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The Great HUDless Experiment Week 1: Dishonored

571d ago - Alex Shedlock asks: "Do games improve or get worse when you turn all the on-screen elements off?... | PC

Arkane Studios Using Cryengine for next game

759d ago - The official HR Manager for Arkane Studios Austin,has stated that the studio is currently develop... | Dev

HotLiked - What the Internet is talking about right now

Now - Kill some time at You will regret it... | Promoted post

Arkane "ramping up" for "next-gen development" post-Dishonored

806d ago - A Dishonored Game of the Year Edition, complete with rather spiffing cover art, was announced yes... | Industry

Arkane Studios discusses ‘Dishonored’, next title, and PS4, Xbox One development

821d ago - One of 2012’s most well received games was Bethesda and Arkane Studios’ Dishonored. Seeing releas... | Xbox 360

Arkane Studios is Rebooting Prey 2

834d ago - According to series of leaked emails discovered by online publication, Kotaku, rumors previously... | PC

Dishonored devs "interested" in multiplayer

835d ago - While Dishonored team Arkane Studios still prefers single player, they admitted to be "interested... | PC

Bethesda Talks Prey 2, Denies Arkane Involvement

848d ago - Prey 2 seemed to be on the cusp of becoming vaporware when, a few weeks ago, it was strongly rumo... | PC

New Assets Found for Half Life Episode 4

905d ago - The folks over at Valve Time have discovered a group of assets that were to be used in the now ca... | PC

How Dishonored's Blink Ability Re-Introduced Me to the Stealth Genre

953d ago - Dishonored's blink ability helped Tyler finally play a genre he's been avoiding for years. | PC

Dishonored: Knife of Dunwall Available Now

955d ago - The second instalment of DLC from Arkane Studios' critically acclaimed FPS Action Game, Dishonour... | PC

The Dishonored That Never Was

975d ago - GameSpot - Members of Arkane Studios describe some of the biggest changes Dishonored underwent du... | PC

6 Horror Games And The Studios That Should Make Them

1043d ago - Dead Pixels pairs some of the biggest horror games with developers they think would make fantasti... | PC

Dishonored’s use of tired storytelling devices shows that game narratives are stale

1045d ago - Arkane Studios' Dishonored was a much needed new IP in a gaming climate reluctant to take risks... | PC

Dishonored Developer’s cancelled Half-life 2: Episode 4? |

1048d ago - recently released information about a supposed cancelled expansion to Half-life 2.... | PC

onPause Review: Dishonored

1122d ago - onPause writes: We live in an era where video games often end up playing themselves in scripte... | PC

Gamer-Rider: Dishonored Review

1122d ago - "With everyone and their grandma singing praises about Dishonored, I have to admit that I jumped... | Xbox 360

Dishonored Review | ConsoleXP

1126d ago - First person. In the gaming industry, that term does not scream originality. For the past five or... | PC

Bethesda: No Plans for Dishonored on the Wii U at This Time

1128d ago - Wii U Turn recently asked Bethesda and Arkane Studios if they had any plans to bring Dishonored t... | PC

You are Corvo: Introduction - Interactive Article

1128d ago - You are Corvo, infiltrating Dunwall prison to assassinate or capture the warden. Will you be a sh... | PC

Talking Point: Games That Need Wii U - Dishonored

1138d ago - Wii U owners will already know what it means to be an assassin when Ubisoft introduces us to Conn... | Wii U

See what games are coming out in 2016

Now - Visit our release calendar to see what games are coming out in 2016. | Promoted post

Will There Be a Dishonored 2?

1139d ago - ‘Dishonored’ Co-Creator Harvey Smith is on the fence about a ‘Dishonored’ sequel — but that’s not... | PC

Here we go again, Dishonored region lock issues in Eastern Europe

1142d ago - Just like Borderlands 2 back in September, people are finding that their international version of... | PC

Interview with Co-Creators of Dishonored

1144d ago - Harvey Smith and Raphael Colantonio talk about Dishonored at the title's GameStop launch party in... | PC

Dishonored was never intended to be what is now

1149d ago - "I recently had the chance to transcribe a fantastic exclusive interview with Harvey Smith from A... | PC

"Dishonored is Art Meets Fun!" - Interview with Arkane Studios on Dishonored

1150d ago - Pure Sophistry had the chance to Interview Harvey Smith- man behind the game Dishonored about the... | PC
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