Official ‘Kingdom Hearts 3’ details posted for Xbox One version

The Japanese branch of Microsoft Studios opened up a page for the Xbox One version of the upcoming multiplatform video game, “Kingdom Hearts 3.”

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AceBlazer131207d ago ShowReplies(10)
Majin-vegeta1207d ago

I think we're still a good 3+ years away from seeing this game.

dadz1207d ago

That seems a bit excessive,no? Lol, maybe I'm, just delusional but I feel like this game could come at Q3-Q4 2016.

HugoDrax1207d ago

"I think we're still a good 3+ years away from seeing this game."

In the meantime enjoy the 2 min gameplay trailer :-)

Muzikguy1207d ago

Probably 3+ years is right. Plenty of time to replay the old ones!

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amazinglover1207d ago

Love the hearts games but they have one of the most convoluted plots ever conceived still can't wait for this game though I've waited long enough for a proper sequel to end the dark seeker saga.

randomass1711206d ago

They kind of toned it down a little in Dream Drop Distance I think. It was a lot less confusing than KHII or 358/2 Days were.

andibandit1206d ago

Never played any of them, but compared to the MGS series, how convoluted is the plot?