Konami accidentally just made P.T. the coolest game of all time

Konami is trying really, really hard to make you forget that P.T. ever existed. That plan is backfiring.

In the wake of Silent Hills' cancellation, Konami has done virtually everything in its power to scrub P.T.'s existence from the face of the planet. First, it quietly revealed plans to remove the game for download. After that, the company made good on its threat, but those who had grabbed it previously could still re-download it. Then, in a nearly unprecedented step, Konami had the game wiped entirely from Sony's servers, even for players who had downloaded it previously.

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ArchangelMike1234d ago

Konami simply do not have a clue right now. They should have left P.T. on the store, and after the end credits roll, put up trailers for MGSV or other Konami games etc. Use it as a marketing tool or something. It seems they are simply hell bent on terminating their gaming assesst right now. MGSV will in all probability be the very last Konami game that I ever purchase... what else do they have?!? smfh.

joab7771234d ago

They are just pissed off.

Bit until MGS5 releases, I still won't be convinced that it's all just a troll.

KwietStorm1234d ago

Exactly. They don't have squat. Metal Gear as we know it is done. No more Silent Hill revival, which is what it needed. They had something great in Lords of Shadow, but went way left with the sequel. No idea what's going on over there.

LOL_WUT1234d ago

I was under the impression that you can download it again and since I had previously played it before upgrading my HDD I was in no hurry to re-download it.

Two days ago I received a notification from Sony that they'll be removing the game which was odd so I quickly went into my library to re-download the title but was quickly greeted with an error. I have learned my lesson ;)

Heyxyz1234d ago

I did the same thing as you...sadly I had the same results...WHY KONAMI!?!?!

medman1234d ago (Edited 1234d ago )

I was in no hurry to re-download either...then I took another sniff and realized there was an extremely peculiar odor emanating from Konami's general direction....I re-downloaded shortly after, thank goodness. Screw you Konami, I barely escaped your devious, dastardly dealings. They sure are showing they know how to anger gamers.

DevilOgreFish1234d ago (Edited 1234d ago )

The experience can always be duplicated in UE4.

That's probably where the underground supporters will take it to.

Shadowstar1234d ago (Edited 1234d ago )

Nothing to see here.

CaptainObvious8781234d ago

Konami just went full retard.

You never go full retard.

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DigitalRaptor1234d ago (Edited 1234d ago )

Was a PS4 exclusive just referred to as the coolest game of all time, by... Polygon? What is going on?

On-topic: Something strange is happening at Konami HQ. Feels like a shake up to me. They don't have much of relevance anymore, and whatever they have they have either already ruined or will likely ruin in the future. I can't see what else they have to be excited about. They can't really afford to piss gamers off like this.

1234d ago
pwnsause_returns1234d ago (Edited 1234d ago )


No, Seriously....

PaleMoonDeath1234d ago

One of the rare cases where stupidity will not be rewarded.

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