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Hard to complain about a game that won't cost me a cent.

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I'm currently on Day 31 and just trying to survive the winter. Food is basically a non-issue at this point because I have traps on every rabbit hole around my base camp and catch at least 10 rabbits a day. When winter passes, I'm planning to explore some of caves and then hunt for Maxwell's Door so I can try Adventure Mode.

I'm enjoying this game a lot.

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@imtheman2013: It is. That was confirmed quite sometime ago, actually. Outlast will be next, and then probably the PS+ version of Drive Club.

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@PeaSFor: To be fair, the Store has been down for most of today; I know from personal experience. I only just now am downloading Zen Pinball, and I've been trying to get that done on and off for most of the day.

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Yeah, and I'm on PSN right now downloading Zen Pinball 2 (which was free) and a few extra Marvel and Star Wars tables (that were also free) to my PS4 while I catch up on some Netflix.

What's your point?

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Same here, man. I've never been much of a competitive online gamer, but something about the simplicity and variety of Warhawk just drew me in. I spent hundreds of hours on that game, and if a remastered version came to PS4 I'd be prepared to spend hundreds more.

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The only part of media stuff that I care about is DLNA support. I couldn't care less about mp3s; if I want to play music, that's what all my other gadgets are for.

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@UnHoly_One: But here's the thing: I can swap out my PS4's internal HDD very quickly, simply, and easily. I put a 1TB drive in my PS4 before I ever turned it on.

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Yeah, it has those while we're still in a generational shift and we've got games coming out on consoles for both, but what about a year from now when the focus is 8th generation? While I'm sure that your basic sports titles will appear on the Wii U, games like the next Dragon Age or Fallout or Mass Effect and all the new IPs that this generation will bring will simply be too much for the Wii U to handle.

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Even the TV version of the YouTube site you can control through your phone.

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I have yet to put hands on the Xbox One, but I'm loving my PS4 thus far. Most of my playtime is still going towards my PS3 at the moment, but Assassin's Creed 4 and DCUO are my goto games right now for next gen. Looking forward to playing inFamous: Second Son and The Division when they come out, and of course the new Uncharted!

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Gotta disagree (although I didn't hit the disagree button - that's weak). The N64 had some of the best ones no doubt, but nothing compares to Fire Pro Wrestling Returns on the PS2.

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Who the fuck is KSI?

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Cry me a river. This is Microsoft we're talking about here, a company that is currently SELLING MERCHANDISE based on their FUD campaign against Google. I'm not really feeling sorry for 'em.

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That's actually hilarious. No one's buying that POS tablet of theirs (the Nexus 7 is superior to it in every way AND it's cheaper), so they bundle it with something that they KNOW people want just to get the damn thing in people's hands.

I guess they gotta do what they gotta do.

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Why I Shouldn't Wait To But A Next Generation Console At Launch:

I want one, and I can get one. And 24 hours from now, I'll have one.

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Exclusives build the brand. If there were no exclusives and games were available on every platform, what motivation would there be for competition between hardware makers? When companies are fighting each other, the consumer wins every single time.

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True - the Wii has a huge install base. And yet third party games on the 360/PS3 are blowing Wii sales out of the water.

Having an install base doesn't mean much if that install base isn't buying games.

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To be fair, this is ALWAYS how Shu responds to questions about surprises during events. If he told us about them, they wouldn't be surprises now would they?

Having said that, I'm honestly not expecting anything.

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