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5 Killers of Modern Survival Horror

12d ago - Ryan from Awesome Games writes: 'For me, survival horror gaming has always been a family affair –... | PC

20 Scariest Video Games Of All-Time

12d ago - Oh, is that a zombie dog crashing unexpectedly though a window? No, thank you. | GameCube

Top 5 Most Underrated Video Game Movies

17d ago - It's no secret that most movies based on video games are terrible. In fact, you'd be hard pressed... | PC

The Lobbycast: Episode 285 with Geoff, Jordan and Brick

30d ago - Geoff, Jordan and Brick talk about the Star Wars sequel, Fantastic Four, GamesCom Awards and, of... | PS4

Destiny The Game

Now - Explore Mars, Rediscover Venus, Reclaim the moon, Protect Earth. Become Legend. The wait is over! Destiny is now available to play, Pick up your... | Promoted post

7 Silent Hill Connections in P.T.

30d ago - 7 Connections the P.T. Demo makes to the original Silent Hill series and what they mean for the f... | PS4

Silent Hill(s) - The Mistakes of Your Youth

31d ago - Following the reveal of Silent Hills, JBH discusses what lessons the game should learn from its p... | PS4

11 Times Video Games Did Horror Better Than Movies

31d ago - WC: For many the first experience of having their horror-cherries popped would have been with eit... | PC

Silent Hills: Hideo Kojima Is the Next Master of Video Game Horror

32d ago - Hideo Kojima is a perfect match for the Silent Hill series. We take a look at his horror resume. | PC

Brashcast: Episode 49 – Is Not Liking Wolfenstein Unacceptable?

34d ago - This week, Liam gets grief for not liking Wolfenstein, the boys looks back at the Sega Mega Drive... | Wii

The Co-op Podcast 86: Do Gamers Act LIke Spoiled Brats?

35d ago - Gary Swaby of The Koalition writes: This week was Gamescom 2014 and there was lots of exciting ne... | Industry

Silent Hills and the Insanity of Kojima: A Recap and Predictions

35d ago - 8CN: For thsoe familiar with the works of Hideo Kojima, the circumstances surrounding the announc... | PS4

CGMPodcast Episode 120: A Fond Farewell

36d ago - On this week’s CGM podcast, Microsoft snatches Lara Croft away from the rest of the gaming commu... | PS4

Konami finally cares about Silent Hill

36d ago - One of the most interesting reveals at Gamescom this year was the P.T. playable demo. Sony initia... | Industry

Whispers in the Dark Ep. 74.5: Norman ReedusS

36d ago - Rely on Horror: On this...OH MY GOD SILENT HILL... episode of the Whispers in the Dark podcast (w... | PS4

How Hollywood is Making Gaming Worse

36d ago - An editorial exploring how the hiring of big Hollywood names, namely Guillermo Del Toro and Norma... | PS4

EpicDome: Breaking the Silence: Three Heroes Unite to Save Silent Hill

37d ago - The Illusive Man says:"Gamescom provided one of the biggest pieces of gaming news to date: Metal... | Culture

Not so over the Hill: How Konami's horror great reinvented itself

37d ago - VideoGamer: "Two days ago the only people who cared about Silent Hill were Konami staff and a few... | PS4

Gamescom 2014: P.T.’s Name Origin, Puzzle Difficulty, Silent Hills Production Goals, & More

38d ago - JM: The Kojima man stepped on stage at Gamescom and shared some news on “P.T.”, also known as the... | PS4

Say nothing and let the internet reveal your game

38d ago - By letting players reveal the new Silent Hill, Kojima has been able to overcome the boring press... | PS4

Is Kojima’s Silent Hills a Project Morpheus and Oculus Rift Title?

38d ago - VRFocus - P.T.'s reveal is certainly an exciting surprise, but could there still be more to uncov... | PC

PS4 Game Release Dates

Now - For the most up-to-date release date info for PS4 games check | Promoted post

New Silent Hill Game Teaser (PS4)

39d ago - New Silent Hill game revealed! from the Metal Gear Solid creator, Hideo Kojima and writer/direct... | PS4

Genre-bending games I’d love to see

45d ago - Would you play an Assassin’s Creed RTS? How about Gears of War as an RPG? Let’s try to fit some s... | Culture

Top 10 Classic Games That Deserve a Remake

61d ago - The past couple years have been huge for remakes: Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, The Silent Hill... | Retro

Countdown - Top 10 Scariest Video Game Monsters

68d ago - Geoff, Michael, and Ray go over the top ten scariest video game monsters. | Culture

Resident Evil: Bring Back Puzzles

78d ago - Why horror games won't be scary again until puzzles are brought back in. | PC
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