3 Convincing Arguments for Video Games as Art (And Why They Don’t Even Matter)

Games already are art--but why?

Video games' validity as art is a debate that flares up every now and again, both in the gaming and art communities. As The Blunder Busters break it down, video games are considered art by all of the important constituents--but should they be? This won’t put the issue to rest, but hopefully it’ll enlighten those on the fence.

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snipermk01363d ago (Edited 1363d ago )

An art form is something that you enjoy and doesn't necessarily have to appeal to a broader audience. Games are art if you ask me. They got rich story, deep characters and great narratives. Why is there even a discussion about games being art or not?

Thepharaoh1363d ago

Games today demand cgi,previous concept art. and prototype models in 3d software development.Most of these games are based off of concept"ART!" and considering that all of it is modeled with coloring an in so man cases demands just as much attention as real life sculpture this argument makes no sense.

nintendufus1363d ago

That's exactly the point. It's an inane argument that shouldn't exist in the first place.

DanielGearSolid1363d ago (Edited 1363d ago )

Video games dont have to be considered art by some know it alls for me to love them

Who cares what they think

level 3601363d ago

A game wouldn't even be made unless the person or people behind it can in all intent and purpose be able to visualize that very idea and put it to reality via an artist or a group of artists'.

Even that very same person who thought about that idea is technically an artist.

No doubt about it - games are art.

victorMaje1363d ago (Edited 1363d ago )

The art of storytelling
The art of writing
The art of drawing
The art of directing
The art of music & sound composition
The art of staging
The art of sculpting (virtually)

all exist in the art of video game making!

You may dispute it, try to refute it, do your best to deny it but there is one inescapable, inevitable & unquestionable truth: It's an art!

In time you will come to realise it :)

Stoppokingme1363d ago

Video games are art, the only ones who say they aren't don't play games at all.

The stories, characters and settings are starting to eclipse anything done in hollywood, and IMO gaming is becoming a better art form than cinema.