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Since '93, I've been playing almost any game I can get my hands on. Like many of my generation, I started on the bedrock of the NES and my gaming interest flourished from there. From Battletoads and Double Dragon and Super Mario World on the Super Nintendo to Super Mario 64 and Zelda on the Nintendo 64, console video gaming was instrumental in my formative childhood. In fact, it's still influential in the development of my social identity today. Now, I'm a college senior about to graduate with a job in Communications (which I've been told is somehow different from "Communication"). In keeping with my longtime love of video games, I found a place where the two intersect. At school, I write everything from casual op/ed pieces to full-fledged rhetorical analyses of my favorite games. My dream job would be in games journalism, with a close second being any communications-related position at an actual video game company. We'll see how that pans out.

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