Save your Pokémon game files before it's too late

Pokémon fans around the world were devastated to find out that all of their Gameboy cartridges would soon be wiped clean of their save games, but discoveries have shown that it's not too late.

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TheSuperior 2421d ago

If i lost all my old pokemon i would be heartbroken. Even though i have traded most of them over i still dont like the sound of loosing my over 150 hour saves. Thanks for the heads upppp.

kamruk2421d ago

I heard about the problem a while ago and just thought myself, "enjoy it while it lasts..." thankfully I stumbled upon the tutorial by chance and got right on buying new batteries and opening up my old games :D

TheSuperior 2421d ago

Im glad i know now because i cant even calculate how much of my time went into all those games put together! Im still huge on pokemon i cant wait for black and white 2 :D

FanboyPunisher2421d ago ShowReplies(2)
SilentNegotiator2420d ago

"You gotta catch'em aaa-"
*cracking electricity sound effect*
"...You haven't caught any at aaalllll! POKEMON!"


Majin-vegeta2421d ago

Surprisingly all my original GB cartridges still work from the first day i bought them.

Arnon2421d ago (Edited 2421d ago )

It's not that they work or don't. It's the fact that there's an internal battery inside of each cartridge that WILL burn out in time, and when it does, it's going to wipe all save files on that cartridge.

But that's good! So do mine!

execution172421d ago

:'( was devastated when I finally got a mew a few weeks later my yellow version save went corrupt...

f7897902421d ago

Yeah.... mine went bad and wiped my save a few years after having it. *rage*

kamruk2421d ago

Why would someone disagree with that?

SnakeCQC2421d ago (Edited 2421d ago )

its n4g every disagrees with something no matter what it is

case and point

TheXonySbox2421d ago

prolly cuz they think you're all homos for playing Pokemon diaper wearing games.

milohighclub2421d ago

Said by the guy with the superman avatar. Grow the fuck up

BlackTar1872421d ago

yea it is either very sad people or it's mod or something always trying to stir the pot to keep the discussion hateful :)

SnakeCQC2421d ago

my gba pokemon yellow, ruby etc got corrupted along time ago i didnt care i played through them and moved on when i lost my ps3 saves twice i mourned i had lost all my oblivion heavy rain saves(i was close to getting that trophy for doing all the endings) along with a plethora of others but now i game on pc as well and cloud storage is nice

Cosmit2421d ago

I almost ran out of breath reading that sentence with no periods!


MySwordIsHeavenly2421d ago

My GBA Pokemon Yellow, Ruby, etc. got corrupted a long time ago. I didn't care. I played through them and moved on. When I lost my PS3 saves twice, I mourned. I had lost all my Oblivion and Heavy Rain saves, along with a plethora of others. Now, I game on PC, as well. Cloud storage is nice.

Nobody says, "plethora".

Have you seen The Three Amigos?

RustInPeace2420d ago

"Jeffe (sp?), what is a plethora?"

HunterRose2420d ago

Perhaps you are angry about something else and taking it out on me?

MySwordIsHeavenly2420d ago

Haha. Thanks, guys! That's beautiful.

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The story is too old to be commented.