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About the only thing that would give them any hope at all would be to put PlayStation or Nintendo stickers on the box and hope that fools a few hundred people into buying it.

Japan has already been very clear on this; they are NOT interested in the Xbox. #7
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How is Titanfall a "next gen multiplayer experience" when it's also on the 360? If it's possible on last gen hardware, doesn't that kinda disqualify it? #3.3
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Dude, ALL fanboys are like that. They love what they have, and hate what they don't. Me, I'm just a gamer. #5.3.1
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@FlyingFoxy: I very specifically said that outside of the hardcore (the average gamer is outside of the hardcore) that no one cares. You just proved my point. Learn to read. #23.1.3
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Probably because they're more worried about making new games than completely rebuilding old ones just to hit 60fps, which outside of the hardcore no one really cares about anyway. #23.1
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Agreed. Home was awesome back in the day and I still feel that it's a good concept, but the inherent limitations of the PS3 are constantly holding it back. I think it would really shine on the PS4. #1.2
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I know, right? Learn something new every day. #1.1
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In related news, new sources have confirmed that water is wet. #12
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@BillJr106: It allows you to to control things with your voice instead of pressing buttons to control things. You're not doing anything you couldn't do before; it's just changing how you get it to do things. Here's a fun fact for you: the PS4 has voice commands too.

Co-op isn't even close to the same thing. Co-op is another person playing the game with you, this is a spectator having an effect on gameplay. I don't know why you're either unabl... #19.1.2
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It's literally the exact same game, only prettier. When it was a matter of a $20-$30 difference between the two, I told people to go with the current gen version, but now that the last gen version is absolutely free there's no point in getting the current gen version. #24.1
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Kinect doesn't offer anything that's new; it just offers new ways of doing it. Watching livestreams also isn't new, but having a direct influence on gameplay IS new. #19.1
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Well, no shit. It's not like the entire gamer community buys new consoles in the first four months. #6
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@Zanzibar106: I didn't say that the XB1 couldn't do 1080/60. I'm just saying that in order to hit it, games will have to make sacrifices that the same game on PS4 wouldn't have to make.

"Can you please just admit that launch games don't look as good/run as well as later games?"

Didn't I already do that? Read the last line of my previous comment slower. Just in case you need it spelled out, I'll do that: OF COURSE later... #14.1.2
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While I trust VGChartz about as much as I do Tarot cards, I kinda expected the PS4 to surpass the Wii U around this point anyway. I thought it'd be more mid-March or so when it'd happen, but the PS4 is selling faster than anyone expected, Sony included.

Anyone still think that Nintendo isn't in trouble in the home console space? #10
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The difference is that while the PS3 was harder to program for, it actually WAS more powerful. The reason that multiplats started becoming more equal is that third party developers got better at tapping into that.

In this case, the XB1 is clearly not as powerful on a hardware level as the PS4. Since you brought up Forza, why don't you take a closer look at it. Yes, it's running at 1080/60, but they had to MASSIVELY downgrade the graphics to do so. You're dream... #14.1
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Don't be too upset at him. If we PS4 gamers had the same drought of games that the XB1 currently has, we'd probably have to find other ways of entertaining ourselves as well. Fortunately Sony seems intent on beginning this gaming generation with a onslaught so we'll never really have that issue.

Edit: *laughs* Y'all can disagree all you want; I've purchased only two games on my PS4, and yet have a total of 14 at my fingertips. Dead Nation will make 15. #3.2.1
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Yeah, this is flatly false. I'm watching a stream of this game right now, and not only does it support streaming, but it goes the extra mile and makes comments from the stream appear on the gamescreen itself. #17
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Both of 'em. This isn't an either-or thing for me; both games look great, and I'm going to be playing both of them.

These two games aren't even the same genre; how in the world did we get to a point where it's one versus the other? #20
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We've officially reached the lowest depths of a slow news day when things stacked on top on one another is enough to gain our attention. #32
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What made Warhawk so special was its simplicity and variety. The game wasn't complicated, there was no special crafting systems or whatever that you had to learn, you could just pick it up and play it, taking whatever role you felt like you wanted to do and no matter what you chose, it would have an impact on the battle. If you wanted to just take a Jeep and drive it from base to base and take them over, that was okay. Maybe you felt that you wanted to claim one base and defend it agai... #2.4
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