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Cosplay Wednesday – Silent Hill 3′s Heather Mason

34d ago - When it comes to the world of Silent Hill, one does not think of sexy cosplay. This gritty, survi... | Culture

5 Reasons Female Video Game Characters Are The Best Video Game Characters

68d ago - Why are fans so disappointed when games exclude female characters? Because female characters are... | Industry

Into The Fog: A Retrospective

98d ago - Hey Poor Player's Ayla Elder writes a retrospective on the Silent Hill franchise. | Xbox 360

GammaSquad’s 50 Best-Looking Games Of All Time (#50 – 41)

111d ago - E3 is coming with it's flashy new graphics and trailers, so what better time to count down the be... | Retro

Destiny (PS4) Review

Now - Bungie’s next series is here, but how does it stack up? | Promoted post

How to Fix Silent Hill

157d ago - “Konami: Ignore the insufferable fanboys who go out of their way to try and ruin everything in th... | PS2

Top Five Heartrending Moments In Silent Hill

203d ago - Part of what makes Silent Hill so terrifying is that the writers know how helpless we feel when w... | Culture

Twinfinite's Endless Playlist: Silent Hill

222d ago - This week's Endless Playlist looks at Akira Yamaoka's work on the psychological soundtrack of Sil... | PS2

Save me: The symbolism of Silent Hill’s save points

229d ago - Jody Macgregor via GamesBeat: Silent Hill: Downpour — the eighth game in the horror series that d... | PS2

Pictures of the Final Version of Gecco’s Heather Statue

231d ago - SHHS writes: "Here’s what the final Heather Statue looks like! I have to say it is an improvement... | Culture

Remembering 'Silent Hill 3's' Generous Sewer Fairy

234d ago - BD writes: This is a bit of a random pull, I know, but Silent Hill Week inspired me to return to... | PS2

The 10 Bloodiest, Creepiest 'Game Over' Screens Ever

334d ago - In honor of this spoooky time of year, here's 10 of our favorite bloody and/or creepy Game Over s... | Culture

Endure The Darkness With This Cosplay of Silent Hill’s Heather

356d ago - AllThatsEpic: October is home to the spookiest month of the year: Halloween. Whether you go tric... | Culture

Video Games Featuring Parallel Universes or Alternate Realities (Part 1)

398d ago - GameDynamo - "Many games employ parallel universes or alternative realities in their plot. They e... | PC

HonestGamers Retro Review // Silent Hill 3

400d ago - Gary Hartley Writes: Happy 10th Anniversary, Silent Hill 3! | PS2

Behind The Games: Team Silent

426d ago - Hardcore Gamer: Although Team Silent's (the creators behind the first four Silent Hill games) tim... | PS2

Top 10 nostalgic theme park levels in games

430d ago - "When I’m not writing for Pixelitis, I intern for a historic theme park on Coney Island. Being in... | GameCube

House of Horrors - Silent Hill 3

433d ago - GameSpot - Zorine and Jess continue to tackle Silent Hill 3 as they awkwardly gather keys and run... | Culture

My Top 5 Scariest Silent Hill Moments

449d ago - Vyralize: "The Silent Hill series, well known among survival horror fans, goes far beyond jump sc... | PC

Silent Hill: Revelation vs. Silent Hill 3: A visual comparison (gallery)

572d ago - How closely does Silent Hill: Revelation follow the story and settings of Silent Hill 3? | Culture

Ten of the Scariest Video Game Music Tracks

620d ago - UnrealityMag writes: In retrospect this probably would have been a better post for around Hallowe... | PS2

Contests For N4G Members

Now - Prizes for members like YOU! | Promoted post

Silent Hill: Revelation highlights the ongoing problems of the series

663d ago - Bitmob Community Writer Leigh Harrison: Things just aren’t like they were when I was a lad: How S... | Culture

Silent Hill Revelations 3D Video Review | GameDynamo

678d ago - Game journalist Peter Tieryas watched Silent Hill Revelations 3D and found much to his surprise t... | PS2

Silent Hill: Revelations 3D Movie Review: Better than You'd Think

679d ago - GameDynamo - "Silent Hill: Revelations 3D is a sequel to the original Silent Hill movie and a hor... | Culture

The Horror of Surviving Silent Hill: Revelations 3D

679d ago - Andreas Asimakis writes, The following impromptu podcast is not only an account of our excruciati... | Culture

The 10 best PlayStation horror games for Halloween

691d ago - OPM: Turn off the lights, pretend you aren’t in and settle down with those tubs of sweets and you... | PC
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