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I WANT this rumor to be true, but I can't trust the source. I guess we'll fond out what's what tomorrow. #20
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I don't personally understand it either, but I'm confident enough in myself to not give a flying toss what anyone else has to say on the subject. Not everyone can say the same, and to them ish like this can really have a drastic effect on them. #1.1.2
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I wouldn't go so far as to say that I'm over Rockstar, but I too was fairly annoyed that this feature - which was a large part of the reason I bought the game - came out so far after they said it would. They didn't even give us regular updates on the subject. After awhile, I moved onto other games. I too am really happy that other people are enjoying it and if it'a a part of GTA6 I'll happily throw money at them for it, but for now I've moved on. #5.2
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I'm not saying that the PS4 won't get video chat (in fact, it seems pretty obvious that it will eventually), but this is a pretty stupid reference point. For those that haven't seen this show yet (and if not, you absolutely should) in this scene they were using inFamous: Second Son as a stand-in for a totally nonexistent Powers game, which the conversation the two characters were having via the equally nonexistent PS4 video chat clearly establishes. If we're taking this scen... #3
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The fact that my PS3, phone, tablet, and so on can all do this and my PS4 can't makes it even more baffling to me why they left this feature out. My TV, my Chromecast, my PS3, my tablet, and my phone can all access Netflix as well. Doesn't mean I don't also want it on my PS4, which they apparently realized and made that happen from day one. DLNA support should have been there from day one as well. #7.3.5
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Of course it was going to be an issue for them; it became a big story and the writing was on the wall the moment that happened. The department was going to cover their asses, no doubt. My only point was that this was just two trolls going back and forth and if the idiot had never mentioned his profession, none of us would be sitting here talking about this because it'd be business as usual. #7.3.1
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Okay, so the dude here was trolling the cop, and the cop was giving it back to him as good as he was getting it. So what?Why's everyone expecting the cop to be all prim and proper for? He ain't on duty - he can talk shit on XBLA just like everyone else.

This is a non-issue. #7
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Yeah, 'cause this is totally the first time he's said that about a MGS game.... #59
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@Blaze929: Dude, first party has ALWAYS meant that the developer was owned by the console maker who published it. Developed by someone else but published by the console maker is second party. Developed and published by a third party is, well, a third party. That's simply what those terms MEAN, and they always have meant that. If you or anyone you know was telling you otherwise, then they (or you) were wrong. #3.1.5
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Yeah, it really is that simple. Judgement sucked, but the GeOW franchise overall has been fantastic. If you're an Xbox gamer and you're NOT hyped about the next Gears of War game, I'd seriously have to wonder why the hell you even own an Xbox One. #1.4
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I was wondering the same thing. I'm pretty sure that a series that includes exactly two games, released four years apart, the last of which came out 16 FREAKING YEARS AGO, doesn't qualify as a game series that "went on too long." #2.1
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It's never been on PS+ before. #1.13.1
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@lipton101: But the game they're talking about here IS a free mobile game. This isn't a console release. #1.3.5
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Thanks for that; had no clue who she is. #3.4
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Well, you clearly didn't read the article. You should have probably done that first before commenting. #3.1.3
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Agreed. Now that the price is going back up though, people are now acting like it's some kind of big surprise. People have short and apparently very selective memories. #5.2
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OMG, you mean the game will have in-engine cinematics!? Unbelieveable! What a new and previously inconceivable notion! Next you'll tell me that this game will use digital input via a secondary device to make on screen characters move and interact with their environment, or perhaps that this game will cause pixels on the television to light up, resulting in players being able to see the game in FULL COLOR!

In case I wasn't being sarcastic enough, let me say it in pl... #5
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Yeah, I love how they like to make those blanket assumptions. I bought neither of those games, nor do I ever intend to (FPSs aren't a thing I generally do). Now, if they had said, "It's true: you probably bought Dragon Age: Inquisition this year," then they'd be 100% correct. #1.3
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@Ezz2013: A win is a win. #1.1.7
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Temper expectations, people. Quit hyping up these damn things, because all that happens every single time is that you end up getting disappointed when the event doesn't match your overhyped expectations and then you all end up here bitching about it. #8
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