Pokemon Fire Red gets a fan remake in Unreal Engine 4, demo now available for download

DSOGaming writes: "Pokemon fans, get ready for a treat. Felipe Gouvea is currently working on a fan remake of Pokemon Fire Red in Unreal Engine 4, and released a demo for it. Now we all know that Nintendo loves shutting down these projects, so be sure to download it as soon as possible."

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-Foxtrot317d ago

Why can't Nintendo make something like this? We should have had something like this years ago with Nintendos touch.

DJK1NG_Gaming317d ago

Uh if you didn't know Game Freak is working on a mainline Pokemon RPG for Switch releasing next year.
8th Generation of Pokemon.

roadkillers315d ago (Edited 315d ago )

99% it wont be a full 3D mainline game. No way when they can sell 10-20 million copies off of a 2D/basic 3D game.

Theknightofnights315d ago


Pokemon has already become 3D with the newest generations, so I'm not sure what you mean.

OMGitzThatGuy315d ago

Considering they said it may not release next year, your statement is not a fact.

-Foxtrot315d ago

I highly doubt it will be like this...

ninsigma315d ago

But will still be like the usual Pokemon game format.

DJK1NG_Gaming315d ago

Game Freak is developing the game. Pokemon main game has been 3D since XY on 3DS back in 2013.

DJK1NG_Gaming315d ago

No they said it won't release for more than a year.

DJK1NG_Gaming315d ago

GAME FREAK only makes the main game.
Are yall ignorant?

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316d ago
Nebaku315d ago

Something like.....what? 3d movement in a full 3d world? You know, like Sun and moon just were? Or did you mean "realistic visuals"? Yeah, wonder how well that worked out for Pokemon Battle Revolution's pitiful sales.

-Foxtrot315d ago

You are comparing Sun and Moon to a set up like this?


InTheZoneAC315d ago

Nintendon't understand what we want

3-4-5315d ago

uhh what? it looks lifeless and with no charm or character.....That is why Nintendo doesn't make this.

The new Pokemon for Switch will be much better.

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cha0sknightmare315d ago

How long till Nintendo shoot this is the head, and we get the same old Pokemon game again.

CrystalFantasy315d ago

Nintendo snipes this down in 3... 2...1...

badz149315d ago

Nintendon't for a reason

Enjoigamin315d ago

New Pokemon snap and colosseum please

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The story is too old to be commented.