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Bloody hell, GamingBolt never met an ad they didn't like. Lesson learned; won't be clicking on one of their links again anytime soon. #2
There's a PS Plus version of this game coming, but it won't be the full game. Think of the Plus version like one of the GT Prologues. #2.3.1
I read this opinion piece just for laughs. This guy is hilarious; he just hates absolutely everything! Nitpicks everything, blantly makes things up when there's nothing actually worthy of nitpicking, and just generally finds reasons to dislike every single aspect of the game.

Funny as hell! #5
Of course it's nice to have options; I didn't say this wasn't a good feature. I just said that I won't be using it. #2.3.1
Been playing around with it for the past hour, trying a few different games. Not too shabby, particularly given that my PS3 is on Wi-Fi with the router two rooms away. #9
When this feature gets added to the PS4, I'll be turning it off instantly. It was annoying enough only having the 100 people on your friends the PS3 allowed; can you imagine that with six or seven hundred?

When I want to see who's online, I'll go look at the list. #2
Yeah...don't care. #42
Let me explain even further. You've shown what the indie games section on the XBL Marketplace is like. Now let me show you what the indie section of the PlayStation Store is like:


As you can see, there's not nearly as many as what's on the Marketplace, but the quality is MUCH higher because it's... #2.3.3
I think the indies on the 360 gave you the wrong idea about what indie games are like. Games in the indie section on the 360 were EXTREMELY limited. By way of a for instance, file size was limited to 50MB, and they were completely unregulated. MS's version of indie games was basically a poor man's App Store, and that's NOT what the high quality indie developers are about, and that for damn sure isn't what Sony is doing here.

If you want to see what real hig... #2.3.2
Just finished Part Two. I think I liked the puzzles in this one better than in Part One; these seemed much for fun to solve. Felt more like I figured them out rather than just got lucky.

Should be cool to see what Part Three brings when it drops next week! #4
*chuckles* Welcome to N4G. #2.1.2
The idea of them making a new character infuriated you to the point of seeing spots? Are you kidding me? #11.1
I'm just not this type of gamer. I just don't feel the need to collect every single one of whatever the collectible items are in any given game. If something is right there in front of me I'll go for it, but if I have to go even slightly out of my way to get it then it ain't happening.

There are a few exceptions to that if the game is fun enough, but for games like AC4 I really can't be bothered. #5
Right there with you; I have PS4 games I haven't even touched yet. #22.1.1
The only way I can see myself getting this is if they used the $10 upgrade program. I've played and beaten it already, so otherwise this just isn't for me.

However, I get that not everyone who owns a PS4 also owned a PS3. There were a TON of people who only owned 360s last generation that jumped ship and thus never got a chance to play this, so for them this is going to be a great deal! #20.2
People are just delusional and entitled. I've had a ton of fun with the IGC games that Sony has added for the PS4. I'd be fine if all they added were Indy titles for the next whole year; these are really good games that I otherwise might have never bothered with. If there's a big AAA game I want to play, I'll just either buy it or Gamefly it. #6
Ooo, more TV shows!

I keed, I keed - Microsoft has a lot of games that they're working on that they haven't said anything about. E3 this year is going to be awesome, and I can't wait to see what they have to offer! #11
@Grown Folks Talk: Extra missions are exactly that: "extra." As in, in addition to the actual game.

Let me back up to be a bit more clear. I've been harping on the time it takes to complete this game as justification for calling it a demo, but that's not my main point.

With an actual game that has a strong story element, you get and entire story. A beginning, a middle, and an end. This story is capable of standing on its own. Examples:... #5.2.2
See, at least you can be sensible about it and call a spade a spade. #5.3.1
It has exactly one story mission. That takes 90 for an even halfway competent gamer to complete, much less for a better player. And then there's a final cutscene, and then there's the credits, and then there's a trailer for The Phantom Pain.

It's a demo. And I really wish that people would stop trying to claim otherwise. #5.2
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