Crazy Christians rant about Pokemon, Minecraft & Magiquest

There's nothing better than watching religious people describe videogames and how evil they are. That's why you should click past the link right now and enjoy some great ranting. Listen kids, Pokemon and Minecraft are bad.

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Energiser2419d ago

Oh wow. This guy should not be on TV representing christians on the TV.

And LOL at the people reporting. Lighten up.

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HappyGaming2419d ago

There are others like him :/

If you want to laugh your lungs out read this article:
Is Portal 2 safe for the Christain Family?

Notice how they didnt even spell Chritian right xD

ironwolf2419d ago

I note you didn't spell it right either.

unknownhero11232418d ago

that has to be a parody website...right?

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zeal0us2419d ago (Edited 2419d ago )

I remember my friend's mother threw out all his pokemon cards claiming it was the devil. All that money wasted. I think if parents and or people going to claim something is the "devil" or "bad" they at least need to do some research before they make these claim.

"Each level the pokemon evolves it gets more demonic in appearance....until its totally demonic."


I'm guessing Raichu is the true demonic form of Pichu. Also apparently each and every pokemon is name after a demon. I bet Satan in hell is/was laughing at this crap.

theonlylolking2419d ago

When he said more demonic I was like WWWHHHAAATTT!!!!

kaveti66162419d ago

I was one of those kids who pestered my mother into buying me tons of poke'mon cards. Looking back, I feel really bad that I made her do that because we're not well-off people.

Do I think Poke'mon cards are the devil? Nope.

But I do feel that the way companies advertise so well to children really is immoral and unethical.

I think these Christian people observe the negative effects that Poke'mon sometimes has on children and families, such as having withdrawn children who would rather player Poke'mon in the corner than go out fishing or go out and enjoy nature with their families. And another negative observation is seeing kids yanking at their mothers to purchase them Poke'mon cards because they "need" the holographic versions.

Obviously devout Christians view this as being related to the Devil in some way, and although others who don't hold that view can have a laugh about it, I think they shouldn't deny that Poke'mon can have a negative influence on the child.

Again, I don't want people replying with "I had Poke'mon as a child, and I turned out fine." That's not my point. My point is that WHEN you're a child, you're missing out on other things because of your obsession with Poke'mon or Yu-Gi-Oh or Digimon and the like.

vickers5002419d ago (Edited 2419d ago )

"such as having withdrawn children who would rather player Poke'mon in the corner than go out fishing or go out and enjoy nature with their families."

Not everyone likes fishing, and not everyone lives in a lush, beautiful place full of flowers, wildlife, green grass fresh air and sunshine.

And what exactly would you be missing out on by having those things anyways? Sure it would be nice to sit outside for like 30 minutes and take in some rays and some nice smells, but beyond that, there's nothing to be gained otherwise. Simply being outside and enjoying those things are relaxing, but not fun, because you aren't really doing anything.

So you're not really missing out on much anyways except some nice weather, so I don't think letting kids play with pokemon cards or video games or whatever it may be, on those very boring and dull days will do much damage. I mean sure, when it's between Pokemon cards and hanging out with a friend that invited them to do something and the kid chooses Pokemon, yeah that's pretty bad and unhealthy for them, but it's not really bad whenever they simply have a lot of free time and choose to play with some cards instead of "enjoying nature".

UltimateIdiot9112419d ago

There is always something for a child to be "obsess" with for every generation. The whole point of parents is to keep those kind of thing under control.

You can apply the same idea that books are having a negative impact on kids who are bookworms. All they do is read all day and aren't running around outside. Who knows what crazy knowledge those books are filling their little head. They rather sit in their room or hang out only in the library to read all day.

This is where parents step in and teach them how to socialize, how to make friends, and make sure they are doing more than one activity.

Also, as a kid, Pokemon is what brought a bunch of kids together who become best of friends, or rivals, or enemies. After class, it was about trading, and bragging, and just having fun together. I mean, who's playing tag if all your friends are playing Pokemon cards together. If anything the single kid who wants to play tag is missing out.

As kids get older, they get bored with Pokemon and move onto other things but the friends you make, some of them will continue to be friends and eventually will try other activities.

kaveti66162419d ago

I suppose nature isn't for everyone.

But it's strange that a game like Poke'mon emphasizes nature and animals so much, yet you would downplay nature.

aliengmr2418d ago

Obsessing about Pokemon? really? I don't really have a problem with a persons beliefs, but I always find quite ironic when a person/s, of any faith, starts ranting about the negative effects about things like Pokemon. Religion itself has had some pretty negative effects on people who become obsessed with it. Did Pokemon obsessed kids condemn tens of thousands of women (some men) to burn alive for witchcraft? Not saying all people of faith are evil, but talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

I am really not trying to paint everyone with the same brush, but obsession with anything including religion is a bad thing. I could easily say kids obsessed with religion are missing out on just as much. After all, they don't have Pokemon or anything like it.

Im sorry, but who are you to judge what kids are missing out on. Treating a child's interests like there is something wrong with them is wrong. Introducing new things to them is fine, but don't be surprised when they don't give up Pokemon for fishing.

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chadachada1232419d ago

My ex-girlfriend's mother is like this. She wouldn't let my ex read the Harry Potter books or watch the movies (at least until her dad convinced her otherwise), claims that Pokemon are demonic, etc etc. Even banned me and my friends from entering her house since we had our Pokemon decks with us at the time.

We were 17 and 18 years old.

Once, my ex made an off-handed remark to me about being a nerd, calling me a "Lvl 70 Dungeon Master" or something, so I pointed out how funny it was that she combined World of Warcraft and Dungeons and Dragons like that. Her mom pulled over the car and started interrogating her, asking if she's ever played the game and telling her to never play it. Her mom wouldn't even give a reason, getting really pissed about even being ASKED why it's so bad. Her dad later told us how she thinks it's "satanic devil-worship."

Rod2419d ago

Oh Pokemon, you so evil.

omi25p2419d ago

When he said people who play minecraft are almost members of a cults and instead they should studie the bible. I laughed so hard at the fact he seems to think a religion isnt a cult.

gumgum992419d ago

Meowth!, that's right. :V

thephillup2419d ago

It's upsetting that there are complete idiots who always manage to give a group of people a bad name.

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