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Submitted by nintendufus 776d ago | opinion piece

"Joie de jeux" - Are games as fun as they used to be?

In an age of Achievement hunters and Trophy whores, it’s easy to say that video games as an entertainment medium have lost their luster. It’s much harder to back up that claim, but the question remains: have we lost sight of what makes video games fun? (3DS, Android, Arcade, Casual games, Culture, Dev, GameCube, Industry, iPad, iPhone, Mobile, Next-Gen, Nintendo DS, PC, PS Vita, PS2, PS3, PS4, PSP, Retro, Wii, Wii U, Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Software_Lover  +   776d ago
I don't think so. The internet has ruined the fun factor for me. Everything has to be so serious and if it doesn't have a huge budget then it isn't taken seriously.

Too much hype for mediocre games.
frostypants  +   776d ago
Go back and play those old games. There's a reason you don't play them much anymore. They were fun for their day but with a few exceptions, they are significantly less engaging than what is put out there now.

I'm all for nostalgia but c'mon. Hell, look at the explosion of indie development. The indie gaming scene was borderline irrelevant until recent years.
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kalkano  +   776d ago
I wholeheartedly disagree. I play older games all the time. I play them much more than new games, because they're more fun, and engaging than new games.
JokesOnYou  +   776d ago
kakano I disagree with you but I recognize its your opinion. I'm not really nostalgic, Doubledragon, Shinobi, all the way up to Perfect Dark were all great games of their gen, but I don't want to play them now= I want new experiences that incorporate new gameplay, bigger environments, and better's the same reason I don't care much for so many of the generic cell phone games and 90% of indie games just don't excite me.

Well what's the world coming to when I agree with frostypants?

Uhm I think games are every bit as fun and more so as in the past but YES a big problem is we get waaay too wrapped up in the technical details at times and of course the devs today are relying too much on post release patches, don't get me wrong small tweaks to fix these complicated next gen games after release is now par for the course and welcomed but bugs, glitches, and downright unfinished games is BS.

So imo we need to just enjoy great games if they are indeed great, and devs need to do their part by making the best product they can at launch.
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Tetsujin  +   776d ago
@ frosty

The indie scene has been more "vocal" and more recognized in the recent times (thanks to the internet), however they've been around since the NES days, and maybe even earlier.


I'm in the same boat; I've noticed playing a lot of older games (especially NES) and that's after purchasing a PS4. I'm sure I'll get a lot of hate, and someone will probably argue I don't even own one, but I've seen myself lately going back to older games, at least until MGS 5 GZ and Strider gets released. I just noticed a lot of games today are so worried more about the unimportant that they forgot what makes a game good - story, replay, fun factor, and catering to your fans.
toddybad  +   776d ago
I disagree. The reason modern games are less FUN is that they didn't necessarily require engagement before.

Modern games are determined to draw you in a present an all encompassing vision - and there are plus points to that - but it does detract from just having blind fun because you're almost forced to care what happens if you make mistakes.

That said, Resogun does show how to do it properly and does bring fun back into gaming. I've moved from the 360 to PS4 and this is the most fun I've had in years just playing without caring.
kalkano  +   775d ago

"I want new experiences that incorporate new gameplay, bigger environments, and better graphics...."

I agree with all of that, except the new gameplay part. The new gameplay is what shoved me (violently) back to the old games.

I also ignore iPhone and indie games, because they're shovelware cash-grabs.
fendernow  +   775d ago
You really make no sense. First you went making a case against playing old games and then the second paragraph states that you are all for nostalgia.

I think you should go back and check your head. Not trying to start a fight with you but seriously, you just made no sense.
Tetsujin  +   776d ago
I miss the risks devs took back then; making a lot of legendary games we still sometimes play. I also blame the "follow the leader" approach a lot of devs use today, especially with the over saturation of 1/3rd person shooters.
frostypants  +   776d ago
But some of the most innovative games of all time have also come out in recent years. Demon's Souls was possibly my favorite game of all changed what the meaning of "multiplayer" could be and went so far as to intentionally block mic communications in order to achieve its vision. Limbo was also a great game, who's closest approximation would have been "Another World"/"Out of this World", which came out 20 years earlier. It brought back a genre of side-scroller that had been criminally neglected for decades. Or look at Fez...very innovative (let's not let the fact that the developer is a preening emo douchebag get in the way of that).

The massive publishers will be a bit more risk averse because there's so much money to be made now. But the smaller devs are still out there and still doing crazy new things.
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zeal0us  +   776d ago
Back then they gave you a complete game and made sure the game wasn't bug infestation or glitch horde.
frostypants  +   776d ago
@zeal0us, clearly you weren't playing PC games back in the day. Glitchfest releases have been a problem since the dawn of time (see: every Bethesda game...EVER). They just didn't show up on consoles until recently. At least today you can just hop on the internet for a patch and get it in minutes. In the old PC days, you'd have to either find the patch on somebody's obscure dialup BBS system and pray to god you weren't downloading a virus, or pony up for AOL or Compuserve and get it there. And the download took f*cking forever. As in, start it and come back in several hours...if it was a small patch.

I'll say it again: people are letting nostalgia get in the way of objectivity.
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zeal0us  +   776d ago
I have to say it was the dlc, pre-order dlc, day 1 dlc and patch that ruin for me rather than the internet.

It is like most modern games has become too dependent on those things. Half the time it got me wondering whether or not I'm getting a complete game. I don't even buy games at launch anymore because of this. I rather wait for the game to get fully patch, decrease in price or for a GoTY edition to come out.
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kalkano  +   776d ago
"I have to say it was the dlc, pre-order dlc, day 1 dlc and patch that ruin for me rather than the internet."

What do DLC, and patches require? The internet.
zeal0us  +   776d ago
True the internet is require for DLC but however it doesn't stop a developer for slacking off and releasing bug fest game. Just look BF4 upon its release that game was plague with problems

I still like getting on the internet watching videos of gameplay, reviews, previews and etc. You can enjoy/like the internet and despise how some publishers and developers use dlc as quick cash grab. Not mention how day 1 patch have made some publishers more bold to release un-finish product.
kalkano  +   775d ago

"however it doesn't stop a developer for slacking off and releasing bug fest game."

They wouldn't release it in that state, if they didn't know they could patch it, later. Every gaming company would have been sued out of existence, by now.
Beastforlifenoob  +   776d ago
I agree Indies are great

The reason i prefer indies is because 1.) they are more originial (usually)
2.) they dont DLC rip you of
3.) There graphics may not compete with todays AAA but there always fun.
vikingland1  +   776d ago
When I was a kid any game was fun because it was new tech. And now that I'm older I like more story driven games. But they are fun still or I wouldn't play them still . To say whether they're more fun is too hard to decide for me.
frostypants  +   776d ago
I look at it this way: back in the day when I was playing stuff like Contra games, I imagined how cool it would be to play that but in a first person perspective. Today, we have games like Battlefield (let's get into BF4's glitches). We're living the dream gamers back then could only imagine. Playing those old games is amusing for a little while, but in the end they have nowhere near the depth or visceral feel. I think people let nostalgia get to them too much.

There are some old games that when they came out, they blew our minds, and when we go back to play them we remember that feeling. Doom, for instance (probably the biggest example for me). But if you put Doom in front of someone who wasn't there to play it at the time, they'd experience it very differently. They'd just see a really limited, pixelated FPS that for some silly reason couldn't do true multi-story architecture maps.
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vikingland1  +   776d ago
Well said .
toddybad  +   776d ago
But sensible soccer is still the best multiplayer football experience ever. Just far more fun against a mate than anything FIFA can deliver.

There are examples in every genre.
KyRo  +   776d ago
While I still enjoy gaming, it's nowhere near as fun as it used to be for me. To much is shown before hand these days and with the dominance of online gaming, games have become more competitive than fun.

I used to love online gaming but getting right back into single player games now days because that's where the variety it, not shooting someone with a gun part 6383237.
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frostypants  +   776d ago
Good point. And I think in less story-driven games, co-op is the way to go. We need more Diablo and Borderlands type games and less competitive FPS's (because honestly, only about 5% of them are worth playing).
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vikingland1  +   776d ago
I'm just starting to play online co op and loving it. My 1st game that I enjoyed online co op was Diablo 3.
IC3_DEMON  +   776d ago
Developers aren't really on their A-Game anymore. Today it's more about pushing as fast for as much as you can. End of the day bugs are overseen and the consumer "has" to put up with it.

The fun factor is than taken away if I have to be the one testing the game instead of playing it.
willie32  +   776d ago
For me, the online competitive games have ruined the fun for me. I can only play these games in small doses. The fun really exists in the coop community games. These games remind me when my brother and I would play split screen Twisted Metal 2 all night long.
Software_Lover  +   776d ago
Twisted Metal
Mario Bros (nes)

It's like after the ps1/N64 days gaming, and the culture, just died. The ps2 had some good games, but it still wasn't the same.
willie32  +   776d ago
The games that I am pumped for this next gen are games that have a heavy emphasis on coop. I expect these games to be good fun.

1. Division
2. Dying Light
3. Destiny
Baka-akaB  +   776d ago
Sorry no i wont put on the "it used to be better" hat . Some areas improved , some decayed , but i still tremendously enjoy gaming
TekoIie  +   776d ago
I think 7th gen detracted some of the fun from gaming. But the growth in the Indie market has made it better than ever IMO.

Recently bought Godus and Prison Architect and these sort of games come with an unparalleled amount of value, especially for their price.

And 2014 will be a nice kick start to this generation with games TitanFall, Witcher 3 and The Division. I think that both of these area's can bring diverse offerings to the table and make gaming more fun than it ever has been :)
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WeAreLegion  +   776d ago
Agreed, completely.
Infamous298  +   776d ago
Blame the publishers who limit the developers creativity, look at indies, they are taking the risk that no publisher will take.
Rute  +   776d ago
Generally speaking, there seems to be less humour and fun factor in games these days.

However, there are lots of other things that I look for in games in addition to goofiness. Games like Deus Ex HR and Resident Evil 4 were awesome games despite being a lot more serious than say, games like Worms Armageddon or Crash bandicoot. Different games have different strengths.

Having said that, I would really like me some old fashioned adventure games with rich characters and twisted humor, something like the Broken Sword games and Secret of Monkey island games.
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KakashiHotake  +   776d ago
I think gaming in general has gotten away from the family and friends aspect in favor of online gaming.While you can play with friends online it is by no means the same experience. One of my classic childhood memories is playing Tekken 2 with my dad. We would literally stay up all night playing that game. We used to do that also with Double Dragon and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 the Arcade game. Now that's when games were really fun.
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Rute  +   776d ago
Yeah, it has a lot to do with whether one plays the games online or with friends.
WeAreLegion  +   776d ago
Yes. Just as fun.
cesuf  +   776d ago
Games today are far more fun than back in my Atari & NES days and its not even slightly close. Those games were fun for about a sitting spell of around 10-20 minutes tops.

The biggest complaint Id have today about games are over saturation: yearly releases (CoD) and just the sheer volume of hundreds of thousands of games. For me, it just kind of cheapens the overall experience in that regard.
lildudexst  +   776d ago
gaming always fun.But This is the new generation now this kids don't like to have someone next to them or they have go over a friend house to play with them. Them days are over. we made gaming faster and easy to find and meet new friend.
But gaming have own life and world now. Pro gaming and causal gaming and underground gaming, rage gaming and many more.
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DCfan  +   776d ago
Here we go with another nostalgic article. I still enjoy gaming.
Everything can look better a few years later, hell, even school looks better if you sit down and reminisce.

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