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I just can't do it. Me getting this game with such a brief playtime just isn't going to happen for the price they're asking. Later this month I've got Strider and AC: Freedom Cry coming out, both with more playtime than Ground Zeroes, and both cost half as much. If Ground Zeros was $15, it'd be an instant buy; I wouldn't even have to think about it. For $20 it'd be a maybe, but at least I'd consider it (yes, I realize that's the price for the last gen digit... #3
Strider seems to be pretty good too.

Past that, I agree with you. #10.1.1
Agreed. Hype is all well and good, but overhype can be detrimental. I've certainly have my eyes on this game, but until I see actual gameplay in a couple of weeks I'm not even in the station where the hype train is taking off from. #1.3.2
Okami on the Nintendo Wii was done by Ready at Dawn. While they primarily make games for Sony platforms, they do NOT do so exclusively. #2.1
The entire idea of PlayStation Now is to have access to Sony's back catalog of games. Obviously they don't need to have games less than two years old in order to accomplish this. If PlayStation Now is a joke, Sony will be the ones having the last laugh...all the way to the bank. #72
*chuckles* I'm sure you wish it was. #10.2
Hate to disappoint these guys, but PS4 firmware had nothing to do with it. I couldn't sign into the Store using the PlayStation mobile app or the website either until later in the day. This article's entire premise is false. #13
Wow man; you're missing out on a TON of great games. You do what you have to do, but by eliminating mobile, indie, and digital only you're passing by a lot of really great games. I spend hours playing Shadowrun Returns on my Nexus 7, and then turn around and spend a few more hours playing indie game Don't Starve on my PS4 (later today I'll have a go at Outlast, another indie game).

Some of those I can at least see your point on (I don't like FPSs so I te... #2.6
Online co-op in Don't Starve would be absolutely amazing! #4.1
When you get to a certain point, dying permanently becomes impossible unless you mess up big time. Just make sure you always have at least one Meat Effigy somewhere in the world at all times. Life Giving Amulets are useful too, but those are WAAAAY harder to make, particularly when you're just really digging into the game. #3.1
And yet conversations like this one never happened with Dragon's Lair or Time Traveler, and those were about as forced down a path as you could possibly get. #8.1.1
I'm not a competitive online gamer. I turn my nose up at nearly every such title or mode of this sort to come out. Even The Last of Us's excellent MP only got about 20 hours of my attention. Warhawk, however, I got into like no other game before or since. The combination of simplicity and variety captured me; I've put more than 300 hours into that game. Even to this day, that community is freaking HUGE. If they brought a Warhawk 2 to PS4 (or even an updated version of the or... #10.3
Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!

For one day only, I'm coming out of retirement and claiming the skies as my own once more. #8
I know it won't happen yet, but I'd love an update that puts DLNA into the mix so that I can access my media server.

Past that, we can start digging into some other issues. Like letting me organize my games! #11
Probably Secret Ponchos.


That or the PS Plus version of Driveclub if it's ready by then, which I doubt, but it IS possible.

Or maybe The Binding of Issac: Rebirth. I know it's coming, I just don't know when. #1.4.3
@Irishguy95: PlayStation Plus also gives me free games every month for every PlayStation platform I own. It was worth it for that alone. If in addition to that they also want to put online play behind that same paywall for those that really enjoy playing games online (which I don't outside of co-op games) so that the service can be improved, I'm all for it. Either way, I'm getting my money's worth. #1.2.7
To be fair, Amazon preorders mean almost nothing because they don't charge you anything until the product ships. So it's no problem for them to make a preorder of something available even if they don't really know when/if it's coming out; if it never sees the light of day, they just cancel the preorder and that's that.

Edit: Note that I'm not making any comment whatsoever on the whole Watch_Dogs on Wii U thing. I fundamentally don't care either w... #3.1.5
Completely agree with everything you just said. People are just looking for even the most silly reasons for attacking the XBox One. There are a LOT of things about the console that I don't like (the aforementioned apps behind a paywall thing chief among them), but being upset over this scenario really doesn't make any sense.

Bubbles for showing some common sense, a rarity on this site. #5.1
The beta is PS3 only. #17.2.1
Well, I checked my e-mail full of hope, but I had nothing coming. Do they serve drinks at this pity party? If not that's okay; I brought my own. #1.14
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