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Ranking The Entire Silent Hill Series

2d ago - Fans of Konami's iconic horror series have experienced their share of disappointments, especially... | Culture

5 Horror Game Villains We Love to Hate

77d ago - BD: "It’s that time of the year when some of the world comes together to celebrate the holiday sp... | PS2

Make the World / Break the World

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Top 10 Video Game Franchises That Have Lost Their Mojo

89d ago - Sometimes you have to ask: “What happened to our favorite game franchises?” | PC

Leaked Silent Hill Pitch Reveals the Frozen Horror That Could've Been

105d ago - Silent Hill fan site Silent Hill Memories has uncovered a rare developer pitch for a terrifying-l... | Wii

10 Times Silent Hill Was Absolutely Terrifying

130d ago - Whether it’s the series’ excellently planned jump scares or its moments of long buildup that all... | PS2

Here Are The 20 Essential PSOne Classics To Play In Honor Of Playstation’s 20th Birthday

148d ago - Here's 20 PSOne Classics you can grab cheap and easy on your Vita of PS3 to celebrate the Playsta... | Retro

Surviving Centralia - The Town That Inspired Silent Hill

164d ago - Any gamer worth their salt will be familiar with the Silent Hill horror series. But did you know... | Culture

Are Horror Games Dead?

177d ago - Horror games seem to be something that is almost controversial in the gaming community. People do... | Culture

My Life In Silent Hill

183d ago - PSGamer: Award winning horror author, film maker and avid gamer Dan Weatherer takes us on a uniqu... | Culture

Retro Review - Silent Hill

183d ago - Wes from Controller Crusade writes "You wake up in your crashed jeep with an obnoxious headache o... | Retro

The Importance of Atmosphere

184d ago - What does immersion need, and what does lore create? The answer should be clear, atmosphere. Whic... | Culture

Oh no, not another Top Ten: Horror for Halloween

187d ago - Joel Higginbotham plays his games with his curtains drawn and a toilet roll on standby. He wr... | Culture

Spooky Games Are Not Always Scary

190d ago - Plenty of horror games offer a great time, even if they’re not very frightening. | Culture

Five scary game characters that’ll make you crap your pants

190d ago - GameZone: "There are a lot of scary video games out there. A big part of what makes them scary is... | Culture

Countdown - Top 10 Horror Games

194d ago - Kdin, Matt, and Jeremy brave the terrors many terrors of a list that is #2Spooky | Culture

10 Popular Video Game Series' That Completely Forgot Who They Were

196d ago - WC: All of the following franchises changed in some way, shape or form, forgetting the games that... | PS2

Postcards from... Silent Hill

212d ago - Nestled amongst the woodlands of New England, America lies a town shrouded in an ancient and sini... | PS2

The impact gaming can have

212d ago - Gaming can be a great way to help teenagers and adults alike to cope when times get tough, write... | PS2

Silent Hill Alchemilla, the Half Life 2 mod

213d ago - Silent Hill Alchemilla is Half Life 2 mod, using the Source engine, it attempts to recreate the h... | PC

The History of Silent Hill: Part 1 - The Team Silent Years

217d ago - As Konami's Silent Hill series celebrates its 15th anniversary, PSU looks back at the franchise i... | PS2

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ATB’s Top 25 Female Characters: #100-76

220d ago - ATB: "We’ve decided to go through the hundreds of thousands of video game characters ever created... | PS2

‘Resident Evil’ vs. ‘Silent Hill’

222d ago - BD writes: Get ready, because we’re about to take a long hard look at the constitute parts of Res... | PS2

5 Killers of Modern Survival Horror

236d ago - Ryan from Awesome Games writes: 'For me, survival horror gaming has always been a family affair –... | PC

20 Scariest Video Games Of All-Time

236d ago - Oh, is that a zombie dog crashing unexpectedly though a window? No, thank you. | GameCube

Top 5 Most Underrated Video Game Movies

242d ago - It's no secret that most movies based on video games are terrible. In fact, you'd be hard pressed... | PC
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