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E3 2012: 10 Rumors That Aren't Coming True

GR - "You've all read the speculation and rumors leading up to E3, so here's a piece debunking much of them." (E3, Half Life 3, Industry, Kingdom Hearts 3, PC, PS3, Wii U, Xbox 360)

Relientk77  +   876d ago
I hope Beyond Good & Evil 2 is announced
DeadlyFire  +   876d ago
Its 50/50 possible. While Assassin's Creed 3 is aimed at 2012 release. BG & Evil 2 could be aimed at 2013. Thus showing it only adds hype to next year and not really effecting AC 3 at all.

Price Drops are very likely. Why? Well if new consoles are announced. Then old ones will get a cut sometime in 2012 as their value to consumers has just been lowered and likely new 28nm chips are being prepped for this as Sony/Microsoft/Nintendo will be ready for this so they don't lose cash flow.

Xbox Handheld I do question. But what the hell is Xbox Fusion then? Its still possible.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is likely to happen at some point. 2013/2014 release wouldn't be a bad thing. If next consoles are what they are waiting for.

Xbox 3/PS4 being announced. Certainly Microsoft has Halo 4 and Sony has God of War 3 and other titles being announced and shown, but if they are announcing a new generation of consoles the only logical thing to include would be backwards compatibility if you are still making games for this console gen as well.

WiiU name is starting to stick, but certainly calling next console Nintendo U doesn't bother me. Still possible.

GTA 5 WiiU port more than likely. Almost certain I do believe. Especially with GTA 5 aimed at possible 2013 release.

HL3 will not be at E3 it has already been said.

Apple/Steam isn't going to happen, but it wouldn't be impossible for Valve to sell/pitch their R&D project to Apple.
da_2pacalypse  +   875d ago
*thinks about halflife 3*.... *cries*
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humbleopinion   876d ago | Spam
Emilio_Estevez  +   875d ago
Next gen consoles for BG&E2

Relientk77  +   875d ago
Thanx dude, I did not see this

B!TCH....... Just give me Syphon Filter 4.
brendan4444  +   876d ago
you not getting it LIL BITCH
JBSleek  +   876d ago
Pretty good list actually yet I believe that PS3 will get caprice drop along with Vita. And GTA5 may get some trailer. I also see Nintendo console name change. Still good list though.
brendan4444  +   876d ago
Im expecting nintendo's new time machine and travel back to the time when i actually give a sh*t about their games/consoles
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linkratos  +   876d ago
If you replaced Nintendo with Sony in this comment it would have 100 disagrees
MASTER_RAIDEN  +   876d ago
Right on dude. ive honestly lost faith in just about everything nintendo is up to. their idea of innovation just isnt my thing. im not even sure what to file the wii u under. is it a console or an add-on? they just always seem stuck somewhere in between "sort of nifty" and "STUPID".

@linkratos of course that sort of comment would receive a ton of disagrees, as it should.
youve got to admit, sony is probably the most steady and balanced of the big 3 when it comes to e3. they have a pretty consistent flow of quality exclusives. why wouldnt you be excited about solid games?
THESONYPS3  +   876d ago
your right with one of the things you said. (GTA V trailer)
yabhero  +   875d ago
I almost have hope for N4G to be a balanced loving gaming community, then i see threads like this I i'm reminded by how anti-Nitnendo this site is...
and no one wants to admit it...
like linkratos comment
"If you replaced Nintendo with Sony in this comment it would have 100 disagrees"
he is exactly right, but he gets 14 disagrees...
Sony I would agree is usually the most blanced when it comes to e3, but Nintendo has it in the bag this year unless someone else announces a console... which they wont
cpayne93  +   875d ago
It's the internet, and this is a gaming website. We will never have a peaceful community.

This site really isn't blatantly anti-nintendo, we have trolls for each company/system. I would say nintendo is favored more than ms on this site though, and of course Sony is favored them most.

I don't really know whether I like Nintendo or Playstation more but I think you're right, Nintendo should have this e3 in the bag.

I'm REALLY looking forward to this e3 though, Sony should be announcing some major games, and Nintendo will be showing Wii Us first party games, hopefully including pikmin 3.
TheLyonKing  +   876d ago
Kh3 one was obvious.
torchic  +   876d ago
Kingdom Hearts 3 is in development?

that is a very bold statement sir. I would imagine that the whole KH team is working on Versus XIII. don't even think they have a single drawing for KH3.
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Steadyhndz  +   876d ago
I forgot where I read it, but there has been some speculation that a secret team of programmers and other types of video game development workers have been working on the game for several months already. Not saying it's true, but it did have some facts that are 100% true that only make it seem like they're working on it...or just a big title.
Pintheshadows  +   876d ago
I hope R* turn up for once. I know they won't but they deserve their own keynote.
Hicken  +   876d ago
I can't tell what any of their rumors are because there aren't any on the first page.
DragonKnight  +   876d ago
This. I refuse to give sites like these 11 hits. It's disgraceful how these sites pander for hits. Isn't pandering supposed to be illegal? Someone please post a list up.
Pintheshadows  +   875d ago
Is Pandering similar to Badger baiting because that's illegal?
DragonKnight  +   875d ago
Pandering is essentially begging. Badger baiting is just awful.
BitbyDeath  +   876d ago
Probably should be called 'Rumours that likely won't come true'

I'm still gonna hope for nextgen consoles to show.
NoTheMama  +   876d ago
I want the rumour about Retro Studios working on a Starfox game for Wii U to turn out true!
BubloZX  +   876d ago
A price cut for ps3 is highly likely. At that price point It would not only ruin microsofts plan to try and hook idiots with that $99 tag for that paid 360 bundle but it could also give them the leg up on the wii U which is expected to be more powerful. At $199 The ps3 will well outsell the 360 into next gen
WeskerChildReborned  +   876d ago
Yea but after 199, you most likely won't see another price drop after that.
BubloZX  +   876d ago
well not till the ps4 anyways
Khordchange  +   876d ago
Im still waiting for last guardian sony :/
SITH  +   876d ago
Really, ten rumors could not fit on one single page. I don't do slide shows.
Colonel_Dante  +   876d ago
11 pages, 11 hits for rumors. LOL.
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   876d ago
KH3 wont have an announcement for problly another 1-2years sadly. We barely get news on VSXIII as it is. At best maybe a Kingdom hearts HD collection announcemnt that would get ALOT of ppl pumed up. LAst guardian I would like to see. PSVita might get a price drop to try to compete with the 3DS but I dont see it doing so hot even if it did. Maybe if we"re lucky square will show off FFXHD and possible release date for FFtype-0.
Steadyhndz  +   876d ago
No credibility...don't believe. Just a guy trying to get views.
DJ  +   876d ago
I believe a PS4 and Xbox3 announcement. Nothing too big, just early details and trailers for 2013 launch titles.
Persistantthug  +   876d ago
Sorry.....that's not going to happen.
Besides......what would be the point of a console upgrade? What exactly would we be upgrading to and for? As is, many developers are having a hell of a time just not going bankrupt making CURRENT gen games, let alone NEXT Gen games.

Bottom line: Game developers aren't ready
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tigertron  +   876d ago
If the industry held your logic, we'd still be playing on the Magnavox Odyssey.
ScytheX3  +   876d ago
i want my fucking half life 3 already!
falcon262  +   875d ago
This dude is a major buzz kill with that list.
Morgue  +   875d ago
I thought the 1st Killzone was releasing into the PSN? My guess, even though it won't happen is that GG is remastering it and will be released with multi-player.
Kluv  +   875d ago
chances that it'll be announced at this year's E3 are UNLIKELY

we're NOT LIKELY to see any actual price drop

but it's UNLIKELY to happen as they're heavily invested

it's LIKELY to be made at the Tokyo Game Show in Japan than at this year's E3

Microsoft is UNLIKELY to announce it this year

is UNLIKELY to make a showing at this year's E3

it'll LIKELY be at their own press event

it's UNLIKELY that the studio will make any commitments

I feel like it should be called "10 rumors that are UNLIKELY to happen"
TacticAce  +   875d ago
Just because a console is announced doesnt mean its coming out anytime soon.
rataranian  +   875d ago
The day my console looks like a blitzball is the day I hang it up. Just sayin.
user5467007  +   875d ago
You know Gabe dosen't always tell the truth

Remember the Portal 2 announcment...

Oh and I really hope they do change the name of the Wii U, maybe they might of pushed it back a little bit so it will gain it's hype back...who knows
theeg  +   875d ago
ps4/nextbox/wii u

thats all i wanna hear about, and many games and trailers for them, this gen has gone on WAY too long!
MrMister  +   867d ago
I cant wait for half the things on this list to actually happen at this E3. Mark my words, some of those things will likely happen. I'll be back on this article again to say I told u so (especially that part about next gen consoles not being announced--Epic already stated that they'll be showing off Unreal Engine 4 running on a next gen console--not just hi-end PC's).

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