Are we killing Nintendo?

More of an emotional appeal than industry analysis, this piece examines a simple question: Did we, as gamers, help Nintendo into the tight spot it's in?

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teflontactics1492d ago

I hope so, they need to either evolve or die.

wonderfulmonkeyman1491d ago

They've taken more chances with hardware than the majority have in the past 3 generations.
They've also been doing their best to change up their own series while courting indies more strongly than ever.
They're evolving.
Slowly, but surely.
And if they died, the industry would stagnate.
It's because we've got 3 as big as the 3 are now that we've got any variety at all.

sweendog1491d ago

Nobody needed the big 3 when it was Sega and nintendo.

wonderfulmonkeyman1491d ago

@ Sween, the market was way different back then.
3's pretty much the minimum now.

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kneon1491d ago

If one left the market there are others waiting on the sidelines, Google, Apple, maybe even Amazon.

AsimLeonheart1491d ago (Edited 1491d ago )

What about the software? Nintendo is still making cheerful platformers for the most part when majority of the gamers are playing multiplayer shooters, western styled RPGs, open world games and action adventure games. When they do try for something new, they release eccentric games like Wonderful 101 that fail commercially. Evolving means to adapt to the newer environment in order to survive and prosper. In case of a games manufacturer, it means to make games according to the new and different tastes of the customers. I understand that Nintendo fans like them the way they are but they will evolve only when they make games that majority of the people like playing these days.

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mrbojingles1491d ago

Yea coz more competition never benefited the products you enjoy?

Dehnus1491d ago

Because they don't give you the games you like, it needs to die so the people who enjoy their games can go without.

Here is what is wrong with Electronic Gaming Culture.

teflontactics1491d ago

It's more to the effect of Nintendo's only good games being first party, and even then they're few and far between. It's not worth buying their consoles to play less than a handful of really good games when I can have a much better experience elsewhere and across a wider (and frankly better quality) set of titles overall.

Nintendo should move to the software business like Sega did, it's pretty much their only chance to stay relevant.

MasterCornholio1491d ago

Your a little harsh but I do agree with you that Nintendo needs to change the way they develop their consoles.

I_am_Batman1491d ago

I'm curious. How would it make your life better when Nintendo would die?

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MajorGecko1491d ago

its like people got sick of dooming the vita now they moved onto nintedo lol give it a break

BABY-JEDI1491d ago

I thought Nintendo were committing suicide?

kneon1491d ago

That's right, it's not my fault they don't make things I want to buy.

MasterCornholio1491d ago

Thats the same case for me. If Nintendo doesn't make something that I'm interested then I won't buy it. They are the ones who decide what their products will be like not me.

Run_bare1491d ago

they do that themselves

Mikethejew1491d ago

No, Nintendo is slowly killing itself

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