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100% agree - this article was fantastic and perfectly explained the position with as much fairness as could be expected. Moreover, I agree with everything that was said in it. Rating a game poorly because of the price isn't fair, but price SHOULD still be a consideration of the review as a whole.

By way of a for instance, Angry Birds is a fun game. I like taking it out for a spin on my Nexus 7 every now and then, but the thought of paying $50-$60 to play it on my PS4...

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"If history proved us anything is that the most powerful console has never won the war."

People keep saying this over and over across various message boards and article comment sections and have been for months, and it annoys the hell out of me. It's a gross oversimplification that doesn't apply to this console generation.

You want to look at history? Fair enough. When's the last time that the more powerful and easier to program for c...

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Quantum Break is the only announced or even rumored XBOne game that has me attention. Looks like it'll be fantastic, and I trust Remedy.

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Hahaha! I started watching your stream just before I decided to hit N4G and saw this comment.

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Unfortunately no.

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No, not walking. More like climbing, flying, and leaping from rooftop to rooftop.

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No it didn't. That wasn't a new power. You'll see for yourself next week.

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I've seen the leaked footage and have seen the mystery power in action before. No screenshot in this article depicts it.

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Fine, if you insist. No I didn't click your link (or any others you've posted in the 20 minutes you've been a member of this site), but I took the liberty of reporting your profile for spamming.

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Titanfall seems like a fun game and all and it would have been a great addition to the PS4's library, but I really don't do FPSs so no, I never personally wanted it anyway. Quantum Break on the other hand looks like something I absolutely would want and would buy were it on the PS4.

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@n4rc : The Metal Gear Sold series was NEVER exclusive; only a few titles were.

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Yeah, people always forget about the stand alone DLC. Festival of Blood was short, but I had a great time with it.

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I actually owned one back in the day. The thing was a piece of crap; couldn't believe I'd wasted a spot on my Christmas List for it. Still, I kept it for about 5 months before selling it for $75 at a local videogame store.

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Good to see the Wii U being a success somewhere.

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I tried to resist watching the video, but failed. I'm glad that I did; it really wasn't too spoilerish and was absolutely worth watching just to see how amazing this game looks. Eight more days!

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No, it wasn't bad at all. I mean, it wasn't good, but it was nowhere near bad enough to make a top ten list of the worst. I haven't read the source article yet, but if Spawn: The Eternal on the PSX isn't on the list, then the list ain't right.

Edit: Just checked it. Spawn: The Eternal isn't on it. These people don't know what bad really is.

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I was one of them. And if they went the same route this time and had Ground Zeros packaged with ZoE3 (or even the HD Collection of the previous two games), I would have bought it in a heartbeat.

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@BabyTownFrolics: Starhawk had a single player campaign.

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Bad example. Like Kane22 pointed out, Journey was a $15 game. It absolutely was worth that despite it's length (or lack thereof). Ground Zeroes is asking for twice that.

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