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Kingdom Hearts 3 will embrace 'many battle choices'

2h ago - GameZone: "In the latest Kingdom Hearts 3 gameplay trailer at E3, Square Enix showed some intense... | PS4

5 Worlds Liam Wants to See in Kingdom Hearts III

5d ago - Finally, at this year’s past E3 2015 press conference, fans were treated to a new trailer for Ki... | Xbox 360


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Top 10 E3 2015 AAA Publisher Moments

6d ago - EB: There’s no getting around it, E3 blew the pants off of most people that checked it out this y... | PC

4 Summons we want to see in Kingdom Hearts 3

6d ago - After the 4 worlds both wanted and not wanted to be seen in Kingdom Hearts 3, here are 4 summons... | PC

Four Worlds Kingdom Hearts 3 Needs to Avoid

7d ago - With so much hope for Kingdom Hearts 3 and the Tangled world confirmed, here are four worlds that... | Xbox 360

Secrets of the Best Games at E3 2015

8d ago - IGN - E3 2015 may be over, but that doesn't mean we can't take a look back at some of the biggest... | PC

Four Worlds that are a must have for Kingdom Hearts 3

8d ago - After Tangled has been confirmed as a world in Kingdom Hearts 3, these four worlds are a must hav... | Xbox 360

Top 5 Games Of E3 2015

9d ago - The Tyuno Project: "Well E3 2015 is over and in the history books. This was an amazing year for t... | PS4

12 Fantastic Kingdom Hearts 3 Worlds We Gotta Have (And 2 That Can GTFO)

11d ago - "What worlds will be in Kingdom Hearts III? We don’t know yet, but I sure know which ones would m... | PS4

Kingdom Hearts III Should Get These 5 Universes ASAP

12d ago - Kingdom Hearts III is gonna have more Disney worlds, and we've got five that should definitely be... | PS4

Endless Backlog Podcast E3 2015 - Third Party

12d ago - Endless Backlog Podcast focuses on the third party publishers and their performance at E3. | PC

Best of E3 2015

13d ago - The DJ Team collectively write "E3 2015 has come and gone, and left its mark on us all in a very... | PS4

Kingdom Hearts III Has Mostly New Worlds, Release Window Internally Decided

13d ago - Famitsu and Dengeki PlayStation have new interviews with Kingdom Hearts III director Tetsuya Nomu... | PS4

Predicting the Worlds of Kingdom Hearts III

13d ago - Part of the fun of being a fan of something is looking way too deep into stuff and theorizing abo... | PS4

Top 5 Kingdom Hearts Keyblades

13d ago - With Kingdom Hearts 3 the talk of the town, PSU takes a look at some of the best Keyblades from p... | Xbox 360

Kingdom Hearts III Receives 2 New Visuals

13d ago - Square Enix has released 2 new visuals for the upcoming Kingdom Hearts III. | PS4

New E3, Same Old Games – How We Have Killed Gaming Creativity

14d ago - Nerdacy: As this year’s Electronics Entertainment Expo has come to an end I could only think of o... | E3

Nomura: There are no QTE in Kingdom Hearts III; actions based on “good timing”

15d ago - In an interview with Dengeki, Square Enix producer Tetsuya Nomura revealed there are no Quick Tim... | PS4

E3 2015: Does Kingdom Hearts III Reference ‘Lost’?

15d ago - Kingdom Hearts III features an eerily familiar scene that will surely ring a bell for any fans of... | PS4

10 Games to Watch from E3 2015

16d ago - Gabby Nuovo from SheAttack discusses 10 titles at E3 2015 that gamers should be keeping tabs on.... | Xbox 360

Indie Game Month Contest Details

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Kingdom Hearts 3 E3 2015 Trailer Breakdown

16d ago - Square Enix released a new trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3 this week so here's a little breakdown of... | PS4

Hitman, Kingdom Hearts & Deus Ex Save a Poorly Produced Square Enix Presentation at E3 2015

17d ago - A look back at the Square Enix Press Event at E3, some great games that should have been left to... | PC

Nomura: Kingdom Hearts 3's basic foundation is 'close to complete'

17d ago - After years of pre-production work, Square Enix's Disney/Final Fantasy mashup sequel Kingdom Hear... | PS4

DualShockers Staff’s Top Announcements from E3 2015

18d ago - The DualShockers' staff writes: "This year’s E3 was certainly the most electric one we’ve seen... | PC

'Kingdom Hearts 3' promises bigger, almost seamless, worlds

18d ago - Kingdom Hearts III will have bigger, almost seamless worlds with a “huge decrease” in load times,... | PS4
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