Ubisoft has 5 secret games up its sleeve–so what are they?

Ubisoft Toronto's Jade Raymond made mention of five "unannounced" games they have in development. Gamer Headlines took a speculative approach to the news and compiled a list of possibilities for the nebulous projects, including sequels, reboots and new IPs.

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Geobros1654d ago

I am curious to see what they have for us...

Neonridr1654d ago

I am pretty sure that the Toronto studio was working on Rainbow Six Patriots at one point with Montreal, so I wouldn't be surprised to learn that that is one of the titles. It's been too long since we had a Rainbow Six game, and with next gen upon us, they could really do the series justice.

theRell1653d ago

And they are already delayed.

medman1653d ago

I remember someone from Ubisoft proclaiming that they have something that will stun come e3 2014. This person said that at e3 2013, and said it after The Division was revealed and stunned. E3 is going to be amazing this year.

dcj05241653d ago

2013:The Division

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