"My Body Was Not Ready For This!" - Twitter Reacts as Kojima and Del Toro team up for Silent Hills

Dealspwn tracks some of the reactions to the reveal of Silent Hills -- the collaboration between Kojima and Del Toro as teased in P.T.

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pwnsause_returns1290d ago

No bodys body is ready for this....

equal_youth1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

my bottom half can't stand the thought of experiencing this game at night and maybe even alone oO

[email protected] Did that on my first try to beat this game instead the game beat me ^^

DarkOcelet1290d ago

Headphones , lights off , nighttime , alone in the house ... cant wait .

GreenRanger1290d ago

I can't get the phone to ring at the end.

DeadlyOreo1290d ago

I just watched a Twitch stream on this. The dude waited for the clock to reach 00:00 and then took 10 steps and the baby laughed. Then pressed R3 on the radio for a few seconds and it laughed again, and then stood by the phone for a while and the baby laughed a third time. After that your controller should vibrate and the phone should ring. If it doesn't, then try looping again. I don't think it works if the woman possesses you.

PaleMoonDeath1290d ago

"take exactly 10 steps toward the phone before waiting for a giggle from the baby. You can alternatively start over by the radio and wait for the clock to ding, as that is similarly 10 steps from the phone.Once you hear a single giggle, walk to the fetus in the sink in the bathroom and you should hear a second giggle. Don’t move for a few seconds. Your controller should then vibrate." ~ There you go dude!

Legacy2121290d ago

I played this game last night with my headset. I am a fan of horror and dont scare easily when it comes to video games. However I couldnt finish this teaser becausr I was too scared. Good job kojima and del taro

thorstein1290d ago

It definitely pulls you in and it is worth it in the end, which is really screwed up because of how it begins.

ramiuk11290d ago

im too scared to play it .
i had to turn of a guy playing it on youtube.

this game is prrof that graphics etc matter,it looks so damn real.
audio is amazing .

infact so amazing im scared to play it

strifeblade1289d ago

Good Job bro, we get it you don't scare easily yet u get scared. I get it bro all get scared sometimes. But ur a big boy noow with big boy pants.

VsAssassin1290d ago

Yup, it's official. Silent Hills is back in the gaming atmosphere. After this ingenious teaser, I don't know how Capcom with their Resident Evil can top it off.

Now, all there's left is to officially announce this game with a proper gameplay trailer.

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The story is too old to be commented.