Here's to better loot earlier :D

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Jeez, this is a blast from the past. No idea the franchise was still around :D

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I've never taken the Vita seriously as a handheld tbh. I'll stick with the 3DS

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Is there still a release planned for PlayStation 4? Article only mentions Xbox One's release.

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I have to commend the use of the arrow to the knee in this review :D

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Quite enjoying the art style but not the biggest fan of the mafia style stuff, think I'll pass this one :D

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I can't say Square Enix have released much that has interested me in the last 10 years... :/

I'll pass :D

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Looks likes some good couch co-op fun. It's actually a little sad that I get excited about co-op modes that don't require online anymore...sigh...

What happened to dragging a multitap and 3 control pads round a friends to mash out some gaming hours? :D

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With their recent comments I'm leaning more towards a complete FF7 experience. The core game with other story related titles from other games joining as additional content.

If they deliver the main game with the complete story in a single swoop, I'd be happy to buy into additional stuff like that.

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My internet is pretty decent and I'm currently at 3% after 4 hours. If you're looking to jump in on launch day, get that download going :D

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