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Why I Shouldn't Wait To But A Next Generation Console At Launch:

I want one, and I can get one. And 24 hours from now, I'll have one. #4
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Exclusives build the brand. If there were no exclusives and games were available on every platform, what motivation would there be for competition between hardware makers? When companies are fighting each other, the consumer wins every single time. #6
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True - the Wii has a huge install base. And yet third party games on the 360/PS3 are blowing Wii sales out of the water.

Having an install base doesn't mean much if that install base isn't buying games. #1.2.9
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To be fair, this is ALWAYS how Shu responds to questions about surprises during events. If he told us about them, they wouldn't be surprises now would they?

Having said that, I'm honestly not expecting anything. #25
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I rented the original DD and put 20 hours into it...and I wasn't even close to beating it. Between this and Kingdoms of Amalur (which I've already put 40 hours into with no end in sight), I'm going to have plenty to keep me busy for the rest of this year. #7.1.2
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Lots of gamers seem to think that they're entitled to platinum trophies or something. That they should be able to play a game, play or not play whatever parts of it they see fit, and get a platinum trophy.

I don't see it that way. If you don't want to put in the work to get the online trophies, well then no platinum trophy for you. Deal with it. The platinum trophy is there for someone that plays all of the game. If a online trophy is too hard for you, then I... #25
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I AM going to wait before buying my PS4. It'll be almost 1pm on November 15th when I pick mine up! #13
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DC Universe Online is first party. Besides, you're missing quite a few titles.

Those three bubbles are very well deserved. Why don't we go for two? #2.8
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"November Evidently Belongs to PlayStation"

As will December, January, February, March, April.... #3
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I think they're going a bit too far with it. Disgraceful? Come on - that over the line. It's a XB1 exclusive, and a great exclusive to have on their line-up at that. Just because you don't like it doesn't mean it's disgraceful. #12
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I don't mind Rockstar creating a GTA game with a female protagonist, but I DO mind them doing it for the wrong reasons. If they have a story they want to tell and a female lead makes sense, so be it, but don't do it because a bunch morons online sign a petition. #14
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Um...you know that all voice commands needs is a headset, right? You know...like the one that's included in the box, for example?

You're not too bright there, Gozer. #1.11
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I know what game testers do - I used to be one. I can understand if breaking the game is literally your job, but that doesn't apply here. #3.2.1
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The PS4 has:

-Naughty Dog

Your winner: Sony.

:-) #1.5
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My question is, who in the blue hell has the time to figure this shit out? This is about the most convoluted process I've ever seen before. Who just sits there all day trying out all this wacky stuff until something works? #3
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Much more likely because the market share of Windows Phone isn't significant enough to justify the production expenses. #6.1.1
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PAIN should have ALWAYS been free-to-play. #5
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49GB install!?!? I hope this isn't going to be a regular thing. Looks like I'll need to go ahead and grab a 2TB drive for my PS4 sooner than I thought. #36
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Done deal. Good looking out! #6
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