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Three Idiots Play: Pokemon Blue

23h ago - Over fifty Video Games. Six generations. Seven consoles. Eighteen Anime seasons. Seventeen movies... | Retro

How to be a Pokemon Master Part Three: Status Conditions

15d ago - In this series I go step by step through the basics of Pokemon. By the end of the series I hope t... | 3DS

Pokémon: Still Catching 'Em All

15d ago - Pokémon is a rarity in the gaming world. Not only has it retained the fanbase it first garnered i... | Nintendo DS

When Pokemon and Fashion Advertising Collide

15d ago - "Now here’s a post I’d never though I’d make. There’s this site called Pokexfashion that’s basica... | Culture

See what games are coming out in 2015

Now - Visit our release calendar to see what games are coming out in 2015. | Promoted post

New 3DS Pokémon faceplates confirmed for Europe

16d ago - This morning, a very important Nintendo Direct confirmed that the New 3DS and New 3DS XL will lau... | 3DS

Pokémon Shuffle brings in app purchases to 3DS

16d ago - Nintendo is well known for lagging behind the curve. Many have criticized the company for its rel... | 3DS

Boba Fett Goes on a Video Game Character Murder Spree

16d ago - The NicksplosionFX YouTube channel has released a fantastic mashup of the Star Wars universe and... | Culture

Which Shiny Pokemon Should You Be Looking For?

17d ago - Shiny Pokemon are sought after by all Pokefanatics, but some Shiny Pokemon stand out from all the... | 3DS

The Definitive Ranking of Pokémon Champions

18d ago - Ranking the best trainers in all the regions | Nintendo DS

An Opinion on the state of JRPGs, Persona and Pokemon

18d ago - OXCGN: A few years ago I was attempting to play through Final Fantasy VIII for probably the 4... | PS2

How to be a Pokemon Master Part 2: Stages

20d ago - Learn how to be a Pokemon master with moves that change the Base Stat changes in this step-by-ste... | 3DS

Final Philosophy: The Murky Animal Welfare Ethics of Pokémon

23d ago - GeekParty's Donavon Cawley writes, "With its themes of good sportsmanship, perseverance, and frie... | Culture

Pokémon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire Review: The Very Best

26d ago - ‘Pokémon Omega Ruby’ and ‘Alpha Sapphire’ are here to provide endless hours of monster-battling a... | 3DS

Pokemon Center Plushes Appearing at Target

27d ago - Technology Tell writes, "I had run into Target to grab something, was going to electronics to che... | Culture

Pokemon Controversy – The Accusations Decrypted

28d ago - NuzCo writes: "Pokemon has been the subject of many controversial topics since its release. We ha... | Nintendo DS

4 Mods That Revitalize Aging Games

30d ago - GIZORAMA shows us four mods that add some spice into a few older games. | PC

These Fossil Pokemon Actually Existed

37d ago - NuzCo writes: "I bet you didn’t know that all of the fossil Pokemon in there series were based af... | Wii

Pokémorphosis: From Red To Alpha Ruby

45d ago - DP:"What began as the aimless hobby of a young Satoshi Taijiri, tempting tadpoles and snaring hap... | Nintendo DS

How to be a Pokemon Master Part 1 - Base Stats

50d ago - Pokemon are all different from each other. Sure, they all have the same types and species. Pokemo... | Nintendo DS

Nintendo Publicly Trolls IGN's Pokémon Review

52d ago - Hardcore Gamer: Even though the scores were favorable, some reviewers in particular did not enjoy... | 3DS

The New Nintendo 3DS XL Is Here

Now - Is the system worth your hard earned money? | Promoted post

Pikachu Santa plush: a Pokémon Center holiday collection special

53d ago - The Pokémon Center online store has a special holiday collection of merchandise, including a Pika... | Culture

Black Oni Podcast EP 35: Why It Gotta Be BLACK Friday?

60d ago - Joining Jae_Blaze06 is Trinity Marc Blu, and the special guest of the week, Mallory of Insanely G... | PS4

More Games Should Expand Into Multimedia Ventures

62d ago - Video games have often ventured into other forms of media. Whether they've been successful or not... | Industry

Pokémon Fans Helpless in India as Nintendo Keeps Away

63d ago - NDTV Gadgets says: "Until Nintendo decides to take India seriously, those interested in what the... | 3DS

Is the Fabled Pokemon MMO Closer Than Ever?

64d ago - This week Game Freak release their latest Pokémon remakes - Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire (OR & A... | 3DS
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