GDEX REPORT: Pokemon Battles for Position While the Wii U Surpasses Sony's PS4

Another week, another opportunity to evaluate the state of social hype as we pick apart the GDEX to see which movers and shakers are making the most noise. The Pokemon crowd is collectively keeping their favorite franchise towards the top of the pack while GTA V's biggest competition is finally starting to fade. So, get your thumbs ready for some social reaction as we share this week's numerical notes courtesy of the GDEX.

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Kingthrash3601519d ago (Edited 1519d ago )

lol gtfo. wiiu had a year by itself while ps4/x1 hasnt even going by the bs fanboy war? lol ok guy ill sit and watch ps4 followed by x1 surpass wiiu sales in a couple months...if not by christmas. lol funny article.

awesomeabe19981519d ago

Woah fanboy much? You want to hear my predictions on short term (by end of 2013)

PS4: 2 Million units
XB1: Around 1.5 Million Units
Wii U: 6 to 10 Million Units

Wii U has more 1080p 60 FPS games. It has more must have games coming out. It is only $300 for the console and a game.

PS4 and XB1 have better graphics and awesome shooters. Great Apps, too. PS4 is $400 and XB1 is $500 console only. It stops there.

Wii U is more affordable, has a hardcore game library along with family friendly games. It also has great multiplayer games. Nintendo is the best gaming company. Microsoft has an all out entertainment system and Sony has a good gaming and social system.

ThatCanadianGuy5141519d ago

You're smoking some seriously good stuff my friend.


awesomeabe19981519d ago (Edited 1519d ago )


Is that in a good way?

If you disagree that is your opinion which i respect.

Will you please bubble me up to continue this convo with you guys?

LOL_WUT1519d ago

Didn't Nintendo at one point had to cut their hardware sales forecast? ;)

I'd love to see them reach those 10 million units but the way things have been going for them proves it's nothing but wishful thinking. The nice little boost they got recently proves this, while the percentage number went up the exact number of consoles sold wasn't all that impressive.

You're kidding yourself if you think the PS4 or the X1 are only going to do 2 million by the end of 2013. ;)

awesomeabe19981519d ago


I have seen your comments before so im not surprised. The coming generation wont be like the present generation. PS4 is 3 million max.

1519d ago
Eonjay1519d ago (Edited 1519d ago )

Are you predicting that the Wii U will double or triple its lifetime sales in the next two months? You are expecting the Wii U to sell more than the PS4 and Xbox One, combined? I question your logic.

Half-Mafia1519d ago

@awesomeabe1998 NEVER invest in any company, you will lose alot of money.

zeal0us1519d ago (Edited 1519d ago )

LMAO this is the second time I heard a statement like this.

First time:

tetsuhana1519d ago

Dude PS4 is probably past 1.5 million in preorders alone. C'mon son.

ZHZ901519d ago (Edited 1519d ago )

PS4 and X1 aren't even out yet, the only slight advantege for Wii U is just came out a year ago.

Can't wait to see what will happen to Wii U after release of PS4 and X1.

Oh btw PS4 has already surpassed 1 million preorders and it has alot of demands andn it's the most talked console compared to other two.

AbortMission1519d ago (Edited 1519d ago )

Please. Stop. For you and the Wii u fanboy's sake.

How many times have you drones opened your mouths only to be hilariously owned months later?

"Wii u will have the definitive version of all your favorite games!"

"PS4 will not be much stronger than the PS3 and appeal to casuals!"

"Pikmin 3/W101 will be a system seller!"

You're setting yourself for a slap to the face, really. (Not that you don't need it)

christrules00411519d ago

The Wii U isn't going to sell 6 to 10 million by the end of the year. Nintendo had Wii Sports and it was a system seller. Everyone wanted to try out Wii Sports and you needed a Wii. The Wii U doesn't have a system seller. For the Xbox One people are looking forward to Dead Rising 3, Ryse : Son of Rome or Titanfall. For the PS4 they are looking forward to Killzone shadowfall, The Order : 1886. That compared to Luigi or Donkey Kong? Xbox One and PS4 will sell a crap load more then the Wii U.

With me I would buy all 3 but I don't got the time for it. The Wii U is on the low end of the toadem pole.

thejigisup1519d ago

The wii u pales in comparison to the ps4 and xb1 the casuals are gonna be blinded by visuals, the "hard-core" gamers are in a loyalty battle and are probably already locked in, and the media buffs are going to be astounded by the new capabilities and potential for 4k. Ninty is really gonna have to do something to stand out more.... although imma probably buy a wii u just for smash bros. Your numbers are crazy. Systems are selling out like never before, the greater gaming community is more aware of these systems and we are spending more money than ever on technology. The first thing you say is fanboy much? and then you say things like best gaming company and it has more must have games? That... that right there... no just no.

stuna11519d ago

Ha ha ha, here I was thinking that the Nintendo fanboy was a dying breed, and here you come to resurrect that myth!

Your fanboy goggles have to be about as thick as old coke bottle bottoms.

Here my prediction! The WII U will more than likely sell less than all the next gen consoles, it definitely won't sell 10 million, and that my friend you can take to the bank.

awesomeabe_19981519d ago (Edited 1519d ago )

Its just my prediction, but I will adjust it due to the statements that you guys offered.

PS4: 4 million
XB1: 3.5 million
Wii U: Around 6-8 million


Oh and im not a fanboy. I have a PS3, Sony Vaio and Sony TV, but the PS4 does not interest me in any way.Its the same as PS3 just better graphics.

My opinion.

fsfsxii1519d ago (Edited 1519d ago )

I never laughed so hard in my life.
Lopez_josue would be proud of you.

1519d ago
awesomeabe_19981519d ago

I love that so many people disagree. You guys do know that the PS4 wont come to Japan until 2014? You do know that Wii U has more 1080p 60fps games than the other two? You do know Wii U costs less? You do know Nintendo consoles have a more diversity of games? You guys act like its Wii vs PS360.

ShinMaster1519d ago

"""It has more must have games coming out""

You mean like Nintendo's legendary IP, Zelda?
The last game, Skyward Sword, on the Wii, a system with a 90+ million install base couldn't even outsell any of the three Uncharted games, or GOWIII or GT5 or LBP and other third party games on the PS3 with a lower 70+ million units as well as 360 games.

""Wii U: 6 to 10 Million Units""

LOL you're saying the Wii U will triple its lifetime sales in 2 months during the launch of both the PS4 and XBO?

You think Wii U having [email protected] games means visual fidelity parity? Wii U didn't have meany 1080p games at launch. Not even Nintendo's own Mario game was 1080p.

""Wii U is more affordable, has a hardcore game library""
After over 1 year, I'd hope so. However, it's not there yet.

You sir, need to quit drugs.

awesomeabe_19981519d ago


I dont think you understood what I typed. There will be 6 to 10 million Wii U 's by 2014 meaning Nintendo will sell 2 to 6 million Wii U's this holiday.

Well you fanboys said that PS4 and XB1 can handle 1080p and 60fps easily while Wii U had to be tweaked. Im saying this to prove you people wrong.

I dont see many games on PS4 that are must have imo. Ive played Killzone before and I didnt like it. Never played Uncharted. We have Bayonetta instead of GOW. I loved GT....... on the PS2. We have Project Cars.

No Hardcore Games? Hardcore games arent just shooters. I doubt you can master a Mario game. If you can I will be proven wrong. Mario is easy to play, hard to master. Same goes for Pokemon Zelda DK SSB and MK8.

Wii U has little third party support, but all the suppot it needs is FPS games like CoD and Action games.

Bubble me up to continue the convo.

kwandar1519d ago

I think you will see a sales drop-off for PS4 and Xbox1 in January, as systems are returned by those trying to make a fast buck from Xmas consumers.

As for asusomaeabe1998's predictions, they actually are likely to be close (at the bottom end for the Wii U), as Wii U is starting with a base of 4MM - and with Wii Fit U coming out, lower price, more software, Nintendo are going to take their fair share of holiday sales.

Hicken1519d ago

Short version:

Your prediction is crap.

Brazz1519d ago

WiiU 10 million!? no way in hell, 6 milion is ok, maybe 7 milion, but that is it.

Ps4 already have like 1.5 milion pre-orders, so... are you say that they will make holiday season with only 500,000 units? do not play boy, they will hit at least 3-4 million. now the X1, I do not know, depending on the production of microsoft, 2-3 million ...
long term (2014 and early 2015)> Wii U will get 10 milion, in the end of 2014, and ps4 will surpass at the end of 2014. X1 will have very close numbers, but will have to wait util late 2015 to surpass WIIU.

EliteGameKnight1519d ago

Interesting thing about looking into the future, It typically is always drowned in personal preference and desire. I believe that it is far to early to make a sales call.

Though the PS4 and XBox One have quite an impressive number of preorders, there is no telling if the demand may drop off a cliff due to lack of console units similar to what befell the Wii U 3 months after its initially launch, or if it will stay stable. The consumer base is a very fickle thing after all.

There is also the possibility that the Wii U will turn around this holiday season, "Pulling a 3DS" if you will, with the games releasing in the coming months. I have no idea if it will, it may very well not, but the chance is still there.

If the PS4 and Xbox One do fall into a drought similar to what the Wii U went through, because lets be honest most console launches don't go according to plan, and the Wii U did pick back up, then awesomeabe1998's prediction may be possible. It is very very unlikely but just like anything, it is possible.

VINNIEPAZ1519d ago (Edited 1519d ago )


"Will you please bubble me up to continue this convo with you guys?"

LMMFAO You MUST be new to this site, there is NO "convo" on N4G if your opinion isn't 100 percent pro Sony. Please don't even try, it wont work, believe me.

zero_gamer1519d ago

Wii U is awesome and has a lot of potential, but Nintendo = best gaming company is entirely opinion. Nintendo makes just as many business mistakes as Sony if not more.

Ezz20131519d ago

where are you getting those numbers from ?!

d3nworth11519d ago

The Wii U has mostly current gen games 1080p 60fps. Games that are no where near as complex as games on the PS4 and XB1. Games that have less geometry, particle effect, characters on screen and lighting effects. The games that the PS4 and XB1 run at 1080p 60fps wouldn't run on a Wii U period. Your sale prediction didn't include how long the consoles were out. Let me help you with that.

PS4: 2 Million units in 2 months
XB1: 1.5 Million units in 2 months
Wii U: 6 to 10 Million in a 12 months

Do the math both the PS4 and Xb1 would have outsold the Wii U in the same time frame.

Ezz20131519d ago (Edited 1519d ago )

""The real battle will be between xbox one and ps4
with xbox one selling more units overtime because of tv intergration in the end. ""

where did you get that xbox1 is selling more than ps4 ?!
ps4 so far have been beating the hell out of xbox in both hardware/software preorders

madjedi1519d ago (Edited 1519d ago )

@abe "Wii U is more affordable(ps3/360 is cheaper still), has a hardcore game library along with family friendly games(again see ps3/360). It also has great multiplayer games.(ps3/360 haven't disappeared yet).

You have the gall to call another person a fanboy after that blowjob post wow.

The only thing worse than a fanboy is a two faced hypocritical one that pretends to be a neutral gamer.

1080p and 60 fps means jackshit without taking into account how taxing the game is or how highly detailed the world/characters are.

My fat ps3 played my ps2 games in 1080p, still didn't stop the games from looking like shit on my 1080p tv.

So who is going to buy a wii u over a ps4 or a xbone, the casual buyer they will snatch up ps3/360's for 8 yrs worth of mp and exclusives game.

The non-nintendo hardcore console gamer will be likely be buying a ps4 or xbone, this holiday, the ps3/360 are old and obsolete. For non-nintendo gamers the wii u belongs in the ps3/360 gen and not the ps4/xbone gen.

"Nintendo is the best gaming company." For die-hard nintendo fans i agree for everyone else lmao. But your not a fanboy, right.

Dunban671519d ago

so you think the wii u will sell between 1 million to 2 million units per month starting now in October thru this December

how many have been sold this far in October? Prob not much more than 100,000

thomasmiller1518d ago

great comment , notice how the blind and stupid trolls don't even realize what you are saying is going to be true, but what ever helps the losers sleep at night!! they are going to be in for a big shock on how little the ps4 and x box one sell, they have no big games for this holiday, and Nintendo has Mario 3d!!! the morons just never learn!

Amsterdamsters1518d ago

To all of you who are bragging about the number of PS4 pre-orders there are, I don't think they are as high as you think. Also, I only know a couple people with one on pre-order, and they are planning on selling theirs to try and make a few bucks off them. I'm sure a large percent of the pre-ordered systems will end up on eBay and Craig's List.

brewin1518d ago

I think more people will agree with your statement if Nintendo wpuld just blow everyone away with a crazy next gen looking Zelda Wii U reveal.

elmaton981518d ago (Edited 1518d ago )

Well I'll be buying a wiiu at one point or another for mario alone since I grew up with it but in all honesty, the wiiu isn't looking too hot right now specially when the ps4 and xbone are coming out in less than a month.

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weekev151519d ago

The article isnt saying WiiiU will outsell the other 2. They analyse social media and give points to each system/game based on mentions. So it could be "better pack up my wiiu so I can use it to pay off my ps4" and both will get a point. I have to say its still surprising that more people are talkin bout wiiu though.

CAB1802theWiiUdefend1519d ago

Why do you think the PS4 and Xbox One will outsell the Wii U
There is no way that the Xbox One is going to outsell the Wii U
And The PS4 and Wii U have a 50% chance that they are going to outsell each other

Fanboyssuck271519d ago

butt hurt ps fanboys, you gotta laugh at them. loooool
When ps doesn't sell as much as they assume that it will I will be lmao as it means soooo much to them. lol smh

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PositiveEmotions1519d ago

PS4 sold over a million units and Xbox one 7,000 units and there not even out yet now just imagine how many PS4s and Xbox Ones will be sold at retailers.

Also PS4 and Xbox One broke the sales record and again the next gen consples arent arent even out yet.

So this article is a little silly to me imo.

Amsterdamsters1518d ago

"PS4 sold over a million units and Xbox One 7,000"...pull numbers out of the air much? No one is going to take anything you say seriously with a quote like that.

PositiveEmotions1518d ago

Is the truth tho look it up.

elmaton981518d ago (Edited 1518d ago )

Well judging by pre-orders yes you're right but still, I can't wait to hold my ps4 on my hand.

majiebeast1519d ago (Edited 1519d ago )

Gdex is so completely flawed. I dont know why GT uses it.

It works on tweets can you imagine if it worked on Youtube comments then the N word would be the number 1 game.

Concertoine1519d ago

the ps4 and xbox one wont beat the wii u by christmas, but they easily surpass it by the end of 2014

Eonjay1519d ago

Nintendo is predicting sales of 9 million by 3/31/2014. Sony is predicting 5 million by 3/31/2014. Microsoft is keeping its mouth shut.

Current Standings:
Wii U: 3.8 million
PS4: 0 (duh with 1 million+ preorders)
Xbox One: 0 (duh with at predicted preorders at 600-700k)

Concertoine1519d ago (Edited 1519d ago )

yeah i know, even their 3ds sales are over optimistic and thats the best selling console out right now. they were hoping for 45 million 3ds's and im not even sure if they have 40 yet. their sales projections are always just ridiculous.
as for 5 million ps4s by FY 2014, i dont know about that either. i would predict a bit less than 4 million, theres just a lot of competition with xbox one and it's having a late arrival in japan too.

Concertoine1519d ago (Edited 1519d ago )

do you people honestly think they'll sell 5 million consoles in 4 months, with it not coming out til feb. 14th in japan?! historically last gen outsells current gen for quite some time, so the 360 and ps3 would be selling more. this would beat wii records, a system that had a strangle hold on the 2007-2008 sales partly because it was half the price of the competition. ps4 will sell the most but the xbox fanbase is still big enough to compete. as for the wii u, still a big question mark, to me at least.

AbortMission1519d ago

It's Nintendo fanboys. You honestly expect to reason with them? Lol

Concertoine1519d ago

im referring to the ps4 outselling the wii u (around 4 million units) by christmas which is ridiculous. 5 million by march is at least possible but even sony arent predicting to outsell the wii u by christmas.
but yeah nintendo fanboys are still a pain in the ass, as are all fanboys lol....

strigoi8141519d ago

lolz GDeX is a complete joke! only lame people pay attention to that crap