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@lipton101: But the game they're talking about here IS a free mobile game. This isn't a console release. #1.3.5
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Thanks for that; had no clue who she is. #3.4
Well, you clearly didn't read the article. You should have probably done that first before commenting. #3.1.3
Agreed. Now that the price is going back up though, people are now acting like it's some kind of big surprise. People have short and apparently very selective memories. #5.2
OMG, you mean the game will have in-engine cinematics!? Unbelieveable! What a new and previously inconceivable notion! Next you'll tell me that this game will use digital input via a secondary device to make on screen characters move and interact with their environment, or perhaps that this game will cause pixels on the television to light up, resulting in players being able to see the game in FULL COLOR!

In case I wasn't being sarcastic enough, let me say it in pl... #5
Yeah, I love how they like to make those blanket assumptions. I bought neither of those games, nor do I ever intend to (FPSs aren't a thing I generally do). Now, if they had said, "It's true: you probably bought Dragon Age: Inquisition this year," then they'd be 100% correct. #1.3
@Ezz2013: A win is a win. #1.1.7
Temper expectations, people. Quit hyping up these damn things, because all that happens every single time is that you end up getting disappointed when the event doesn't match your overhyped expectations and then you all end up here bitching about it. #8
Basement Crawl was horrific. I'm pretty sure that alone could take up three spots on anyone's Worst Seven list. I agree with you; whoever made this list had no idea what they're talking about. #1.4.1
Yeah, you hate fun. I get it. Feel free to piss off now. No wonder you have but two bubbles. #1.1.1
When the PS4 stops selling like hotcakes covered in cocaine, Sony will drop the price. So basically I wouldn't hold your breath. #15
It's standalone DLC. #20.1
Whatever. I'll believe it when I see it. I've given up on GTA Online for now; got tired of having smoke blown up my ass. #4
Seems so! #36.1.1
I'm going to tell you all the same thing I always tell people going into any of these events - keep your expectations in check. Too many people get all excited for these things, thinking they'ere going to announce this game and that game, and all these other games, and then when it doesn't happen they end up getting upset because the actual event didn't match the overhype they whipped themselves into. So really, just temper your expectations a bit. #8
Oh, fuck off. Some of us actually have bills to pay and people to take care of and can't just blow $1000 on video game stuff for themselves. This is about the most useless advice I've ever heard. It actually pisses me off a bit. "Just buy both?" Fuck right off; why not buy a Alienware PC, a Wii U, an iPad, and a MacBook Pro while I'm at it? Gee, why didn't I think of that?

Seriously, fuck off. #36
I had issues with that all day, but tried it again about two hours ago and it worked. Give it another go. #4.1
Not at all. Did it last night as soon as I got the firmware update. Easy peasy. #1.4.3

It's a game in which things are in a set arena that really isn't that large or needs an excessive amount of textures (as opposed to something like Dragon Age: Inquisition) or streaming off the disk for assets. If they couldn't hit 1080p on both consoles with this one, then they'd pretty much need to give up game development and seek other careers. #1.1.2
PC maybe, but that's about it. #7.4
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