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Top Five Heartrending Moments In Silent Hill

45d ago - Part of what makes Silent Hill so terrifying is that the writers know how helpless we feel when w... | Culture

Twinfinite's Endless Playlist: Silent Hill

64d ago - This week's Endless Playlist looks at Akira Yamaoka's work on the psychological soundtrack of Sil... | PS2

Save me: The symbolism of Silent Hill’s save points

71d ago - Jody Macgregor via GamesBeat: Silent Hill: Downpour — the eighth game in the horror series that d... | PS2

'Silent Hill 4: The Room' Review: Home Is Where The Heartlessness Is | Bloody Disgusting

77d ago - BD writes: "We’ve all been there. Crummy place in a not-so-great part of town. Food and clothes e... | PS2

Enter to Win a PS4 and More!

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Top Ten Scariest Video Game Enemies

169d ago - A top ten of the scariest enemies in Video Games | GameCube

Roundtable: What is Your Scariest Gaming Experience?

171d ago - The VGU staff discuss their scariest gaming experiences. | Culture

Cursed Ground: Digital Haunted Houses

190d ago - Haunted houses are a delight. Not only is the dedication that goes into turning an ordinary garag... | Culture

Behind The Games: Team Silent

268d ago - Hardcore Gamer: Although Team Silent's (the creators behind the first four Silent Hill games) tim... | PS2

My Top 5 Scariest Silent Hill Moments

291d ago - Vyralize: "The Silent Hill series, well known among survival horror fans, goes far beyond jump sc... | PC

Bioshock Infinite: Look at me when I talk to you

318d ago - "As video games have evolved, some genres have proven to be uniquely equipped to deal with certai... | PC

Top 10 Creepy Easter Eggs

395d ago - Ryan from Video Games Made Me Do It lists off what he believes to be some of the creepiest Easter... | GameCube

4 Great Games That Were Not So Great Sequels

471d ago - Should we judge a sequel differently than a new game? In the case of these offerings: yes. | PC

The Horror of Surviving Silent Hill: Revelations 3D

521d ago - Andreas Asimakis writes, The following impromptu podcast is not only an account of our excruciati... | Culture

Music and Immersion

528d ago - Have you ever stopped to just listen? As video games aren’t often considered at (or anywhere near... | Xbox 360

HDD space requirements and screens for Silent Hill 4 and other new PS2 Classics

546d ago - The Japanese branch of Sony Computer Entertainment today revealed the HDD space requirements in a... | PS3

Re: Finding Lost Treasures – Over and Under Budget Edition

726d ago - It’s amazing what you can do with money, especially when on a budget. After all, we really need t... | Retro

Top 5 scariest Silent Hill moments

733d ago - 5 Silent Hill scares guaranteed to have you reaching for a pair of fresh underwear. | PS2

Silent Hill - a dark legacy (Retrospective)

743d ago - Silent Hill is one of the most prolific and heart-pounding horror franchises in gaming history, a... | PS2

( The History of Silent Hill: Part 2

748d ago - Welcome to Part II of our History of Silent Hill feature, where PSU Towers takes a reflective gla... | PS2

List with a Twist: Top 5 creepy floating heads in games

797d ago - Blog: Usually, seeing a floating head with no body in sight is not a good sign. In some games it’... | Xbox

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Great Moments in Video Game Music: Silent Hill 4

829d ago - Paw takes a look at one of his favorite moments in video game music: the "Room of Angels" track f... | PS2

Broken Silence: Why Silent Hill 4 Needs Love on Halloween | Rely On Horror

898d ago - Rely On Horror: When someone asks me which Silent Hill game was my favorite, like most fans, I sa... | Xbox 360

It It Time Silent Hill Had A New Female Protagonist?

957d ago - Rely on Horror: The Silent Hill series is home to many diverse characters. Men, women, and even c... | PS2

Silent Hill 4: The Room deserves some respect

1048d ago - Destructoid: Just days before E3, Konami held its own special press conference and dropped a few... | PS2

Akira Yamaoka’s Silent Hill Guitar + FX Amps Being Auctioned For Charity

1115d ago - Play for Japan: We’ve seen some jaw-droppers come through the Play For Japan-endorsed auctions in... | PS2
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